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Ron Paul in Saint Paul!

I found out the convention will be in St. Paul MN next year.

I'm not interested in his canonization, but in his nomination.

Yet I think it makes for a good slogan or bumper-sticker.

Ron Paul in Saint Paul!

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Michael Savage Poll Rigged!

Should have known.
Paul was close to eclipsing OTHER to become the 4th most popular candidate listed, after the big 3 mainline jackasses.

Then, as I clicked on the link a few times just for fun (only voted once), I noticed that the votes, which had been stably changing at a normal clip, suddenly EXPLODED (from 3000 to 8000 votes almost immediately) in favor of OTHER, while Romney's lead was reduced, and Giuliani and McCain were increased so that all three were in a dead heat!!!

When you put this together, you figure out what Savage is doing. He is trying to convince his audience that the top 3 are in a dead heat and thus indistinguishable (the vote rigging drops Paul's overall percentage in the process) so that he can pique his audience's interest in his own hyped up presidential aspirations as an alternative.

What a jerk!

It's not about St. Paul - just want attention for these polls!


The Neal Boortz Show

and don't forget to hit up that aol.poll listed...



AOL is hurting our friend. The people voting here must be teenaged punks that probably didn't watch the debate at all, but still vote according to what the MSM says.

A good slogan it is.

A good slogan it is.