Ron Paul Draws Large, Diverse Crowd in Pittsburgh - Ignored by MSM

The mainstream media did not pick up on the Ron Paul rally in Pittsburgh at all as far as I can tell. Here are a couple of good independent accounts:

1) From Associated Content: Ron Paul Draws Large, Diverse Crowd in Pittsburgh. Snip:

...What struck me most about the group wasn't its size though, but its diversity. There were old folks and young folks, families with kids, people of all colors. When I think of politics (and in turn political supporters), I think of middle-aged white men in suits. This crowd was probably the opposite of that - folks were dressed comfortably for the summer heat...

2) From Gambling911: Thousands of "Phantoms" Appear at Ron Paul Mars Rally. Snip:

So much for that little theory that Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul's consist of just two people and a bunch of Internet bots. Quite the contrary.'s Kira Wissman was expecting a room with maybe 100 people at a Mars, Pennsylvania rally for Dr. Paul. She ended up fighting her way through some 2000 plus people...

Let me get this straight: 2,000 people rallied for a US presidential candidate, and the MSM - nay, the LSM (lame-stream media) - ignored it??? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Will some of the good people from Pittsburgh please send me the link I missed from the local paper? And if there is no link, then will the good people of Pittsburgh please write the local papers and ask why they were napping?

Can someone who was there give us a run-down???

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The Pittsburgh Rally

I was at the rally and I was also disappointed that there was no coverage in the local papers. I wrote letters to the editors of both papers and moments ago I received a call from the Tribune-Review to confirm the validity of my letter. They still didn't promise that it would be published, but the gentleman on the phone replied, "I hope so" when I asked if it would be.

Let me start by saying that I'm a member of the Pittsburgh Meetup Group and that our organizer Tom Kawczynski and the rest of the gang did a great job in helping to bring out the crowd. I've heard estimates of up to 2,000 people, but being a conservative fellow and knowing what I do about the size of the facility I'll go with 1,000.

I got there early with 2 friends and was interviewed in the hotel lobby by an internet radio broadcast but I can't remember which one. At least one local TV station, WTAE Channel 4 (ABC) was there, as were numerous people making video recordings that should be popping up on Youtube soon.

Dr. Paul's speech was excellent. He touched on all of the issues of the day in a way that makes it easy for his supporters to explain them to others. The enthusiasm of the crowd was outstanding. And the crowd was very diverse, crossing all ethnic, age and political groups. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists and Independents were all there.

I then attended a reception afterwards that was organized by our Meetup Group. There I had the pleasure of speaking with people from Ohio, West Virginia, New York and Virginia as well as Pennsylvania. Oh yes, and also a fellow from Texas - Dr. Paul himself. We were able to speak for a few minutes and he was gracious enough to autograph my homemade "Dr. Know" sign. He smiled when I showed it to him and said, "You've spelled it right. That's how my wife says it should be spelled." I told him that Carol's idea of the spelling was my inspiration and that I've been following his political career for over 20 years. What a sincere, down to earth and kind gentleman he is.

I look forward to seeing Dr. Paul again. On the steps of the Capitol building in January of 2009 for his inauguration as our next president.

Here's a link to a comment regarding something that happened the Sunday after the event. And here is a copy of my letter to the editor of the Tribune-Review that hopefully will be published soon.

After attending Friday’s rally for presidential
candidate Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) with approximately
1000 other voters I eagerly awaited reading about the
event in Saturday’s Tribune-Review. I must say that I
was very disappointed to find no mention of it in the
paper. When I did a search of your site online I
found only two references to Dr. Paul; a brief note on
the event in the Wednesday edition and another mention
in Bill Steigerwald’s article of Saturday, July 28 on
the Iowa caucuses.

In Mr. Steigerwald’s article he quotes David Yepson of
the Des Moines Register as to how ‘electability’ is
the key to the caucuses. In other words, style is
more important than substance. Unfortunately it is
this attitude on the part of the press, the major
political parties and the public that has gotten our
country into the mess that it is in today. It seems
as if repeating the ‘talking points’ of the major
parties has become more prevalent than actually
discussing and debating the issues.

I found Dr. Paul’s message to be so inspiring that I
shall change my party affiliation so that I may vote
for him in the next primary election.

We don't need the MSM

I've realized that the Old media will be downplaying and ignoring Ron Paul up until the inaguration. It doesnt' matter, we don't need them. Their viewership is on the decline. When a friend tells someone something it means a lot more than something they hear on Fox news.

SO keep spreading the word, there is no doubt who the grassroots candidate is. Past presidents have over come bigger odds than Dr. Paul. I believe at the rate we are going, barring a cheated election or a complete breakdown of the electoral process Ron Paul has a very solid chance.