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People need to know about Paul's Health Plan But .......

I read and watch everything Paul and I didn't even really know about his health care plan until last week. While I don't agree with it 100%, it's a million times better than what's on the table and it would greatly improve what we have now.

2 things:
1. For the masses, it has to do something for pre-existing to appease them, otherwise that will be the media focus and way to bring it down.

2. Let's get the plan in order and get it out to the masses. Schiff, the Judge, Alex Jones, and even Glenn Beck could help us get the word out if we had a strong plan and started running with it and "hijacked" the health reform. This would also expose the so-called fiscal republicans who would not want to give up this gem of a power grab

****And For God's sake, Dr. Paul could announce his candidacy right now and ride the coattails of his health reform plan to 2012

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I have written my congresscritter

I have no idea why this issue is going nowhere except the majoruty here like the Obama plan.