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Fun video; Peter Schiff vs Obama supporter

she has nothing to say good about Obama's performance, but she wants way more of it. The droll Australian interviewer is enjoyable too.

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Why do people believe, like

Why do people believe, like this woman, that people have a right to disease care for free?

People have a right to health, but they do not have a right to disease care!

This isn`t a moral debate, it`s a lifestyle debate.

(BTW, I understand some people get/have health problems even though they take care of themsleves, but then that debate is less about free health care and more about how they got the disease--man made or gentics--law suit or charity care.)

wow that was fun at least she admitted some of

what peter was saying was true, but boy she can't grasp the concept of the unseen...ever I don't think.

why is it so hard for people to see the health care issue in a different light. It is insane to think that health-care reform will create jobs and strengthen our economy. How the hell do we win that battle? With all these celebrities and Media talking heads resoundingly in support of it.

I just feel like I am living in a dream world. Maybe God punished me for something I did in another life, but the people (for medicare for everyone) just want free ice cream. I want free I cream too, but there is no such thing. They will either take three times the amount of money they should directly from me or my decedents.

These people can't think they are just going to parrot what ever someone from team blue says. They are really annoying now because team blue has the majority of the votes in Washington. Tyranny of the majority But they get the moral high ground because they are only concerned for the poor people.

The way I see it half of the people in America embrace medicare for all. How the hell can the freedom movement do anything until we cut that number down? Our freedoms will always be at peril until we get those people to understand the lies they are telling them. How the heck do we even approach this? 50% of Americans want a fantasy. I hate to go all glen beck here but I can't think of any other comparison.

They Thought They Were Free.


needs practice

Pete needs to seriously consider his debate tactics. It should never have gotten to that point with someone this dumb.

He is the king of one liners, he needs to come up with some home runs to save for the debates. Longwinded is not good.

I enjoyed it, but I know, would people who don't know enjoy it?


don't know if i can support him monetarily until he improves that.

Why is it all Democrat woman

Why is it all Democrat woman are ugly as sin and stupid to boot.

Broad generalization for shallow "us-versus-them" statement?




Now imagine

that face on one of those gigantic billboards advertising her radio show to sleepy morning commuters? She would probably account for more crashes in that area than all other factors combined. Her love child with Alan Colmes would be quite something.

Did you miss "Obama Girl"??

In fact, you're just stepping in territory you know nothing about. There's millions of hot democrat women. Probably more than republicans in fact. The freedom movement has the hottest chicks by far though!!

Where's the rest of it?

It sounded like it was about to get interesting. Not that the first part wasn't well worth watching. Peter completely gets it and she had no way to argue raw facts. Great find. Any idea where the rest is?

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The second video is right below the first,

when I click on the link. Hope it works for you.

anyone else get this:

anyone else get this:

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"Peter don't say that!"


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"You're right, but we don't want to publicly admit it!"

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?


Schiff educating the masses yet again. This lady doesn't have a clue.


more munition to send to my ct neocon friends, bit the first wave of replies insists that he is still a one topic guy.
For the campaign, and this was not campaigning, he's got to start covering more topics than economics to make a dent here. Idiots in CT just don't see it as important as the rest of us do.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

I hate to say it

but that ladies face was made for radio.

besides that peter stayed on topic, and that lady avoided the topic.

replace hannity with that

replace hannity with that Australian guy



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Thanks, I hope more

see it.

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Thanks, this was great!