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I saw Collapse the movie last night...

This was an incredibly well done movie that leaves you questioning- are we doomed as a society or can human ingenuity save us? Is Michael Ruppert a quack or does his insights truly warrant deep thought? Personally, I think his thoughts warrant thoughtful consideration and contemplation. Interestingly enough, the movie leaves you questioning if he really is right? Are the powers that be trying to break him? Currently he is waiting on eviction from his home.

Or is he truly a nutcase that brought his circumstances onto himself. Regardless, the movies gives a dimension of Ruppert's personality that has rarely been seen.

My wife and I saw it at the Angelica Movie Theater. We were fortunate enough to meet with the director, Chris Smith, too. It was definitely quite an awesome experience though admittedly not pleasant and quite scary too.

It is on FilmBuff on Demand (if you have it). I recommend it to anyone. Definitely a four star movie.

Link here: CollapseMovie.com

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the movie "collapse"

It's a double edge sword: On the one hand we will have economic collapse due to our over-reliance on petroleum. On the positive side though, very necessary since, that very same reliance is the main cause of global warming and sickening of our planet. The money will be made by those who can help us through the transition Ruppert speaks of. I guess it's time to buy some seeds...


Where did you ever get the idea that Mike Rupprt ever worked for the CIA??? Mike Ruppert while working as a detective discovered that the CIA had been moving Drugs from Afghanistan to San Diego for sale to our kids. What makes you so sure he would ever work for the CIA??? Enlighten me!!!

Very Interesting thread

bookmarked. A lot of interesting comments. I don't know what to believe but there is no harm in being prepared for anything. No matter which way the sails flow, I can make adjustments.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Fascinating comments

I don't see anyone here arguing Ruppert on Peak Oil. All of the naysayers are suspicious of the man. Cited are: alien technologies, the intentions of the Bilderbergers, mistrust of the CIA, personality comparisons with Glenn Beck...

Can anyone actually talk about Peak Oil, math, Petroleum Geology or maybe what the geopolitics looks like if the lifeblood of our civilization is a dwindling resource?

Is the reality too big to approach for the public until there is undeniable privation? Perhaps the neocons are prescient: cheap oil is running out, bring down the towers, use the attack as a pretense for refashioning the political and economic landscape of the mideast, in order to keep the oil flowing from the fields in Iraq, the last gargantuan pools of sweet crude, and Iran(?) (Richard Pearle: everyone wants to go to Baghdad, real men want to go to Tehran).

There is great effort in this thread to find a way that Ruppert is somehow wrong. But none of the hemming and hawing here is based on evidence. It's a mind numbing and alarming prospect, but abundant cheap energy is a very unusual state of affairs in human history. We know nothing else!

Ron Paul's leadership and our Constitution will be of great help if we must power down. He says: if we're poor but free, we'll be rich again in no time.

We may find it necessary to live and work like our grandparents. Saudi proverb: My grandfather rode a camel, my father drove a car, I fly a jet, my son will ride a camel.

"Can anyone actually talk about Peak Oil, math, Petroleum..."

Many have. I would think there is enough info on this thread for one to start some research if they so desire. I bet one can still find the Ruppert vs. Jerome Corsi debate somewhere online as well.

But I find it much easier sometimes to look into the people involved, rather than looking into data which often "they" themselves provide. Richard Heinberg's lectures are based on oil company data and charts. You trust oil companies? I found out the truth about global warming by looking into Al Gore and the IPCC/UN, not by studying hockey stick graphs.

I do believe we're in for an oil shortage. But I believe it's contrived. By the very people who killed off alternative energy so many times in the past. But whether the coming oil shortage is real or engineered, it's not going to be very pleasant. And people should be prepared, and I don't mean by having your gas tank filled. It will effect everything if or when it comes. Remember, everything is transported using oil. Including food.

we are the Remnant

So ironic...

Well I can't argue against your belief.

Your argument is ironic. How many dismiss Ron Paul because they think he associates with conspiracy theorists? Switch the names: Truther to CIA, Infowarrior to Big Oil, and we're in the same soup.

Our beliefs, and the lack of consensus about what the facts are, are our strongest barriers to solutions. Many think the dollar will continue strong because that's the way it's been, and that's what the newscasts imply. Why think otherwise? (Besides, the naysayers associate with Truthers)? There's plenty of oil, because there always has been. It's just as likely that powerful elites are hiding vast reserves (Besides, naysayers associate with the CFR and Big Oil).

Here's another irony: Ruppert decided not to write Crossing the Rubicon about thermate and structural engineering, so as to not lose the argument in the details, so his book is about how the associations of those benefitting from 9-11, tie them to the events. And you don't buy it because of HIS associations.

We are really in a way aren't we?! So many problems and so many conflicting beliefs.

May you live in interesting times!

Excellent points

I still have to watch this movie- I'm inclined to think it will have a profound effect on me, and my choices for how to live. Ruppert is the man who made a "truther" out of me, with this:

CIA, Drugs, Wall Street & 9-11

I assume he was pushing

Yes he was.

