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Tomorrow We Bomb the Moon

I, for one, am not in favor of this.

Tomorrow, Friday, October 9th, NASA is scheduled to literally bomb the moon. In short, at approximately 7:30 AM EST Friday morning, a missile launched and steered from a shepherding spacecraft will strike the lunar surface at what is said to be twice the speed of a bullet. The official story states that this is to eject a plume of debris that will be analyzed by the shepherding spacecraft for traces of water.

The planned "attack" on the moon is a violation of Space Law and is defined as an Act of War in the existing International Space Treaty. The myth-makers and disinfo agents say this could trigger a war with what they claim to believe is an "extra-terrestrial civilization" under the lunar surface. This is of course utter nonsense. So who or what is this "act of war" really against?

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An article I read the other

An article I read the other day mentioned that it would be viewable by amateur telescopes...


Probably not

Unless there is a LOT of water..And it's a bullseye
Then there might be a chance of seeing something like a comet-like tail, for a short time..

We did something like this to a comet a couple of years ago..And it got brighter for the same reason. But it wasn't enough for your standard backyard scope. I know, because I was watching with mine..nuthin..

"I don't endorse anything they say"
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