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11/10 Gary Johnson on FreedomWatch tonight

Gary Johnson will be on Freedom Watch today. Most likely talking about his Our America Initiative that is kicking off on Nov. 19:

Gary Johnson has been working on a new 527 PAC called the Our America Initiative. The initiative allows Johnson to express his views to the voters but does not allow him to campaign as a candidate. The PAC has been coming together and will be kicking things off on Thursday, November 19th with a $500 per head cocktail party fundraiser.

Though websites such as http://www.garyjohnson2012.com and http://www.johnsonforamerica.com have been laying the groundwork for his grassroots support, an official website, ouramericainitiative.com has been in the works.

The following is the information you will need if you'd like to attend this historic event hosted by our future president, Gary Johnson.

When: Thursday, November 19th
Where: Albuquerque, NM
Cost: $500 per person.

To RSVP or find out any other information, please contact Elizabeth@ouramericainitiative.com

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