Who Is Ron Paul?

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A Revolutionary Figure

And the only candidate who can beat Obama.

~End the Unconstitutional Wars
~End the Drug War
~End the Federal Reserve
~End the Bailouts
~End the Demolition of Civil Liberties

No one but Paul.

A Liberty-minded, fiscal

A Liberty-minded, fiscal conservative who believes in limited constitutional government.

Fed Reserve & IRS

I didn't understand Ron Paul's take on ridding the US of the Federal Reserve and IRS but this movie helped me realize why : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzIzNTIyMzYw.html It's called Thrive. It exposed me to the truth about the control the Feds have on us.

You may want to learn the

You may want to learn the history of central banking in America and the secret meeting arranged by JP Morgan in 1910 at which the Federal Reserve Act was written to be passed in 1913:

G.Edward Griffin The Creature From Jekyll Island

See if your library will get it for you.

"Today, when a concerted effort is made to obliterate this point, it cannot be repeated too often that the Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals- that it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the

Good Documentary exposing Fed

Zeitgeist Federal reserve edition. The zeitgeist takes you through all of histories greatest "myths" and presents proof of everything said in the vid. This is not conspiracy, it is good hard intelligence. His name is peter joseph and he will blow you away with cold hard facts.

Check it out, its a good one for anyone interested in exposing the fed.

Thrive Movement

I clicked on the link and watched the movie. Very thought provoking and comprehensive. Thank you! Not sure all the theories presented are entirely accurate, but even if they are close, it certainly makes the case that much stronger to support Ron Paul. Another link to the same movie (and related website) is www.thrivemovement.com

What do you think of this? www.theonlinemarket.org

Who is Ron Paul?

A great video to check out is this one on Youtube about Ron Paul:

Who Is Ron Paul? He's Been Right All Along... (for 35+ Years!)

Dedicated to Ron Paul and the return of liberty.

I have created a video in dedication to Ron Paul and the return of liberty.


Video arranged by Nicholas Zounis - Liberty Everafter

Best Regards
Nicholas Zounis - Director of Technology & Innovations

He is the real deal

no question.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

For new guests....bumping an oldie but goodie

The man, the legend...no myth here :)

Who is Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is the Champion of the Constitution,
The Founders’ Favorite Son,
The Financier of the Free Market,
The Pride of the People,
He has Captured the Hearts of Conscientious Countrymen and Women,
He has a Ten-Term Track Record that is Tested, Tried and True,
He is a Lion of Liberty,
A Veteran of Veracity,
A Protector of Privacy and Property,
A Trumpeter of the Truth,
His Colleagues’ Counselor,
The Commissioner of Compassion,
The Guardian of Limited Government.

The Exceptional Candiate

MSM constantly refers to Ron Paul in articles, "Except Ron Paul", "With the exception of Ron Paul", so I believe and think, Ron Paul is the EXCEPTIONAL candidate. I hope you agree. MSM does.


I've been wearing a Ron Paul button on my hat and I carry some of the Ron Paul business cards to give out. People do ask about him.

I usually say he's running for president, and he's the only candidate who says what he believes and not what he thinks his audience wants to hear. I say I don't agree with him on everything, but I trust him to mean what he says and to defend my rights. Then I refer them to the web.

If we have time, I might ask them questions about what they're looking for in a candidate, and then respond.

The other candidates make promises they won't have the power to keep, even if they meant what they say.

Incidentally, I'm a Libertarian. We've had "Ron Paul"s before (including Ron Paul!), and many of them are just as impressive that way (Google "Harry Browne" for example). But I tell them that having Ron Paul as one of my choices to vote for after the primaries would give me renewed hope for the quality of my life.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The Secret of Ron Paul...

"Congressman Ron Paul's Secret Revealed"
by Jennifer Haman

Very good article that covers all the bases. Take your pick when answering "Who is Ron Paul?"


the secret is ...out

Jennifer Haman's article is excellent.

I posted a link to it on our meetup board.

It is our unofficial policy to extend friendship to the people we meet during our activities and when we visit any organizations that invite us. this is the positive message that only the Ron Paul campaign can tell.

The record of Ron Paul speaks volumes about what has been missing in presidential campaigns for a long time - INTEGRITY. Who can doubt that after the last two presidents?

Jennifer's article about Ron Paul is 100% positive and that is the message we carry.

Rich Laplante

Who is Ron Paul?

The only Presidential Candidate with a plan to keep the country from going bankrupt. Did you know the only way we are able to keep our military overseas is by borrowing about 3 BILLION dollars a day from the Chinese?

Ask me about Ron Paul

I purchased an 'Ask me about Ron Paul' t-shirt at the rally on Friday night and wore it to Sunday's rained out Pirates-Reds game in Pittsburgh.

I sure am glad that I did.

I went as part of a group of friends who attend a game together every year and we meet at Roberto Clemente's statue outside of the center field gate before the game. As I was standing there waiting for my friends to arrive one of the ticket takers came over and asked me to come over to the gate and talk about Ron Paul to her and one of her colleagues. She had heard of Ron but didn't know much about him. I was, of course, glad to do so. It was still very early and it was threatening rain so they weren't busy yet. In a few moments I had about 8 ticket takers and other Pirate employees listening carefully and asking very good questions about Ron and his policies. I gave them a synopsis and was pleasantly surprised by their interest and questions. Ending the war in Iraq and eliminating the IRS got a VERY positive response. They were almost all Democrats and were impressed that I plan on changing my party affiliation from Dem to Repub to vote for Ron in the primary. They all sincerely thanked me and I did the same to them. It was, in a word, great.

