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This Guy Had The Guts To Put This On The Internet

I Am the Liberal-Progressives Worst Nightmare.
I am an American.
I believe in God..
I ride a horse, I am a cowboy and proud of it, I like & ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles and believe in American products.
I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some Liberal governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican!
I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way!
I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart American.
I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized,
and does not entitle you to anything. Get over it!
I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English.
I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God
when and where they want to.

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Yep. We're screwed.

What a tool. That guy will march into the FEMA camp and turn on his own gas. It wasn't guts that drove that piece, it was pure ignorance.

all right . . . he just sounds like he doesn't like . . .

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

illegal immigrants who don't speak English. Um--

so . . . if *I* don't like what is happening in this country, I go where?

And by believing in God, which God?

Does his God believe in killing middle eastern children under the name of . . . 'freedom'?

no, I know a lot of people like this person. Not impressed.

Didn't take courage.

--at all.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--