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Detroit City Council will be Locked and Loaded -- literally


When seven of nine newly elected or re-elected council members held their first joint conversation with the news media, they talked budget cuts and efficiency. But three also revealed that they have concealed-weapons permits and carry guns. A fourth confirmed later that he does, too.

And the Rev. Andre Spivey, pastor of St. Paul AME, said he plans to get his CCW permit before Thanksgiving.

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People in Detroit have had to face the

real world. Most Americans have the luxury of still living in a dream world.


Ive been to Detroit a hundred times or so.. Its a very scary town. It looks like an old war zone. You have to watch your back, park your car in a secure garages and no exactly where you are going.

My friends have been robbed, cars stolen and broken into.

I love the city though. Culturally and musically its hard to beat... you just better know where you are going!


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Detroit City Council =

Detroit City Council = everything that is RIGHT with American politics, lol. They seem to pander to the Youtube lobby quite a bit.

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