Then once inside as I was passing a refreshment stand the same thing happened. One of the cashiers asked me about Ron as I passed by. She had no idea who he was but within seconds I had 5 concession workers, all Dems, listening intently. (They were not busy with customers at the time.) I gave them a brief outline of Ron's Iraq, tax and social security positions. They were especially glad to hear that he would not deny entitlement benefits to anyone who had paid into and who depends on the programs but will give people the choice to opt out if they desire to.

Both groups had one important question. "Why haven't I heard of him before?" I told them it is because Ron represents the people, not special interest groups and the rich and powerful and these folks felt an immediate connection both to me and Ron. And when I told them that Ron delivered milk to Pirates Hall of Famer Honus Wagner it put a big smile on their faces.

I could not be happier with the reaction that I got. We may have been rained out but today was a big success in my book.

Nice Job

Great strategy.

What strategy are you talking

What strategy are you talking about?
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depends who is asking

I guess I`m suggesting profiling.I rode a Greyhound bus from the DC suburbs to Greenville SC for the rally (2weeks?)ago.I was sporting my Ron Paul 100% constitutional T-shirt.A student from Clemson with dreadlocks asked "who is..."I said "he will end the war on drugs".A redneck asked me "who is...",I said "the only republican that can keep Hillary Clinton out of the Whitehouse for the next 8 yrs"....I am a redneck,i don`t have the art of persuasion thing perfected yet.I know that blue collar workers like me made more money 15 yrs ago than we do now.Ron Paul is the only one that will stop diluting the labor force with illegal foreign workers.Then i explain how cutting off food stamps,free medical,education,to illegal aliens will result in them just going home,...no fences or mass deportations needed....like i said,depends on who is asking

walter whitt

Ron Paul is the ONLY honest candidate

I always start out saying that Ron Paul is the only honest candidate and thats what our country needs.

You also might mention:

Straight talking
Has Character
follows the Consitution
and you get the idea

Don't Forget

You might also mention that he's the only statesman running for president in EITHER party.

How about...

The last bastion of liberty personified.

But usually when I get asked, I try not to answer in my own terms. I just provide the links for people to find out the answer for themselves.
-Phil Hemingway III

A surprise.

If FOX was favorable then I just swallowed my gum.

Can someone please post a video of this piece? Or provide a link?

Thank you.

Both Fox News interviews

Both Fox News interviews I've seen of Dr. Paul, whether it's Cavuto or Julie Bandaras yesterday, have tried to link him to the most-extreme elements of our very diverse coalition. For Julie, of course, it wasn't much of a success, since Dr. Paul was able to turn it around on her and say he'd not be able to appear on ANY network back before the war, since they were all beating the drum for it. That did shut her up rather quickly, but I think I detected a bit of a frown that he'd been so-prepared for that question about Alex Jones after Cavuto's question about whatever other extreme-thing.

Funny how these people never ask about people like me, who are drawn to Dr. Paul for his honesty and consistency over the years against the big political problem in this country, which is spending.

Dr. Paul's post debate interview

w w w . ronpaulforpresident2008 . c o m

YouTube video in two parts.

Without turning people off

I've found that, at least among my set of friends, that if I start out with something like, "He's a Republican from Texas..." I'm immediately on the defensive. Not a good way to start with liberals!

I think the answer changes depending on who you're talking to.

"He's the only candidate who wants to end the war immediately," is a good way to start with people who are obviously anti-war.

"He's the only real Republican running," is another good one, among Republicans. You should say it with some force - dismissing the other candidates outright. You might get into a fight, but it is one you can easily win.

Those are some of the tactics I use. Hope that is helpful...

Anit-war, yes. Republican, probably not.

You are 100% correct about touting the anti-war position of Dr. Paul.

Another good one is repealing the Patriot Act.

Abolishing the Infernal Revenue Service.

I guess Dr. Paul is a Republican, but not the way most people think of Republicans today. It has come to mean big business, cigars and exploitation of the working class; the old-boy network and shady back room deals.

I just say Ron Paul is unique and worth a look. That seems to work.


yes isn't it amazing you also described the democratic party... BOTH PARTIES ARE THE SAME.. The American people voted in the Democrats
to end the war... THEY HAV'NT DONE A DAMN THING.. if John Kerry were in there or ALBERT (craphead) GORE. we would be in Iraq and Afghanistan just like we are today! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2 PARTIES.. they are owned and ran by big business and big banks... Its time to vote 3rd Party! Except for Ron Paul I will be voting for the Constitution party candidates... I realize its a protest vote, but voting for the lesser 2 evils is still voting for EVIL. I did that with Georgy (what the hell is the constitution) Bush. TWICE! NEVER AGAIN! GOD BLESS RON PAUL!!! RON PAUL IN 08!

Ron Paul is just awesome.

I can't get any of the vids to play.
Whats up with you tube? I get a page that says service is unavailable. Is it under attack already?
It depends on who is asking me about Mr. Paul that determines my delivery. If it is a friend that generally agrees with the idea that government is out to screw us in the ground then I tell them "if you don't get involved and vote for Ron Paul your gonna find your ass in a jail cell if your survive".
I am much more docile with others.
Frankly, I find it difficult to find fitting words for Mr. Paul. The breadth of his knowledge is vast and very practical. And he has international appeal.
I think he should be president of the world.

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

I got that too when I tried Youtube late Sunday night.

...but it's working this morning. I think their servers were just overloaded.