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Ron Paul Blimp Wikipedia Article

We don't seem to have a Ron Paul Blimp wikipedia article yet. Let's write one guys. The blimp needs as much exposure as possible!

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And what if it doesn't fly?

How would you remove it? Best to have websites that you are in control of.

Wikipedia is horrible - there have been people who have had their whole lives rewritten by people who don't like them.

The only people who would find it are the people who are looking for it.

94% of all problems are due to SYSTEMS, not people (Edwards Deming)

Wikipedia is not for advertising

Wikipedia articles created for the purpose of advertising a person or event are heavily frowned upon. Once the blimp is in the air and getting press coverage it may be appropriate to have an article, but not now.


That's ridiculous to assume it's an advertising article. It is very simple to see the profound impact Ron Paul's Internet presence is having. Unlike Howard Dean, Paul supporters are actually putting their money and time towards the decentralized goal of liberty. There has never before been a presidential candidate who has inspired so many people to contribute without personal incentive, and frankly the blimp is a living example. I ask for a wiki article because the blimp will fly, the blimp is historically significant, and the blimp also is a symbol of the flavor of Paul's campaign.

We as Paul supporters have an obligation to foremost tell the truth. The mainstream media won't do it, nor our politicians. The duty is upon all free men and women to tell the world what happened. Paul might not win, but damn it, he has brought out the feelings of apathy, distrust, and anger against our current government. The overwhelming amount of youtube and blog activity is a symbol of that and so should the democratic wikipedia system with articles regarding the projects to which so many have contributed.