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SF Straw Poll Cancelled - too many Ron Paul supporters

The San Francisco Straw Poll was canceled tonight because there were too many Ron Paul supports. I arrived at 7:00 for dinner, speeches by representatives of each candidate and then a straw poll.

Unfortunately, at around 9:45pm when the straw poll was about to take place, Gail Neira of the SF Republican Alliance, announced that she was cancelling the straw poll because it was unfair. She was referring to the approximately 40 Ron Paul supports that were standing in the back of the room with Ron Paul signs. She went on to say that she was overwhelmed by the number of Ron Paul supports that showed up, but by that time the crowd was in an uproar.

I was outraged and so was everyone else. It was very difficult to hold back the emotions and remain calm. I can only imagine what will happen in the primaries, when too many Ron Paul supporters show up. Will they just cancel the elections?

To be accurate, the dinner was $33 and Gail allowed people who didn't want to eat or couldn't make it in time for dinner to pay $5 to participate in the straw poll later in the evening. This wasn't really the issue, since most of the people that showed up would have paid the $33 and said so, when she used money as an excuse.

The event was caught on film and there will be a YouTube video soon. It's great to be a part of the Ron Paul R[EVOL]UTION.

Clarification: Sorry, someone else took the video and said they would post it to YouTube. I don't have the video.

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Dont get mad get EVEN - DONATE EVEN MORE DEC 16TH

This is the Best way to get even - donate even more on Dec 16th... also keep sending out emails (I do 100 a day to businesses etc), talking to people etc... just keep the footwork going and DONATE DONATE DONATE DEC 16TH...
I wanna I wanna I wanna see Ron Paul get $10 Million Dec 16th......

Thanks for the

Thanks for the report! Article and video at The Paulunteer.

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So Happy This Happened

This is even better than Romney in FL. I used to think r3VOLution was just a gimick or saying for the campaign, but this is really what it is....


I sent them an e-mail. Very polite, very professional. Tried to stress that,

a> This kind of action hurts the professional image of their organization

b> Dr. Paul is the ONLY GOP CANDIDATE that has a chance to win in San Francisco where there are very strong anti-war feelings.

"Don't Steal, The Government hates Competition"

"Don't Steal, The Government hates Competition"

NCMarc's picture

I wrote the GOP

This lady, Gail Neira, is a wacko and why she's running events is beyond me. I found numerous blogs trashing her from years back.

I told them to issue an immediate public apology and remove this woman from any positions or a law suit will be filed against their PAC status.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

Lack of Respect

What blatant disrespect for the people that took time out of their busy day to vote and make a difference. This is why the GOP is getting smaller every year.

Gail Neira was censured by SF GOP


"On March 7, 2007, by absolute majority, the San Francisco Republican Party Central Committee passed a resolution censuring Gail E. Neira"

If you google "Gail Neira" or "Gail E. Neira" it's pretty apparent that this lady is a serious nutjob.

my email goes like this:

Not holding your straw poll because there are too many Ron Paul supporters and the process is unfair? What's unfair is not holding your straw poll, and not letting your community know whose supporters are willing to go the extra mile, and show up to vote, for their candidate. Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

We must hang together, or surely we will hang separately

We must hang together, or surely we will hang separately

Here's mine

I am a registered Republican here in Oakland, CA and I have just been informed that your GOP straw poll held last night was cancelled because there were too many supporters for Ron Paul in attendance. What a disgrace!! This is a HUGE black eye for the GOP, and the individuals running that meeting should step down as well as apologize.

As a Republican voter, I am very upset. What a lack of integrity and honor!


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

I was there!

I was there last night. There were a lot of Ron Paul supporters that paid the $33 for the dinner also. Then there were those of us that came just to vote.
Gail made a vailed attempt to pacsify the crowd by saying that some Ron Paul supporters seemed like "educated people" just before she said she was canceling the straw poll because she didn't know so many Ron Paul supporters would show up.
Will the GOP cancle the primaries when "so many Ron Paul supporters" show up?
Patriots, this is what we are up against! Stand United. We Will Win!

In a way they did

The GOP declined to offer their primary ballot to Independent voters, first time in history (No Party registration was created for professional federal agents who serve the USA no matter which party leads the administration, the NP registration protected their jobs) Nearly 30% of CA was registered No Party. It appears to me the folks there were pretty shook up "terorized" by the new GOP blood for Ron Paul.