The Peak oil garbage irritated me also, although a lot of what comes after PO is/ was/ will happen because of or falsely because of it anyway.

Actually its been awhile since I watched it, I remember there being a few things I had gripes with.

That being said it was a very good Docu/Movie. Definitely a watch for those who at least have a good bit of a clue about whats really going on. Like everything else it should lead to more questions and more research to formulate a good opinion on where we stand. For those in the know for awhile .... nothing new is really gleaned... although it is entertaining =)

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violent revolution inevitable."
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I don't think

I can take any more.

Ruppert NOT reporting ClimateGate!

but links to this story in latest news batch:


Finally mentions Ron Paul two days after it was posted here that it appears he has never mentioned him.

link to his site (if you don't want to know about ClimateGate or Ron Paul):

we are the Remnant

we are the Remnant

Ruppert dedicated Crossing the Rubicon to Ron Paul

along with many others. But that was back in 2004, and I don't know what he thinks of him now.

A little historical perspective.

In 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was written the human population of the world was about 3/4 of a billion. At that time wind, moving water, wood, and draft animals provided almost all our power (energy). At that time coal was just at the beginning of being exploited. Oil came on stream in the mid 1800's with natural gas and uranium following later. The industrial age is fueled by energy, and the output of that industry provided the necessities of life so that the human population exploded in those 230+ years up to 6.7 billion people. All of a long human history to just get to 3/4 of a billion people and then in 230+ years to add almost another 6 billion is quite a remarkable event. Without exploitation of these fuels the human population would have been limited by what wind, moving water, wood, and draft animals would produce and the evidence is these produce only enough to support 3/4 of a billion population worldwide.

If you think that the dotcom mania was a bubble, that the current level of debt is a bubble, the housing market was a bubble, then does it not strike you that the human population is a bubble, artificially created by the temporary exploitation of these finite fuels.

It was back in the 1950's, ancient history for some of you, that Marion King Hubbert while analyzing production data for his employer realized that oil production followed a pattern that could be described mathematically by a gauzian distribution, a discovery that made future production predictable. Decades in advance, Hubbert reasonably predicted the peak of US production would come about 1970 which it did, although the level at which he predicted it would peak was a little off. Each oil producing country goes through the same pattern of production, and most have already passed their peaks of production and are in decline. Most of the world now must import oil from the very, very few who can still produce more than they use. This is not some theory; it is a fact backed up by data from country after country after country that have gone through the experience of reaching maximum and then having production irreversibly decline.

Another factor is what is referred to as the "low hanging fruit" principle which means that those in the oil business can more easily find and exploit the largest, shallowest, purest and most proximate oil. This is the most economical to find and produce so they leave the more difficult and more expensive oil for later. Later has arrived, and what we have left is the expensive oil. In 1930 the amount of energy it took to get back 100 barrels of oil was 1 barrel. But that energy cost has been doubling every 20 to 23 years (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and then bust cause you wouldn't use up more than 100 barrels of oil to get back 100 barrels). The cost is now at about 12 barrels so that means that at best we only get to mid century before the oil industry is kaput.

If these two problems were not enough to wipe out the industrial age for the world , and all the people who are hopelessly dependent upon its output, there is a special problem for the USA. We are the biggest importer, so that when the current oil exporting countries reach peak, the first thing they do is reduce their exports. The time after reaching peak that their exports fall to zero is somewhere around 9 to 14 years depending on the geology of their fields.

So what about the math of falling production. The contraction of production will occur at some rate. Mexico just passed peak production and has experienced production declines in excess of 10% annually. But lets be conservative and assume a rate of 7% which means that world production will be 1/2 in 10 years, and 1/2 again in another 10 years, on and on into the future.

Combining all these factors, It is not out of the question that the amount of oil available in 2025 in the USA would be 20% of what it was in 2008. That means 80% of the economy would evaporate in that short period of time between now and then. That is one hell of a phase transition. Imagine surviving that.

This is why I believe that the USA is rapidly headed into a violent demise, and that political upheaval is a given the closer we get to 2025.

I think this is much more credible than all the dreams of alternative energies, none of which hold a candle to the power in oil. Free energy, conspiracies to repress alternatives, corn ethanol, hydrogen, solar electricity and even wind electricity (when you count the backup capacity that must be built because of the intermittency) all lack credibility. The very few alternatives that make economic sense are either temporary and expensive, or are not scalable.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

excellent summary

A very concise and excellent summary of the problem. Why this has not been leading every newscast is completely bizarre. Somehow, it makes more sense for us as a country to prop up a way of life that has no future at a cost that has no limit.

My Brother works in the oil

My Brother works in the oil exploration business and he tells me this is enough oil yet to be discovered to last another 500 years that the company he works for believes. He says this an extremely conservative estimate.

My brother told me that they keep telling us we only have 50 years of oil left to push the Eco-Terrorists thing, and Green BS.

When is the last time we did any drilling besides the huge oil field in the Gulf of Mexico that is decidely larger than Prudhoe Bay in Alaska? BS we are going to run out of oil. Another lie, another scam to control us.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

I used to believe all this peak oil stuff

Took it quite seriously. Then I read about the plans going back to the early 60s to use shortages to control the population. Did you know Richard Heinberg's lectures are all based on oil company info (I've attended two of them).

