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Weekend Viewing -- The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren is a true anomaly. She has every reason to be just another political appointee spouting the party line. Instead, as the chair of the TARP oversight committee, she actually seems to be trying to do her job. This has led her to be one of the few people in Washington D.C. that are actually asking uncomfortable (and therefore politically incorrect) questions.
(See the recent video at http://www.dailypaul.com/node/107098 where she makes Tim Geitner squirm.))

In her talk called "The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class", she really destroys the politically correct assumptions that the political insiders have used for decades to justify their disastrous economic and social policies.

See the link below:


(Yes, the video is almost an hour long and doesn't really get going until about 7 minutes in. But then it gets VERY interesting.)

What are some of the liberal/Neocon myths that she explodes?

"Americans and/or baby-boomers are lazy."

"Americans and/or baby-boomers deserve to suffer because they choose to squander their income on frivolous consumer goods instead of saving."

"Two income families are richer and more secure."

"Expanding opportunities for higher education has helped to strengthen the middle class."

"The American economy has benefited as social progress has encouraged women to leave the home and enter the workforce."

"Married couples with children are favored by our current economic policies."

I don't know about you, but I have heard variations of all of these used to distract, confuse, or deflect criticism. They have also been used to divide the generations, singles/couples and the sexes from uniting against our REAL enemies.

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a good use of 57 minutes

This was intelligent and informative. Thanks for posting, I'm glad I watched.

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Bump. I am a little ways in

Bump. I am a little ways in and its pretty interesting.



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Interesting must watch...

This is a presentation that is full with reality, some of which is downright shocking! You wonder sometimes if you are just fighting a losing battle and the evidence provided in this peice confirms it. I have shared this video with everybody I know and it puts our economy into the proper perspective. It is a must see.

It really is an important video.

As a baby-boomer, I have been really frustrated at how the MSM has been depicting us "spoiled".
We were catered to.
We took our prosperity for granted.
I even heard this crap parroted by other boomers!

But if you look at the statistics it doesn't make any sense.
Our productivity kept going up, but our real incomes kept going down.
We were working our tails off, delaying marriage to get educated, delaying having children to advance our careers, taking fewer vacations than our parents did....

SOMEBODY was obviously getting rich at our expense, but it sure wasn't us.
But WHO and HOW were questions we weren't supposed to even think about.

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