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A Homecoming Long Overdue?

Well they’re coming home! After far too long! We can all sleep soundly knowing that we saved them from violence in the Middle East. Where they are a hated minority and were never welcomed only tolerated. No, No we’re not bringing home our troops from Iraq or Afghanistan...

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It'd be nice to see the troops come home

Though it's about time the last Yemenite Jews get taken to Israel. I'm a little surprised that the Israeli government isn't taking them themselves like they did before. Though all i can guess is that the relationship between Israel and Yemen has just become too tense in recent years.

To address the blogger who was shocked that they would need saving. The people in Yemen have become increasingly radicalized to the point that the Yemenite government took all of its Jews and cordoned them off in one compound, a modern day ghetto. So yeah I would think that after thousands of years living in Yemen they would need saving.

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I say what I want. It isn't always p.c. but at least it's logical.

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