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Ron Paul a STRONG Third in NFRA Staw Poll

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This may be the best sign of support yet

It is important to note that the NFRA represents your average conservative republicans. In other words, this was not an event (at least that I know of) that was well publicized on the Ron Paul forums, and that, maybe, just maybe, the Republican Party is starting to wake up to their secret weapon.

maybe; OTOH why is the NFRA pro-CFR?

I'm disappointed that the 2 top vote getters took 48% of the NFRA vote for the CFR, and with the other CFR candidates, over 50%. Ron's 14% is respectable in a crowded field, but the NFRA should be a *lot* more on Ron's bandwagon than that. (Should we be looking crosswise toward Tom Delay, at this point, or is that paranoia talking?)

I used to be part of my state's Republican Assembly, a handful of years ago; maybe I should look them up again and see if they are any wiser than that.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.