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Rand Paul reaches out to Sarah Palin.

In a recent Q and A with the Wall Street Journal Rand Paul talks about how most things should be local or state issues, the Iraq war, both his Tea Party, and Ron Paul bases, and currency debasement by the Federal Government.

Most interesting I think though is that he's reaching out to Sarah Palin.
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No pardon for turkey!

If Sarah were president!

So you really belive that everything came from nothing? Wow now that takes faith!

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

I thought at one time Sarah Palin was a good pick (for 10 hours)

for John McCain and that maybe it would have been a good pick for Ron Paul.

That maybe with Ron Paul she would not have had to make the cheezy speeches about Joe the Plumber or being a Hockey Mom and could have focused on liberty.

But this "good feeling" only lasted a short while -- after 10 hours of thouroughly vetting her I found her background lacking.

There are few that could be the VP of Ron Paul.

I agree with a member further down in this post -- this is not the Daily Palin.


LexingtonGreen Speaks the Truth

Read his post below. The whine-all-the-time crowd here is really tedious.

If Palin can put Rand Paul over the top and/or bring in the cash: DO IT. There is nothing wrong with a conservative like Rand Paul getting help from another conservative with a different flavor.

Rand Paul's campaign is absolutely, 100% in the right in asking Palin to help them. I hope she does too; though I don't have my hopes up.

anyone talking about Sara Palin

on 11/17/2009 is on my ignore list.

America has a lot of serious issues..she ain't one of 'em.

well, she is a symptom of

well, she is a symptom of one serious issue: the ignorance of the Republican base.

Ventura 2012

Welcome to the Daily Palin

We are no longer a site devoted to the lofty ideals of Republican Congressman Ron Paul. We have made a conversion and are now primarily interested with propping up and apologizing for ex-governess, ex-VP candidate SARAH PALIN. Crybabies, morons, and libertarian wack-job "purists" who do not have nice things to day about our new hero

****SARAH PALIN*****

are free to shut up and leave. Thank you.

You have posted more about Palin

than anyone else

Maybe you should have a cold beer and think about that

Only to

smack-down the palin cheerleaders. (nicely done Pseudo)

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

What are you reading?

It must be another site that looks like the dailypaul. I don't see anyone rooting for Palin. (Maybe one person, but that is all I saw, one lousy poster)

For most of us on this thread, it is just defending Rand from cannibals

Thank you, Lacandy


Oh, you counted?

You've had lots to say as well. Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house.

I don't throw stones

I throw shoes, soles up

and I didn't count, I just scrolled. Also, I'm not complaining about a problem I am creating.

The problem isn't too much discussion

It's that the discussion is too lopsided in favor of Palin, and she doesn't deserve all that cheerleading, and those who criticize her shouldn't have to put up with all the namecalling that Palin's apologists are hurling out here today.

I don't think anyone here is

I don't think anyone here is cheerleading Palin.

While she's not a Neo-con, she's definitely pro-war, which means she's not ReLOV3ution material. That said, perhaps she might be willing to support Rand even though it's a major disagreement, because she still represents a fiscal conservative wing which Grayson definitely doesn't.


A Way for Trey Grayson searchers to find Rand Paul
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SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

There might be one

Palin apologist here, more likely, there are people defending why Rand is doing this and you are misconstruing that for Palin Cheerleading.

I guess you are seeing what you want.

Liberal Media "hates" Sarah Palin

I've never seen this level of dislike -- it's worse than Bush.

They don't like that she's a family-oriented "woman"

A woman in politics is supposed to be "pro-abortion" - "anti-family" - "pro-labor rights"

That being said -- She is McCain 2 so Barack has an easy one-two victory in 2012.

Voting is: Abdication of Self-Rule and/or the Theft of anothers Self-Rule
Lobbying is: The Purchasing of Votes

ZERO Workers Rights
ZERO Owners Rights
EQUALS = Free-Society


Getting into bed with Palin

Lets see we're getting upset about Rand getting into bed with Palin (isn't there a thread about how hot she looks on Newsweek currently?).

As I see it, she currently has no political position except as potential finger pointer-in-chief, a natural foil, to the annointed one. She has a National platform and an ok record on gun rights, shrinking government and is pro-life (walking the walk, even) to boot. The only person in National politics who this forums members truly respect has already endorsed his son. I have more faith in the Pauls having an effect on Palin than Paliln having on the Pauls (and that could be a good thing) (something about eggs in baskets).

She's got selfish motives on some level, Rand's daddy knows a lot of people willing to work for the country given the right motivation. Believe me, given her political bend she wants Rand's help in a couple years and getting him into the Senate is a good start!


I REALLY don't believe you naysayers!

