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Congressman Stupak Prohibits Recording of Town Hall Meeting

This past Saturday, Michigan's 1st. District Congressman, Bart Stupak, held two town hall meetings in Cheboygan and Petoskey. It's Bart Stupak's long-standing policy that the recording of his "public" meetings is prohibited unless you are "credentialed media". Constituents are NOT allowed to tape his meetings for re-broadcast or posting on public websites like YouTube. This, alone, is reason enough to replace Bart in 2010.

I personally challenged Bart on this policy in a 2007 town hall meeting in Gaylord when he told me I couldn't tape his town-hall meeting. He said that people take "snippets" of what's said and post them out of context to the internet. And that others in the room may not want their questions to be posted. I refused to back down on my right to record a public meeting, at which point he then appealed to the crowd and said, "Let's take a vote to see if YOU think this man should be allowed to tape this meeting." The room was filled with many of his supporters, so it was voted "down" that I would be able to record. I did it anyhow.

Interesting that he should "take a vote" from the crowd then, but refused to take a vote from the crowd on health care, when challenged to by a vocal constituent at Saturday's meeting. He declined to take the vote stating "that's not the way things are done". He obviously has a short memory, forgetting that he himself called for a vote of hands at that Gaylord town-hall meeting to attempt to "ban" me from recording any part of that meeting.

I spoke with a local journalist at the meeting and asked him to corner Bart on why he hasn't signed on to co-sponsor H.R. 1207. From what Bart told him, Bart will NOT support Ron Paul's bill and that the Fed is already audited by Congress annually. He has Bart's response recorded, and hopefully I'll be able to get that tomorrow and post here for all to hear.

Congressman Stupak is the epitome of the "master politician". He has done very well in holding his seat in the First District - a district that's pro-life and pro-gun leaning. Stupak consistently votes to appease these people, and then uses that trump card effectively to hood-wink the many "conservative-leaning" Democrats (some of who used to call themselves Republicans) into believing that he is a "champion" of the people. If you dig deeper, you'll find he's the UN poster boy of Congress, having voted for Agenda 21 as a junior congressman (a bill proposed by a junior congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi), and supporting initiatives like Cap & Trade.

Let's replace Bart Stupak with someone who is truly on the side of the American people in 2010.

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film him

"I did it anyhow".

Good for you! did you send it to the sob afterwards? did he see you filming him after he said you couldnt? Ive never heard of the guy but he sure sounds like a punk. you should run against him, if possible.

You're not 'The Press'

'The Press' is who THEY say is 'The Press'.

But the government in no way controls the media.

Astounding. Absolutely astounding. People are too damn stupid to have the power of government at their disposal, really.

Where's Carlin-Equites?

I'd like to hear how in the imaginary world that Carlin inhabits this isn't the government controlling 'the press'. I need a good laugh.

SO.... are you telling me that in the current atmosphere

in this Country...... NOBODY recorded it anyway???? You gotta be kidding me. Let's see a You Tube guys!

HA!!!! GOT ONE!!!! Gee, he's getting a lot of laughs from the crowd.
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What a jerk

If he is so afraid of sound bytes, and snippets. Then he should tape it himself and post the ENTIRE meeting. A non-edited version.
Unless he has something against his HANDICAPPED constituents, hint hint.
Not everyone can make it to his meetings. I'd suggest to him that he is leaving out those who can't make it, therefore alienating a portion of his voters.

He hates the Handicapped. :)

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Where does this fool get

Where does this fool get the authority to choose who can and cannot record him? Who the hell does he think he is?

How can people attend a public meeting where he is allowed to speak, and consent to his arrogant conditions? He works for the taxpayers and voters. It is THEY, not he who should be setting the ground rules.


This action would have blocked BFrank's video on Graham a couple of weeks ago ...