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Another case of "Never dial 911"

“You just killed the homeowner,” gasped Anthony as he bled into the floor of his house. “The bad guy is in there.”

“We f***d up,” Lilly reported to his dispatcher. Fear not, he and his fellow officers acted quickly to address the most pressing issue — no, not the threat to Anthony’s life, or that posed by the intruder, but rather the risk to the career of the police officer who shot the innocent man.

Displaying natural leadership ability, Sgt. Coutts quickly devised a cover story: In the official version, Anthony had pointed his gun at Officer Lilly, yet somehow managed to take six rounds in the back.

The whole story from Grigg here:

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Saw this pop up on the t.v. right before I headed out to class. This never should have happened.

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A true liberal has risen to oppose Pelosi in San Fransisco, challenging her for her seat.

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They need to publish a new book

Police officer for dummies. Maybe, just maybe we can get some real honest police offices who have some common sense.

I don't think even that would work

I have a friend who was a long time peace officer, the real kind. In his time, he says, their job was to find solutions to problems, keep peace. The new cops are ex-military and testosterone freaks (even the women) whose goal is to threaten and enforce. He says the training is so different.........the new officers (I hate using that words, what friggin office do they hold) are trained to defend themselves first and offend the sheeple as much as possible.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Real police officer...LOL

The so-called Police only have one job to do: To apprehend a citizen that has infringed upon another citizens rights or property.PERIOD. If they do anything besidies that then they are just useless armed criminal thugs and huge waste of taxpayers money.