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Cops attack peaceful anti-war protest in Rochester, NY

October 7, 2009. Squashing dissent and killing the First Amendment in Rochester, NY. Did that cop just say he arrested a kid for swearing?! I guess you can't have a peaceful anti-war protest anymore. These cops aggressively broke up a group of students who were expressing their opposition to endless war. "Move along kiddies"??? How disrespectful and demeaning these thugs are. The war against the American people is in full swing.

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Ok a few things

#1) Read Stuart Cohen's "Army of the Republic"
#2) After you read the book tell me why you need a helluva lot more people and prep to obstruct traffic like you did in downtown
#3) Way to go, good job-now get more people.

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Start calling the PD

and mayor filing a complaint

i need to stop watching

i need to stop watching these videos...it makes me so angry.

They (anti-war protesters)

looked like young teenagers, for the most part! I hope they sue; I hope they fight the charges, I hope these police officers lose their jobs;
this is outrageous!

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I'd hope their parents and the adult

community plus their peers will give that police department exactly the feedback it deserves.

Bump! Military tactics by local cops to stop peaceful people.

Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010!

Rand Paul for US Senate in Kentucky!

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"Whose streets, our streets" ?

Not the most effective anti-war chant. And I don't have too much sympathy for people who obstruct traffic, especially when I'm in a hurry.

Looks like things got ugly here in the end but it's hard to tell what was going on, except the kids were mouthing off to the cops and disobeying orders to move. It's not like what we saw at the G20, where children were basically hunted down..