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California: Independents Can't Vote in Republican Primary


After San Francisco GOP leaders showed their "colors" by suddenly canceling their straw poll because of the overwhelming show of RP supporters, I think it is very clear that California RP supporters have their work cut out for them (as we all do across the country!).

Just so you know..... Democratic party allows Independents to vote in their primary, but NOT the Republicans (H-m-m-m- think they're scared of those Independents?) That's called a CLOSED primary FYI
Californians: register Republican by January 21st.

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CA Voters MUST be Registered *Republican* by Tue 1/22

Restating an important point, made a while back:

For the California primary, you cannot be "Independent" and get to cast a vote for Ron Paul. You MUST be registered "Republican".

The "official" deadline to register to vote in California is today, Monday 1/21. However, as today is a holiday (MLK day in case you didn't know -- ha ha!), the actual deadline for voter registration is tomorrow, Tuesday January 22nd.

Your voter registration must be mailed in time to receive tomorrow's postmark date at the latest. If you drop your reg card in the mail after the final pick-up of the day, then you will miss the deadline and miss being able to vote for Ron Paul!

Remember...after the primary, you can always change back to whatever party affiliation your little heart desires. THIS is about getting votes for Ron Paul on February 5th!

If a large number of

If a large number of registrations arrive at your registra of voters on or near the 21st, they may not have time to process the applications and those people will not get a ballot to vote for RP. Do not send them in late. I have spoken to workers at the Riverside CA. office to get this infl.

This could cost us california

and the primary. we need a huge sustained effort to re register undeclared voters. Plus, can we challenge this change in court as it is so close to the election? Is there a lawyer in the house?

Don't wait

we should keep this visible. Has anyone been able to contact the la meetup or others?

They can change their party

They can change their party affiliation for the primary & then change it back. My husband is listed Libertarian, but he will be changing to Republican so we both can vote in the primary.

Ok, you know what to do.

All California meetup groups and ron paul enthusiasts. Get a list of undeclared voters. (i assume you probably have one by now) the election boards will provide registration forms for free. Mail them to every non declared voter in the state (dems too) with a note about Paul. don't wait. they can try their tricks , but we will let it roll off our back and keep going. don't wait. When do you think you'll get another chance?

Epictetus is the best!

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Fortunately, the deadline is 2 weeks before the primary.

So, there's plenty of time to register. Personally, I registered Republican few months ago as I didn't want this to end up happening.

The minute I heard about

The minute I heard about this (many months now) I was so furious I immediately registered Republican for Ron.

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That's pretty big...

Maybe there should be more emphasis on how independents CAN still vote republican if they switch before the 21st of January. Because in the title, you make it sound like a done deal...period, it's too late to change. When really, the point should be, that (unlike before) they have to register republican to vote for RP.

All I know, is that I think it is too important to not be seen. So Good job for putting all this information up. It is almost impossible for one person to keep track of all the stupid rules and regulations that can be changed on a whim (or so it seems). Everyone is doing a great job and great service posting this information for everyone to see.

Thank you! Keep up the good work.

Why the Dems Do and the R's Don't

The Democrats are so big in California that I'm sure they're not worried about being hijacked. The R's probably are more concerned about being infiltrated and taken over. Both parties, however, are run by a tight group of partisans from the inside, just as we see in the SF straw poll cancelation.

In California the Libertarian Party won their case against having a primary at all, on Constitutional grounds. It is the party members (dues-paying) who get to decide which candidate will represent them, not the general public. We're small enough that a single person with real ideas can sway the debate, but you have to join.

Our state party convention will be held in May, 2008. Smaller parties are vulnerable to take-overs, and we wouldn't want statists to come in and gut freedom.

That's why I can't object to closed primaries. If you want more influence, you have to get more active than just voting.


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I agree

It's only right that Republicans vote in Republican primaries. What I don't like is these loyalty oaths where you have to promise to vote for who ever wins the nomination.

Who Does This Sound Like?


While we appreciate your enthusiasm for your candidate, the Center for Responsive Politics made the decision to remove Rep. Paul from our list of active presidential candidates on OpenSecrets.org after carefully reviewing the congressman's own words and a