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Evanston IL - Tonight - Friends of Freedom Meeting - Vote in Sunshine

MirekChicago sent this last minute notice along:

The following message is from group member Fred Smart. Please note that he will be hosting a meeting in Evanston, IL TODAY (Monday, Aug. 6) at 6:30 PM.

Dear Friends of Freedom:

If you live in the Chicago area and support Ron Paul I would like to urge you to come to a meeting today in Evanston at Pick A Cup Coffeehouse 1813 Dempster Street beginning at 6:30 pm.

Bernard Bernard von NotHaus von NotHaus, architect and Founder of The Liberty Dollar will be in town and we hope he can be there to speak about his plans to support Ron Paul by distributing the Ron Paul Dollar. Tom Webber, the local RCO for the Liberty Dollar will also be there with Ron Paul Silver Liberty Dollars to show and share, etc.

Dwayne Rogers from Covenant Concepts will be making a brief presentation about his work educating people about the law and their rights while building up trust ministries all across America. Tim Wingate, Founder of Seize Liberty.com will be there to talk about our work building up a local Chicago Chapter of Freedom Force International - he was the the lead organizer of this chapter and now serves as President.

I will be speaking about our plans to aggressively send a message to the Iowa GOP that we will NOT tolerate their recent decision (3+ weeks ago) to "Vote In Darkness" using 60 new Diebold Machines in the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll on August 11th. We're going to need hundreds of volunteers on the ground in Ames to pull off this parallel election using thousands of notarized affidavits. We have over 40,000 pamphlets to pass out and will have 300+ "Vote In Sunshine" t-shirts for volunteers to wear.

I will be traveling to Ames later in the week. We need to arrange/coordinate carpools and lodging for everyone planning to attend from the Chicago area.

I know this message may appear to be "last minute" but just know that we've been in communication with hundreds of people all across the country via email and conference calls for the past 3-4+ weeks in preparation for this coming BIG weekend in Ames to support Ron Paul and the cause of freedom and liberty in America.

If your planning to go to Ames and help out we need for lots of folks to bring boom boxes that can plat that famous Beatles song "Here Comes The Sun" throughout this weekend. If you own a digital video camera we need your help for we're planning to interview hundreds of individuals at the Iowa Straw Poll about the necessity to "Vote In Sunshine" - which means a complete/total return to the "old fashioned" use of paper ballots. Period!

And while you at it be sure to bring a BIG Mexican sombrero to wear as you walk around the straw poll sending this message about all this "SUNSHINE" that's kicking in all around us. And be sure to have fun! Bring some sunflowers! Stick them in your hat or on your head somewhere. We The People need to put a BIG foot down that says "WE'RE GOING TO TAKE OUR VOTE BACK!.....WE WANT PAPER BALLOTS ONLY!!......STOP STEALING OUR VOTES!!" etc.

We must ensure fair and accurate elections and we have proof that these machines are being used to steal our votes all across America. 49 1/2 states are using these machines - only 1/2 of the "Live Free Or Die" state of New Hampshire still use paper ballots exclusively.

Jim Condit, Jr., founder of Citizens For A Fair Vote Count - www.votefraud.org - has been instrumental in guiding this "Vote In Sunshine" initiative and we are so thankful so many other people from all across the country - including many other oganizations - have signed on to help out.

Jim Palmisano, a key AFTF and We The People Congress coordinator is a key player in this initiative. Jim set up a National Meet-up group that's going to be used to facilitate the organization of the Ames Iowa parallel election-event and which could be used for other similar events all across the country. If you'd like to be part of this process in Iowa this weekend and, potentially in other areas of our country be sure to sign up at Americans for Verifiable Elections -

In addition to helping this "Vote In Sunshine" initiative I will be
helping to organize 150-200 Ron Paul supporters for the "Mosh Pit" on August 11th inside the Hilton Coliseum. This is when we really, really amp up the energy and chants in support of Ron Paul. We're going to need the VERY BEST OF THE BEST and most animated Ron Paul supporters. We have to be respectful, but we need to be LOUD!! Let's be sure to let the world know what the American Voice of Freedom and Liberty sounds like. If you want to get a little taste of what this sounds like be sure to revisit the voices of freedom and liberty that came together in Des Moines in support of Ron Paul on June 30th at this link:


I hope you can make this evening's meeting here in Evanston at Pick A Cup Coffehouse in Evanston - 1813 Dempster Street which is just east of Dodge Avenue - beginning at 6:30 pm.

Thanks again!

Peace and God Bless,

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