Six months ago everyone here was racking their brains how to get exposure for Rand and how to get Establishment-type GOP Primary voters to even consider voting for Rand. Now that he's the frontrunner, getting positive press and leads in the fundraising race you guys are whining because he's doing exactly what you wanted him to do...seek out public figures that are well known and popular with voters.

We're working hard here in KY for Rand. I personally am grateful for all the moneybomb support he's received and I assure you I will do everything in my power to locally educate voters about Rand and get them to the polls. My question to you is...do you want Rand to win?

If so, then understand that this is politics and have faith that Rand knows what he's doing because I do. In the ten years I've really been involved with GOP politics Rand's running the most disciplined campaign I've ever seen. And even with a large campaign war chest he's basically doing it on a shoestring with a small staff and an active volunteer base.

This is the point in the campaign where candidates shore up their credentials and support by cultivating relationships with other elected officials within the Party. Rand is doing that while Grayson is fading and his staff's comments to the media are getting desperate and panicky.

Trust me, Rand knows what he's doing and he's busting his chops campaigning all over KY. Instead of complaining be grateful that we've got a Constitutional Conservative candidate that can actually win this thing.

Look, Mad...

...where were you when Ron Paul was running for President? Supporting Palin, no doubt.

Go back to your bag parties.


This to all of you below:

All of you whining and making a big about this are idiots. If Rand says, "Hey, want to support my bid for Senate?" and she agrees, there's no harm done.

Asking for support doesn't mean you're going to compromise your own values. Just like when that Stormfront guy was donating to Ron Paul and Paul kept the money saying, "Heck I can put it to better use." Accepting someone's support does not imply a moral sanction to their actions or beliefs. Like Alex Jones supports Ron Paul does not mean Paul in any way shape or form endorses Alex Jones beliefs, or O'Reilly, or Hannity, or whoever else.

Just like we're all from different backgrounds and have different ideas, and I think a whole heck of a lot of you are complete dolts (not all of you, but quite a few after reading this backlash), it doesn't mean that Ron or Rand have to endorse OUR views. It's a one sided transaction, and if you see it any other way you're a maroon. If you truly believe that Rand and Ron are moral folk, you won't see a problem because you know THEIR beliefs aren't being compromised.

Quit flying off at the handle and calm down, for cripes sake.

Eric Hoffer

No Way

Rand does not need Palin's help. He is already leading because he is an outsider. Palin is not an outsider, she belongs to the one party system called the war party.

I think it is a good move

I think it is a good move for the primary but bad for the general election. I am more worried about donating to Peter due to his pro-choice stance than I am about Rand. I will be donating at the next Rand Bomb.

Ventura 2012

We are calmly saying

Sarah Palin is an idiot and we don't like her representing Rand Paul. But it's his choice. We don't have to support everything he does.

We all

We all know Sarah Palin is an idiot. No one is saying for her to "represent" Rand Paul. Nowhere in the documentation is this in any way said.

What's happening below is widespread overreaction and imbalanced thinking. "I'M NEVER DONATING AGAIN! My Paul worldview is shattered!" over this is what happens when you don't take your meds in the morning.

Nothing "calm" about it. It's blatant overreaction based on nothing even resembling facts. If she wants to come out and stump for Rand, all the more power to her, maybe she's seeing the light, or maybe just hoping for some votes or donations by association. The fact is, it doesn't change Rand at all, and one more person speaking about Paul's beliefs is one more person. I don't care if Attila the Hun rises from the dead to give a stump speech for Rand, it'd help the cause.

Eric Hoffer

It's not an emotional overreaction to state

as a fact that I have no interest in giving money to candidates who pander to neocons and shmooze with Sarah Palin. I have my standards, and I like upholding them.

Then what?

Then what are you talking about? Go post this somewhere where the politician in question is "pandering to neocons." Ron Paul has lunch with all kinds of neocon idiots in Congress, but they soon learn they can't buy his principles.

Go take your midol and quit overreacting. No where in the facts given is there anything to justify your reaction here. You're stating this like a PMSing woman tells men, "I'm NOT going to let you subjugate me any longer!!" when the man just held a door open for them. It's completely uncalled for and unrelated.

Calm down, take your midol, and call back once you've stopped bleeding and have resumed thinking.

Eric Hoffer

You are vulgar and your arguments lack substance

and no amount of any medication can fix that.

we were spoiled by Ron Paul.

we were spoiled by Ron Paul. Our typical politician would probably be a guy who lies his way into power, turns on his would-be handlers, and it assassinated soon afterwards.

Ventura 2012

That's true.

And I have no interest in funding typical politicians.

Making alliances

..brilliant! I trust his integrity will remain intact, after all we do know he was raised with it ;)

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!