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For Liberty - a very bias movie review

For Liberty movie review

The documentary film “For Liberty” with its subtitle; How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty, was a pleasant surprise. Not surprising, seeing as I’m tremendously partial, as I too helped water the tree during the recognized part of the revolution. Actually, I have been watering the tree for well over 14 years now, waiting for some green shoots of life. I think I see something.

The movie “For Liberty” starts with us following a small dedicated group of citizens “walking with a timeless freedom message.” Their journey is interweaved throughout the film and takes us back to a simple idea. That idea is that grassroots efforts develop and spark action. That effort at the grassroots level starts by initiating face-to-face encounters and one-on-one discussion with our fellow citizens.

In the slice of time of Ron Paul’s campaign that the documentary covers for the office of President, “the revolution” grows quickly. All revolutions grow quickly when the Liberty Tree’s roots are refreshed. George Washington said it best when he said: "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." The Liberty Tree’s roots stretched and widened its reach when the liquid elixir of visual and audible truth that the Ron Paul Revolution carried and poured on the Withered Tree of Liberty were absorbed, and so much so that the extra spilled over onto the grass-roots as well!

There were a few themes in the movie that were covered, but for me the most glaring and documented theme was that of the defensive nature of the revolution’s main opponent, the corporate press. Fox News was singled out in particular, and for good reason, ...

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