If you believe that oil is running out, you'll have a hard time figuring out Lindsey Williams who accurately predicts how oil is going to move. He recently stated that oil would drop to $50 or below when oil was at $140+ (it did). And that's just one of his correct predictions. He says he gets his info from someone in the elite. Many videos of him online including The Energy Non-Crisis, one of the most viewed videos on Google Video (before they removed the counter).

But whether peak oil is real or not, I do believe we will be experiencing shortages, real or artificial.

BTW the M.K. Hubbert story originates from Shell, which is owned by the Dutch Royal family, who head the Bilderberg Group. Peak oil alarmist Matt Simmons is CFR.

we are the Remnant

we are the Remnant

What about geology?

So, what convinced you had nothing to do with petroleum geology? That's what's most convincing to me, the analysis of the retired petroleum geologists who discovered the oil in the 40s and 50s, who say the easy, sweet crude is gone. These were field geologists, not the computer monitor geologists trained today. Also the math is very convincing. M. King Hubbert was right about our peak in 1971. Shell asked him not to go public.

If you believe that Lindsay William's source and the Bilderbergers and the CFR are manipulating the macro-economies with precision, surely even such powerful string pullers must operate within the resource boundaries of earth. Nefarious documents of intent to create shortages are not evidence of abundant physical resources. I think your references are less than convincing. Perhaps you were right before?

Another devastating presentation is Dr. Albert Bartlett's analysis based just on the mathematics of population and resource consumption.

Watch this amazing lecture:


Thx for the post.

I'm going to see it at a movie theater here in town that's showing it. Looking forward to it.

Has anyone seen this on Fios?

I can't find this on FIOS. I thought it was supposed to come out on OnDemand tonight.

michael "peak oil" ruppert

is not someone i would listen to.

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President

Michael Nystrom's picture

LA Times reviews the film

Good article, worth the read if you're interested in this stuff:


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

I wish the author had read or looked at Ruppert's book

Crossing the Rubicon, so he'd know more about how extensively well-educated Ruppert's opinions are. Instead, the main point of the article is the author's own indecision about Ruppert's credibility. He should have answered that for himself and then proceeded to write something more interesting.

Thanks for the link, though.

I'll give you about 600 hours worth of

reasons this is bullshit. There is testimony hundreds of hours of testimony that stems from the Disclosure project. There is Space Concurring Extra Terrestrial reverse engineered technology that could end the worlds use of OIL and many high level military, and intel people are blowing the lid open on this.

Only reason we don't have free or almost free energy is simple.

CONTROL. The Elite are hiding the secrets to unlock mankind and it's just god damned greed.

Rupert if you are reading this, GODDAMN YOU for making me feel helpless like there was no alternative to the demise of mankind technologically. That we would reverse into the stone age.

I believed the whole peak oil bullshit mind fuck and was extremely depressed until I dug deeper and uncovered that multiple technologies have been squashed or hidden from the public ever since before Nikola Tesla. Hemp Marijuana would have revolutionized many things, but Big Oil interests outlawed it. I will never watch another lie from you again, not while I know that this is being a contrived suppression.

So take your CIA punk ass mind games and go to hell. That is FEAR MONGERING at a whole new level. Pathetic.



Why not just one minute worth of reason?

Your post made no sense. Just because free energy exists doesn't mean we'll be able to access it. Just because it's being suppressed doesn't mean Ruppert is involved in the suppression. Just because mind-control exists doesn't mean Ruppert is a mind-control agent. And just because he scared you doesn't mean he was wrong or that his intention was mainly to frighten you.

How do you know, either way, if Peak Oil concerns are shaping world events? What, really, do you know first-hand? His opinion has emerged from his research. To wean ourselves from oil is not impossible and may even prove wise.

Well my goodness.

I guess since Ruppert was ex CIA dosen't mean he was skilled in controlled opposition or the ability to read body language..

I guess just because an apple falls to earth dosen't mean gravity is pulling it down either.

I guess because you decided to reply with that stance that I had good reason to know it is indeed a fear tactic. Why? Well there is many reasons. Maybe because you were trying to be cute. Or maybe you were trying to marginalize my opinion.

How about instead of me guessing your reasoning as to why.. Why don't you just go ahead and tell me why you decided to open you pie hole.


You worded it in such a way that you feel differently. Do you like holding power over people???



How exactly is that supposed to work? Regardless of the source, energy must be delivered to the customer.

How is a service provided for free?

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

Its hard for me to trust any "former" CIA members

Always be vigilant. If something seems fishy, it probably is. At the end of America Drug War the film said he was living in South America....
There was a great YouTube video on disinfo agents. Check out the final clip with former MI5 agent David Shayler.

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former CIA

He implies here that CIA tried to recruit him, but he declined...

Ruppert confronts CIA director Deutch:


Is the whole movie with this

Is the whole movie with this guy sitting there talking while clips and still shots of mass destruction flicker past? Because that's what the trailer suggests.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"