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Ron is looking Tired....

I just watched a youtube vid posted by Phillip Haddad of a quick 4minute chat with the Dr recently. I felt slightly anxious at how tired Ron looked and am praying that he can stand firm and "not grow weary of doing good".

Please pass on our heartfelt concern to those handling Ron's schedule, that he be given ample rest (no naivete of this weeks importance intended) to get through this killer week.


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God Bless And Keep Dr. Paul

Any prayer sent out for Dr. Paul is a prayer for each person in the world as his Presidency will affect us all.

Keep the prayers going!

Powerful Thought, Taralee

Thank you for thinking/sharing it!


I've been praying every day

I've been praying every day for him. I don't see the tiredness much, but in the debate once, when the others were talking, he did look a bit annoyed, at least. Not that I can blame him one bit. And normally, he looks vital and happy.

I think us fans would like a video of the "Dr. Paul workout" and any of his ideas about food and nutrition he'd care to share.

The Joy of the Lord is his strength

Thanks so much for caring about our candidate. I have never prayed for any person running for President like I am praying for our RON PAUL. Please continue to lift him up in your own private prayer life. He is worth more to us than we can even imagine.

Dr. Paul 2008

How Often...

How often will we get the opportunity to sincerely care about the state of a politician? It's amazing how personally concerned we are for the wellbeing of Ron. God bless you and GO RON GO!!!!!!

"lean on me"

We have SOOOOO much energy! I can't imagine he would need to deplete his own. Remember he has a BIG family that's known him through all these years in and out of office; I'm sure they have him covered. :-) It was probably a passing thing. Still, if someone could ask, that would be good; you know how rumors are.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.