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Let's Pay Close Attention to Max Baucus

Is Max Baucus really a democrat?
Max Baucus, as the main author of the Health Care bill echoed by Barack Obama, seems to be in favor of the republicans mostly now-a-days. Baucus has acted as a democrat-in-sight and republican-undercover. Wasn't he (Baucus) supposed to be in accordance at the request of the president of the United States, the House Speaker, the Senate Leader who are also fellow democrats in order to get the Amercian people insured?
It is true that many have gone broke due high health care costs. Unfortunately, many people lost their lives while waiting in emergency rooms for hours before seeing a doctor due to lack of health insurance. But, Max Baucus has signaled to the American people that if Obama wants to get you health insurance, you may get it but not with a smile. Don't celebrate yet. In fact, hefty fines and jail times are awaiting you whether you can afford health insurance or not. There are already more than 14 million Americans grasping behind jail fences around the country; something that Ron Paul decried all the times the fact many of these imprisoned folks are not violent. And, it is for sure, Glennn Beck won't also denounce that too many innocent defendants are sitting behind bars for non-violent crimes, but he has plenty of times to vilify the Obama Adminstration Officials that did not create this mess we are in right now. Many countries in the Western Hemisphere and accross the globe don't have nearly half of 14,000,000 inhabitants each. The health care legislation is full of harsh proposal inserted in this bill including denying illegal immigrants the right to health care, and Amercians should pay fines or be arrested for not getting insurance whether they need it or not, which can now make most republicans laugh all the way to their back yards. That's what most republicans have been praying for something they are against and don't want most people to enjoy.If life is good and you are happy, you won't be interested getting out to cast a vote for them. Now, many Americans and the rest of the world may start realizing it's a mistake not elect Ron Paul as a successor to George Bush. Under Ron Paul not only every American would do whatever they want with their lives, they would also be happy making money legally without restrictions-- that would enable everyone to buy whatever they want popping up the economy ten-fold. Put an end to all wars that have exhausted our troops and keep our dollars flourishing at home and in markets abroad. Also, under Ron Paul policies, there wouldn't be an IRS blocking your success with stiff regulations seizing parts of your income. Most people agree that "Sales Tax" is the only fair taxation because it is a tax of choice, which you don't have to pay under force, threat, or intimidation. And, Sales Tax would amass trillions of and trillions of dollars for federal, state, and local governments because people would make money like crazy and wouldn't hesitate to purchase things they need and want.
For example: during his campaign last year, Ron Paul mentioned that a $ 250,000 house should be reduced between $ 50,000 and $ 80,000; so most people would have the experience and pleasure of home ownership. Ron Paul is also against inflation. He even called on the federal government to put a crack-down on price gouging because in the United States of Amerca, no one should go hungry, broke, and not able to buy what they please as it is for the current situation. Paul continued to say: there is plenty of food for everyone to eat in the United States, and why paying an expensive fee for it? Due to high-prices from a gallon of milk to fueling a vehicle, many people seem to be very unhappy about their purchasing unfitness.
The momentary present, I think it's the time to start laying a campaign foundation for Ron Paul to compete with Obama in 2012. Obama seems to be a nice fellow who wants to put the federal government on the side of American people but hasn't done enough to change George Bush policies. Obama also wants to help lift Americans up, but is slow to do so for the reasons that many of his advisors are republican and lobbyist connected fans who don't care about the majority of Americans, but wars, themselves and their own pockets.

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"Let's Pay (Real) Close Attention to Max Baucus"......

from the inside of a jail cell is my recommendation.

He does not represent Montana nor the Republic.