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End the Fed! Replace it with... IMF and the World Bank?!

I've got no love for the Fed, and our mission is to have it audited and ENDED, but won't the powers that be seek to replace it with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank? Those of us who are 'for liberty' know that the authority for printing money should rightfully go back to the U.S. Treasury, but the PTB probably won't let that happen... what will be the result?

Just thinking tonight. Please correct me and tell me to 'shut it' if I'm just thinking negatively.

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If a Fed audit uncovers

If a Fed audit uncovers significant fraud, deception and other improper dealings, then public opinion could move strongly away from that possibility. So even if the Fed does end up being ended, nobody will want to replace it with another "Fed" that simply goes by a different name.


Wouldn't it be great if the

Wouldn't it be great if the other central banks in the world were audited as well, as a sort of 'ripple' effect?


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The best way to pre-empt this is to put the educational information out showing the truth to the majority that that's a very bad idea.

I've often wondered what would happen if a successful/popular movie were to be released that accurately predicted these events, so we could reverse-weaponize the "that only happens in movies!" argument.

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The election revealed that

The election revealed that people will accept 'change' of any kind. I've talked to folks who are so apathetic that they will ask, "What's so wrong with globalism, or a new global currency? We just want 'change'!"


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