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Ron Paul in Pittsburgh August 3, 2007: Video

Thanks to Wesley for sending this along:

Just listen to the size of that crowd!

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I Was There

I was at the Rally. What an incredible night!! There were over 1000 people that were as enthusiastic as I was. I’m still buzzed about it, and can’t stop talking about it to friends and family. I donated tee shirts with 100% of the money from the sales donated to the campaign that night. Ron Paul all the Way!!!

Support Ron Paul with T-Shirts

I purchased one of this gentleman's t-shirts at the rally last Friday night. In fact it was one of his "Ask me about Ron Paul" shirts that got people asking me questions about Dr. Paul when I wore it to the Pirates - Reds game the following Sunday. He is a member of our Pittsburgh Meetup group and he has a quality product. I urge the rest of you to patronize his business.

It was amazing . . .

It was amazing to watch the behind the scenes footage on justintv when they played it live. I watched Dr. Paul standing behind a chair, leaning on the chair with both hands. He was getting ready to give his speech. Maybe he was taking a moment to summon all his energy or just meditating for a few seconds. Either way, that was a very memorable moment, seeing him standing there.

I think this is one of his greatest speeches yet.