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Big Dog neocon in Idaho's GOP steps down / gets fired UPDATED!


I can't tell you what a personal victory this is. This guy is the one who all the neocons admired for manhandling the Code Pink woman at the RNC. This is a serious blow to the neocon hold on Idaho, I suspect. This was clearly the guy calling the shots at State.

And, you win some, you lose some. The SOBs blew up the lovely soak in SW Idaho yesterday. My offer to take anyone here is now rescinded - my apologies. It was a delightful place, I am sorry you will never go there.

"For a quarter century, Hall has been Idaho's most powerful unelected politician, influencing elections, judicial appointments and state policy, including education, economic development, welfare reform and health care. Now, Hall is in retreat, shedding power and leaving it to others to fill the void."


I am telling you what, the mighty fell in Idaho, and no one is talking about it. Very interesting.

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Please clarify

what the term "soak" means.

Defend Liberty!

Did the USFS do an Environmental Impact Study BEFORE

they went in with sledgehammers and destroyed the hot springs pools? It is funny how they ignore their own rules at will------
Were there "endangered species" in the area that used these pools and swam in the waters downstream from the water pollution that those wielding sledgehammers caused?
How about the birds and forest creatures in the area? Didn't the noise from sledgehammers and other equipment, and the presence of the IDIOTS that carried out the distruction bother them?

There is a very rare animal that could be found in the pools.

The rare, redcheeked grannysoaker was known to be part of the local fauna. I have not been out to see what they left, I haven't the heart. We know we have to go face it sometime.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


Perhaps the redcheeked grannysoakers considered the time soaking in the pool a religious experience as well!
I know I would!

bump for the update - this is big, for our state

and strangely undiscussed.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Where are all the Idaho people?

You need to look at this.

What is the matter with Fremont County??!!

I hope the citizens raise hell that the county let him keep his job!
His lawyer's statement "he accepted this severe penalty with extreme grace," Leroy said Monday. "He was calm and strong."
How can you say this about a public figure that was so VILE as to hold her hostage and continually place used condoms on the victim's lawn?! This guy is SICK--and 15 days in jail is NOT a "Severe Penalty"

Well it's certainly a

Well it's certainly a victory for the woman he was stalking.