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Family Affair, video?

I watched the "Family Affair" video a few minutes ago and went to post a comment to the thread, but now it's gone.

Why would something like that have been removed? It didn't seem to be inappropriate, etc. I was just surprised to see it deleted from the DP...

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i missed it

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Family Affair video


Here's the link to the video...your comments on it would be appreciated

There's a whole lot of threads disappearing


It seems somebody is deciding what people are allowed to discuss.
And I'm not entirely sure that it's the site owner doing it.
But if the site owner is doing it, that's his prerogative.

If some moderator has a big head and is playing God, then it's another story.

what was it about? was it

what was it about? was it youtube?

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Family Affair video

Watch the video, and you'll see what it's about, JD. :-)


Couldn't post it to YouTube because the music copyright owners had a hissy-fit over my use of THEIR material.