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Anti-gay marriage Miss Caifornia makes sex tape?

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Now they say she made many tapes!

This bimbo needs to go away. She has NO right to give lifestyle advice to anyone. What a joke.

Repulsed by someone holding

Repulsed by someone holding a Bible? strange. but Christians are hateful intolerant bigots when they dont condone behavior that kills people and breaks up families. Thier are actions that people are justified to be repulsed by and if a man has a healthy conscience he will be repulsed by sodomites. Not the site of a church bus.

The revolutionary forces have to take civil society before they take the state, and therefore have to build a coalition of oppositional groups united under a hegemonic banner which usurps the dominant or prevailing hegemony." -Strinati, Dominic.

She was ASKED her opinion

and she gave it. I see nothing wrong with that. I applaud her for it and not taking some politically correct neutral stance. As for using the masturbation tape as leverage against her in court...that was wrong. It was meant to shame and punish her for using her freedom of speech. That shouldn't have been allowed.

it was used to expose

her hypocrisy. She made it clear her opinion was based on her Christian teachings. She deserves everything she is getting. Let that be a lesson to all Christians.

Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

Can I get an Amen?

Her teachings

Not yours. Aren't you judging?

I am

suggesting we allow the consequences of her actions to play themselves out. Defending her is not wise.

I was defending

her right to express her opinion. I still believe in the First Amendment.

she has

every right to make an ass of herself. I agree.

I'm surpised

Any and all of you care. We have a nation on the verge of collapse and all you can bicker about are Christians,waxing the beaver, massaging the beef curtains, and masturbation.

No wonder the NWO is winning. Throw a vagina in front of the movement and all hell breaks loose.


obviously have not seen THIS vagina :)

D :



Get rid of Her

The MSM on MSNBC highlighted that she may have a different opinon than me on one issue. For having a different opinon than me I think she should be thrown into a concentration camp.

Dissent that is not politically correct will not be tolerated.


First, do not take this as a defense of her action. Such as she did was certainly an action that Christians ussually consider sinful.

That said I too have made many foolish and even sinful choices in my life. As one who has sinned am I not allowed to try and live by the standards I claim to believe even if I fail at times? Does that failure in the past (and even in the present) mean that I do not believe what I claim as my standard of living? Does not measuring up to that standard at all times make me a hypocrite?

It seems you think so and that is fine.

Would it make a difference if this girl was a non-christian who did not believe in gay marriage?

Or is the whole point of the many argument and statements you make against Christians here that all Christians are hypocrites because they have sinned even though the speak against sinning?

Even more amusing to me is how you keep going on how this girl must be some horrible hypocrite because of this tape in face of her stance on gay marriage. A tape as such does not make her a hypocrite. It only means that she has sinned. I do not know how much she currently sins and neither do you.

It could be that since the making of that tape she has been perfect and sinless (yes, unlikely).

Now she WOULD be a hypocrite if she spoke against gay marriage and at the same time supported it to a different audience but that is not what has happened here.

This whole marriage issue is not even about marriage. It is about money in the form of benefits, tax breaks, ect... If it were truly about marriage then people gay or otherwise would simply claim to be married and live as married without regard for state license.

That said, I do agree that tax credits and junk based on marriage is unequitable in regard to state functions. And you know what? When/if I am married I will not be getting a state license and taking advantage of those government incentives (carrots). Why do you seek such carrots if this issue for you is about marriage?

I've made this very, very clear

This woman and many others proclaim their righteousness publicly. Some are even paid to do this. They organize and fund movements that are designed to promote and make into law their chosen lifestyle choices. Choices they claim are justified in their Christian teachings. When these individuals choose to violate these teachings for their own enjoyment, curiosity, etc, it should be explored and they should be held accountable for this hypocrisy. I encourage all Christians to NOT defend this woman. Simply let her accept the humiliation that comes with publicly proselytizing your Christian teachings and ignoring them in your own private life. It is extremely destructive to the Christian tradition and Jesus clearly warned us about "casting stones". Again, this is an individual that chose to be used publicly to promote her "Christian" lifestyle choices. She was also paid to speak about her "beliefs". That was unwise considering she was not following her own advice.

I agree that she and others

I agree that she and others (christian or not)should not be pushing for laws/regulations to force individual lifestyles onto others or in a manner that will force others to subsidize said lifestyle.

That is true not matter what religious or secular ideals/traditions are behind such pushes.

I think where you come into resistance on this issue is the manner in which you approach the problem. You are not approaching the problem of 'people should stay out of other peoples lives' which is I think your point.

Instead you come across as simply bashing on someone claiming to be Christian without actually dealing with the underlying issues.

Her being Christian (or not) or her supporting gay marriage (or not) are non-issues. The issue is really that none of us should be trying to legislate such things on others and the government should have no involvement in those matters.

it is an issue

as a Christian, her obscene, public hypocrisy effects me. It is an issue for ALL Americans when a very powerful "group" of Americans organizes and funds a campaign to manipulate the legality of lifestyle choices. This group happens to be Christians. It matters. They are successful because they are connected by their Christian teachings and existing networks. This should concern us.

In that regard I actually do

In that regard I actually do agree somewhat.

They are successful because they are connected by their social clubs often called churches that largely disregard actual biblical teachings. It is no wonder that this very large group of nominal 'Christians' or mislead Christians is such a power for ill.

In the face of such I think one would be better off asking are they really Christian instead of proclaiming their hypocrisy as Christians. As if it is really hypocrisy and not errors/mistakes then they likely are not really Christians anyways no matter the claims.

