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Why we support Ron Paul (flashback)

A shot in the arm...Go Ron Go!


The Environment — "Nobody has a right to pollute anybody's property, air, or water."

Campaigning — "Very powerful special interests are in charge of both parties. There is no serious intent to have democracy in this country."

The Economy — "The best measurement of an empire is the value of a nation's currency, and the dollar is getting weaker and weaker. We can tide people over at home if we stop spending overseas."

Iraq — "They say there'll be chaos if we leave. What do we have over there now? The same people who say 'stay' said it'd be a cakewalk."

Government — "All political action should be directed toward protecting individual liberty."

The Solution — "We can solve all of our problems by obeying the Constitution."


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I bookmarked this

to read later, thanks for posting it.

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