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The Buzz is about Paul

I'm watching MSNBC this morning, and of the 2nd tier candidates the only one being regularly mentioned is Ron Paul. The Polls on the internet, the principled positions, etc.

In the debate itself, he wasn't polished, but that was better. He was spontaneous and made sense. Unlike a doll that regurgitates a talking point when you pull a string (and puppets have strings).

I think he accomplished what he needed to at this point.

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I think Dr Paul did really well, when they allowed him to participate. I watched the debate live and have also watched the compilation on youtube.

I have only a couple of suggestions for Dr Paul.

First, you must smile more when there is a camera in the room. The camera seemed to try and deliberately pan to you when you were looking stern or frowning. I have seen many videos of you smiling and laughing and when you do that your whole face lights up and smiling makes you seem so much more open and approachable.

Second, I know that we all make gestures when we speak without thinking about it. Body language makes a big impact, please try to keep your hands open. You have a tendency to point out and down with your finger when making a point, and this can be misinterpreted as lecturing. People want to be talked to, not lectured to, even if they need it. VBG

My family and I will be cheering for you at the debate in South Carolina.


And this morning on MSNBC

Both Pat Buchanan and Bill Press said Ron Paul made the most sense (after Press commented that "who wasn't there" won, and were the 10 the best? - this was a retraction of that).

It is subtle, but it is like a list of who made mistakes or positioned, then a comment that Ron Paul wasn't doing those things.

The Debate

da bear

I was very impressed with Ron Paul. He stated that he would get rid of two taxes: the income tax and the inflation tax.

He seemed enthusiastic, and hopefully he will be more polished next time.

da bear

Chris Matthews utters "OH GOD" towards RON PAUL!

At 1:45 Chriss utters "OH GOD" to Ron Paul!


Vote for FREEDOM!

I heard that too ... makes

I heard that too ... makes me sick that someone thinks having a government that follows the Constitution is crazy talk.

He's back on Horserace

Please vote for Ron at www.2008horserace.com


"If I give government the right to control you, I give them the right to control me"

"If I give government the right to control you, I give them the right to control me"

2008Horserace.com is scammers

First off, 2008horserace.com has not yet removed the label of "Spammer" from Mr Paul. Low Brow.

Second, earlier today, Dr Paul had 88 votes on 2008 horesrace, and NOW I see that he has only 13.



Ron Press Releases

Does Ron's team use a news wire service???

I can't find them on any service. I hope they are not just posting them on http://ronpaul2008.typepad.com/ron_paul_2008/

Vote for FREEDOM!

Time to be polished!

The debates have stirred support for Ron. Ron MUST hire a professional to help him polish his image. He cannot continue with the "stuttering", it's too easy of a target for the a$$holes.

Other than that, RON was awesome!!!!!

Vote for FREEDOM!

image and other nonsense

That unpolished image won him the debate. He's a great debater and will trounce the opposition at every opportunity.

People who stutter do so mostly because they're thinking about what they're saying. That's a good thing and thinking people understand it. Actors and con men don't stutter.

Watch your language.