And more to the underlying issue I would say they are successful in said meddling because government has been allowed too much power in the name of democracy and other such nonsense. If government was within its bounds then no group, Christian or otherwise, could force its ways on others as we see now.

But then as a Christian myself I have many problems with the bulk of 'mainstream' Christianity anyways. But I can only try to live right and be and example to the best of my ability.


She should have

just answered that it was not her place to decide what was right for
same sex couples and that was not a fair question. Give me another question. I don't make policy for the country. The question was a set up for trouble. That should only be a subject you should be speaking about if you want to make a stance on it. Not be put in front of everyone on the spot to answer. I would not have answered it. Her only choice was to offend one side or the other. The people asking the question should be the ones suffering not her. But IMO pageants are stupid. They male American Idol look like very intelligent programming. Who cares what miss priss thinks about gay marraige or her sex life for that matter.
Even if she was clean as a whistle is a pageant queen who you want to be a role model for your daughter? If so I am sad for you and your daughter.
Besides,when was the last time there was no contriversy around a pageant winner? Just more media hype and distraction. Makes for good book sales too. Don't feel too bad for her. She just got a little extra icing for her cake.

Her fiend of a 'boyfriend' had no empathy whatsoever for her.

He abused whatever 'trust' they had. He is a fiend and most likely a psychopath. He probably made a quick million handing over a copy of the tape - insult to injury.

And it says something about her own psychopathic/suicidal tendencies to display herself on tape like that.

Anyone who decides to put themselves on tape is in bondage to whomever holds the tape. Talk about a ruined life. This goes for men and women.

A good lesson to anyone who decides to put themselves on film. Could come back to haunt them in time.

Who cares?

It's a states-rights issue... who gives a crap about ones opinion?

Effective hair flicks

Maybe her book would sell more copies if it came with a DVD?

Hey...if you put yourself on stage as a doll, and then you get used as one, deal with it and enjoy the positive and negative consequences.

Liking the same sex is immoral to some...

but spanking your monkey on tape for others to see is not. How convenient. No hypocrisy here, move along.

We don't know how to mind our own business
'Cause the whole worlds got to be just like us
Now we are fighting a war over there
No matter who's the winner
We can't pay the cost
'Cause there's a monster on the loose

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


pick and choose. Remember, she based her anti gay marriage stance on her Christian teachings. Christians need to let her face the music for being a hypocrite. Why in the world would you defend this girl? Do you think this is the only thing she has done? Nope. She just got caught.

Is nudity anti christian?

Is nudity anti christian?

not to me

but you'd better check with some Christian groups.

Here's an interesting twist.

What if she had stated in her contest that she DID support gay marriage, when she actually didn't, just to get a favorable response from the judges, who obviously were completely and totally biased in that direction?
Then she could have walked away with the crown, with all the liberals swooning over her and how "diversity minded" she was.

Would people here be calling her a hypocrite then?
Would anybody have been trying to dig up dirt on her then?

Of course yes, she would have been a hypocrite then. And a liar.
But, nobody would be saying a word about it, because she would have been a hypocrite that supported something that they want supported for their own political correctness agenda.


biased because her response effects their lives in a profound way. Christians did organize and make sure the bill didn't pass. They felt it was immoral. Christians acted as a group and dictated how another person is viewed in this country. The Christian tribe did this. This is a joke. I'm still waiting for them to organize and protest the wars they are helping fund. Come on, guys. You got gay marriage defeated, lets try to put some ole Christian effort into stopping the killing in the Middle East :) I will not hold my breath.

And is there some reason

that they shouldn't have done that?
Didn't the gay groups "organize" to try to get it passed?
Or did they just blindly wander around aimlessly?

I'm actually surprised that any libertarian would support another emotionally-derived excuse for another mouth at the already over-burdened gov't pig trough, entangled with more licensing and regulations..
Any libertarian gay person would be completely against this "gay marriage bill" on the grounds that it's socialism and statism, and would instead aim for gov't to get out of marriage completely, since it's not gov'ts role. Reducing licensing and regulations and socialism for everyone's benefit and freedoms.

But no, we see so-called "libertarians" rushing to defend another socialist handout associated with yet more people falling under the gov't licensing and regulations.

Ironic, isn't it?


it's disgusting to me that Christians waste their time and money organizing and praying to defeat a gay marriage bill, while their money funds wars every day. It also sickens me when a born again Christian claims her Christian teachings taught her that gays shouldn't marry, however, she feels free to ignore her teachings and make a sex tape of her masturbating, with toys, etc, for her boyfriend. Of course, this is simply the one tape they found. I'm sure this is not the only teaching this little christian girl ignored. Hypocrisy.

And would they not be "hypocrites"

if they ignored their teachings, and promoted the gay marriages?

It seems to me Fedor, that you are wanting to cast Christians into a no-win situation, which may display some underlying (and indeed overt) animosity.
Your heated posts about Christians over the past few days are generally aimed only at pointing out what you see as flaws, without any balance to things that they do right. For example, on the abortion thread, you go head over heels that groups of Christians don't seem to be anti-war, yet you fail to give any credit for their pro-life abortion stance. Instead of saying they're partly right, you want to cast them as partly(or always) wrong. This is a pattern.

Perhaps you should seek anger management counseling.

There are alot of Christians on this forum who are against the wars, and also many Christians in other anti-war groups. There are Christians going to prison for not paying their taxes because they don't consent to the gov't use of it for a variety of reasons, including wars. Indeed, I'd venture a pretty accurate guess that with the demographics of the US, Christians also make up the largest number of anti-war protesters as well, simply because of the statistical probability.