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Protect Dr Paul From Vote Fraud, MUST SEE!!!

The best ten minutes you've spent today fighting for Ron to become Prez. Everyone must see:


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It all comes down to an honest vote. We all deserve this. It is absolutely sickining to think that our votes are being manipulated. When you wake up to this, it's like realizing for the first time that you've been abused your whole life. Knowledge can be like that sometimes, unfortunately. Donating to the Tea Party is good, blimps are good, but this is everything.

Jesse Elder


beome a delegate


Too concerning not to.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Question on write-in votes

Is it conceivable that, should Ron not win the nomination, we all just write-in our votes? Is it legal? Is it verifiable?

any thoughts?

It was posted here a while back

that write in votes are also tabulated by computers so the vote results could be rigged there as well. However, I can't verify if this is true



Vote Fraud/Delegates

By now, we all know that these items, along with the votes (trifecta) will get Ron elected. My thoughts are, should we be cheated on votes (and will happen if can't stop it), can having enough delegates in each state supercede this criminal act? In other words, even if we don't "show" enough votes and many states ask their delegates to pledge support to the leading vote getter, we can still have the delegates vote for Ron. While this may be considered cheating, I think it would only be due justice.

Ultimately, we need an overwhelming amount of delegates to counteract the possiblility of vote fraud and not being able to stop it.

Become a delegate people! It may be our only chance.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Keep Visible !!

This Post needs to be kept up front !!

This is crucial!!!

All campaign activities are for naught if this issue is not kept front and center in the minds of Paul supporters and even the public at large. I'd like to see the RP Campaign HQ address this and what they are doing to protect the accuracy of the vote.



Who can make this happen?

Bump this is real and someone needs to figure out how we do this before the primaries.

I can't wait to see the day of change when Dr. Paul is elected.

Let's keep the freedom train rolling.