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A Challenge for All Daily Paulers

There is a noticeable shift that has taken place here at the daily paul in the last few months from one of hopeful optimism to that of dread and outright fear for our future. Look at the active forum topics anytime, day or night, and you see the overwhelming listing focused on negative news from local, state, national, or international sources. This has created a state of apathy for most of us since many of the strategies we've been using (emails/protests/bills) have been ignored or diluted to negation. There is hope, however, with the Continental Congress 2009, which starts tomorrow, Nov. 11th. I realize not many dpers recognize this as being a significant freedom reviving event so I am offering this challenge: go to: www.givemeliberty.org; click on your state; click on each of your elected delegates; review their backgrounds in the freedom movement; make a decision: 1.) are they worthy of your support/input? 2.) if not, why do you not support them? 3.) please avoid shooting from the hip; report back here of your decision only after going through these steps. Make this a fun educational process. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. www.givemeliberty.org; cc2009.us