No event listed on SFGOP website

Who can verify this event took place - it's not listed on the SFGOP website.

Here is a copy of the invitation

Important Media Event: SF GOP Straw Poll TONIGHT!!!
Be there and vote for Ron Paul or be square!!!!
This is a chance for Ron Paul to win the ONLY San Francisco GOP Straw Poll!!!!
Please RSVP NOW and come TONIGHT!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007, 8:30 PM
Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf
550 North Point
San Francisco , CA 94133

Calling all Ron Paul supporters!!!!
Come to this important San Francisco GOP Straw Poll and VOTE!
80 Republicans are expected and the results of the Straw Poll will be forwarded to local Fox News and other local media!!!!

If you come late for just the Straw Poll (come between 8pm to 8:30pm) you are allowed in at a discounted donation of only $5 minimum donation.

SF Republican Alliance Hoilday Buffet - Holiday Inn, Columb/N Pt.
Holiday Inn, Fisherman's Wharf, Columbus and North Point

If you come at 6:45pm and come for the buffet, price is $33.
San Francisco - warm gracious hospitality
Generous buffet...

Begins 6:45pm
6:45pm: Buffet, local Republican officials speak
8:30pm - Presidential candidates respresentatives will speak
- JJ will speak on behalf of Ron Paul's campaign
8:45pm - Presidential Straw Poll

Hostess Gail Neira
Phone 415-820-1430 and 415-821-4452
RSVP during normal waking hours.

Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf
550 North Point
San Francisco, CA 94133

Event fee:
USD5.00 per person

OK thanks... just making

OK thanks... just making sure it's not a trojan horse or red herring or whatever other lame metaphor can be used in this situation :-)

how about

Guiliani-ized? :)

How many Paul supporters

How many Paul supporters were there at the dinner paid $33?


Contact info for SF GOP

This may be helpful:

San Francisco Republican Party
PO Box 475520,
San Francisco, CA 94147

Phone: (415) 989-1259
FAX: 415-989-1259
Email: contact@sfgop.org


You all got Californicated!

You all got Californicated!

You heard it here first

Ron Paul will win the California Republican primary. He has tremendous support in the Golden State. Mark my words - you heard it here first


so instead of one or two newspapers reporting on another straw poll win by Ron Paul, they'll have to deal with dozens of articles and hundreds of blogs talking about what happened. it's like a whirlpool of idiocy. they're digging their own graves.

"i thought what i'd do was, i'd pretend i was one of those deaf-mutes." -laughingman


"i thought what i'd do was, i'd pretend i was one of those deaf-mutes." -laughingman

more eye witness acounts

Follow ups from others

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  • and My Favorites!
  • Be sure to spread freedom!
  • Check the videos section
  • graphics section
  • and My Favorites!
  • Video

    I just copied the video off my camera. Will upload to google video unless someone can upload longer than 10 min. to YouTube.

    Do two parts

    Cut it into 5 minute chunks .

    infuriating, yet definitely

    infuriating, yet definitely a positive message. I hope you dont mind, but ive tipped off some of the SF papers about it, hopefully they find it newsworthy :D


    I never cared about politics. But today I dont know why I am damn so angry reading this. I have made a point talking to only 1 people about Ron Paul everyday. Now I bump the number to 2 at least. As the wise man said: Dont get mad, get even.

    Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi

    Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi


    It's 3 am here...I'm waiting

    "People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people." - V for Vendetta

    I thought the people out West were more

    open minded, wanting their personal freedom, etc? One would think Ron Paul would be to their liking(keep the govt. out of people's personal lives, etc..).

    Anyhow... too bad this(it may?) make Yahoo.com(news), etc...Maybe when the video hits youtube(etc)?

    take care/not offense.

    Didn't they learn ANYTHING from Florida??

    What you do is change your straw poll's rules to "multiple votes are allowed" at the last minute. Then, no matter how many Ron Paul "spammers" bought one ticket to vote once, you just count on Mitt to buy the damthing and look like a fool.

    For the fiscal good of the Republican party as a whole, our opposition needs to learn from itself. They must endeavor to keep making fools of themselves in the same way each time, instead of thinking up novel ways of looking foolish while refusing money... ;)