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Rand Paul reaches out to Sarah Palin.

In a recent Q and A with the Wall Street Journal Rand Paul talks about how most things should be local or state issues, the Iraq war, both his Tea Party, and Ron Paul bases, and currency debasement by the Federal Government.

Most interesting I think though is that he's reaching out to Sarah Palin.
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We can 1rst and 2nd guess him!

We (were) funding his campaign!

I'm not going to support him anymore until he changes his mind and is in more conformance with what we hold dear and what his father has been saying for years.

Well boo hoo...

I'd send you the link to Greyson's website (if I knew it) to hop on his dying bandwagon, but you can Google it I'm sure.

(So many bright people in here, why aren't they all running for office too?)

Yep. Don't look a gift horse

Yep. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, LIBERALtarians.

Ventura 2012

Let's Get John McCain and Karl Rove to help.

They are popular guys.

Heck, lets start supporting the War just like Sarah Palin.

We have a Mandate from Heaven to incinerate Pashtuns.

I beg to differ

I don't see either of their names listed as potential presidential candidates. But if you think that the U.S. populace is all of a sudden going to just automatically convert to our cause --in spite of the mainstream media BS-- by 2010 then you are certainly entitled to believe that Rand can win without exposure on Fox News, and without support from popular (albeit somewhat similiar) candidates. Unfortunately, politics isn't as pretty as you and I might prefer, but if our man get in (by whatever ethical means possible)... everyone wins. I hope you can come around on this. I truly do. I have no beef with you, only a shared ultimate goal I'm sure.

I agree...

You have to play politics sometimes, guys! Its the bottom line. Whats better, a 100% liberty candidate that never gets a vote, whines alot and watches as our country falls in shambles (yet has no bad friends), OR a 100% liberty candidate that succeeds, changes the country yet has a bad friend or two? You be the judge!

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

Does making deals with Palin guarantee success?

If so, at what cost?

Also, why do you assume he would never get a vote if he has no "bad friends"? He is polling respectably without them.

No it doesnt...

But Palin is not whats important. Its making peace with the mainstream GOP, so they dont try to shut us down, then the drone mainstream teabaggers will give us a second look and realize there is alot more to us than the empty suits we have now in Washington and in radio city (ie Rush, Hannity, Levin.... Beck is "tolerable" at best). Get my point?

One mainstream GOP politician who I do like though, is Senator Jim DeMint. I like that guy. Yeah, he is half way war hawkish, but so was I. He just seems like someone who could wisen up with some lobbying. I just like him, I cant put my entire finger on it, so I pray to God Rand chooses him over the weasle McConnell (who happens to be famous for being a King maker and all types of corruption of power).

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

Palin IS what's important

If she campaigns for Rand, think of how it will reflect on him when her dirty laundry FINALLY comes to light? When "babygate" is unveiled? Puts him in a precarious spot, politically.


reedr3v's picture

Yeah, and lots of popular politicians

support the Bailouts and Stimuli too, so maybe Rand should get on board there too.

How About Lindsey Graham?

And Huckabee!

And Jeb Bush!

And Sean Hannity!!!!

They'll bring in lots of Votes.

Here is a call for the firing of Chris Hightower.

Bush and Hannity would never support Rand in the Primary.

Huckabee might. And if so, milk it! The alternative is to be stubborn and risk everything by never getting into the US Senate. Endorsements are not contracts that Rand has to sell out to. I can't stand those guys listed above any more than the rest of you, but if their attention and assitance towards Rand continues to propell him, then there's nothing wrong with that, so long as Rand stays true to his platform.

Would you all be discounting their actual votes for Rand if they could vote as well? Do you only accept perfect to help our cause. I believe our cause can continue to flourish with assistance from all walks of life so long as it's channeled effectively and ethically.

Again, I couldnt agree more...

I was rather frustrated a few months ago during a topic similar where people were saying that they want RP to run in the libertarian party and I said that if you do that we can kiss his chances good bye. Then they said he should choose Jesse Ventura as running mate and again, I said with the most common sense that would be political suicide. I said we have to never waiver from our values and also make our values mainstream (not change to become mainstream, but change the mainstream)...

Basically, they said that we dont want Ron to ever be mainstream and I just laughed. Our country is about to die and nothing hurts me more and as long as RP is not president or in a position to help, he is utterly useless as a one time conversation about liberty in a trailor in Wyoming. Weird example, but I am very strong about that. What good is the liberty movement if liberty candidates cant get elected! Its asanine to think otherwise. Thanks for your common sense.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

He was being sarcastic. And accepting their votes...

