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Has RP got more donations than Hillary this year?

This is not an ignorant question. People are focusing on what the campaigns have received in cash, but what about what we the people have put in. I know I have put in a lot of time and money in my own works besides giving directly. We talk about the actual numbers a lot and we talk about all the grassroots work we are doing. Anyone put any estimate on how much time and money we RP people have spent? Certainly we have put in more time and money than all of Clinton's money. While she gets all the advertisement I still think our efforts are more effective. I hope this can be used as an argument. Our efforts are paying off.

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Life is a gamble-Isn't it grand!

Freedom is not FREE!!

It truly does not matter. We the People doing what it takes is what counts. Yes our country is going down the tubes. Our dollar is in the crapper. The media does not care for the truth. Our politicians do not do what we want or need.

WHO CARES! This is OUR first chance to make a difference. We as true believers in Freedom must do all that we can. If by chance the presidential election does not turn out the way we want, it WILL NOT STOP ME or anyone else on this site except Trolls from protecting our country or our families.

Politics changes as we know it, as of this election. There is no going back. Everyone needs to hold on for it is going to be a great ride.

Freedom is not FREE!!

I don't have the exact

I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but I think Hillary raised $74 million through three quarters and Obama $72 million.

This is one reason why RP has a good shot at winning the republican primary; the four "frontrunners" given to us at the beginning of the year are all so lame that most of the big money is going to the democrats.

If Ghouliani had raised $74 million this year, he would be tough to beat.

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I checked the other day and hilary had like 88 million. What is really sad is most of it is special interest money from 100k donars. I think that election rules need to be changed meaning no money from bussiness or private organizations. I think only people should give to a campaign and it should be limited to the 2400 alotment.