...is not the same as making deals with them.

with friends like you

who needs enemies

He makes a fair point here, though, with his sarcasm.

I said something similar to you below...without the sarcasm.

I asked if you would be comfortable if Rand was making deals with McCain.

Oh yeah!

Cause they're all EXACTLY alike! Gimme a break. She's in a higher class than those losers. Plus she has more balls than McCain. Surprised people here are so blind.

Educate youirself about Palin

She is a compulsive liar and mentally ill person.


Pay special attention to the insane circumstances surrounding Trig's birth. She was in a state of medical emergency with ruptured membranes at 35 weeks and ANY RESPONSIBLE MOTHER would have gone DIRECTLY to the ER. Palin, however:

1) Waited several hours to make a speech in Texas

2) GOT ON A PLANE to Alaska...two flights actually, a ten hour process.
This was EXTREMELY dangerous and foolish.

3) DID NOT go to the hospital closest to the Anchorage airport, where her doctor worked, but drove 39 miles to a smaller hospital that does not accept high-risk mothers for giving birth

4) But Palin was high risk for THREE REASONS because she had premature ruptured membranes, a down syndrome baby, and is 44 years old. There is no record of Trig being born at this hospital.

You say this has nothing to do with politics. But if a woman will do that to her own child, or fake a pregnancy (there's been speculation about that all along), how can she be worth anything to America?

Who are we to second guess Rand?

What a bunch of babies! My GOD!

People here need to remember that someone like Palin is likely going to be supported far more in a place like Kentucky than in CA, NY, or New England. So what if she has an evangelical bent! If she decides to capaign for Rand in the BIBLE BELT, then it's going to be perceived quite favorably. And --I'm sorry-- but her name recognition being aligned with Rand is only going to give him more exposure, and he can then always politely and respectfully distinguish himself from some of her viewpoints that are less popular among us and large segments of the electorate.

Plus, her staunch support of the 2nd Amendment (far stronger than McCain's could have ever hoped to be) will resonate very clearly in KY.

There is a much bigger picture here to observe, than to cry about certain, very few differences that she might have with Rand. I like her a lot more simply because she has the guts and courage to buck the establishment GOP. Seriously, who has that kind of courage!? Doesn't that tell you nay-sayers something about her character and principles? If she was a major player during all of the 2012 primaries and she backed out ...only to endorse someone other than say a Ron Paul Republican, EVERYONE here would be besides themselves and pissed. So save your spilled milk now and look beyond the neat little perfect boxes you expect everyone in this liberty movement stay within.

And I could be wrong on this last point... but didn't Ron Paul support going into Afganistan (with a declaration of war) after 9-11?

They got you hook, line and sinker. Guts and courage. bucking.

Ha! You're buying it. That's great. TV works so well. We are soooo screwed. Bucking the establishment--that's classic. ROTFLMAO


Just where can I learn to read peoples' minds just like you can --in your infinite wisdom-- read mine. With your all-knowing supernatural abilities, why don't you run your own perfect campaign and save our common cause?

I've cringed at some of what Palin has said, but I'd bet my last dollar that the people of Kentucky will cheer more than cringe. And at the end of the day, if Rand is elected (like I believe he will be ...with all of our support) who the hell will care if he had dozens of political allies and our grass roots movement to thank!

Your kind of bickering and second-guessing, sir, only hurts our comment cause of true liberty. You obviously have a bone to pick with Palin... but I will remind or enlighten you, that SHE will have a hell of lot more positive impact on Rand if she campaigns for him in KY, than you could ever hope to help him. If this were a national election, then yeah... I'd be less enthusiastic about her potential help. But this is not ...it's freakin KY for God's sake. Deal with it.

I couldn't care less what Rand does.

I think it's amusing to watch a character get their "brand".

Why Not

I'll second guess any politician, especially a warmonger like Palin. I will second guess Ron Paul too.

Are you assuming

that Palin would have mongered up the same war that Bush, Haliburton, PNAC, and the media did? Is there not a difference between supporting the troops vs. starting the war? I highly doubt (and you probably know in your gut that) she would have been that hawkish.

Supporting the troops and going along with bad intell doesn't make here a war mongerer. I don't agree with her exact position, but I don't see it as a fatal flaw that we should cast her aside. If she has tremendous political capital, then we should milk that capital for our cause ...in my very humble opionion.

I agree

But that doesn't make here a war mongerer herself. I as a parent and husband have chosen to be supportive of someone who believed in something that I didn't ...but I am in know way a supporter (or mongerer) of that specific issue.

In the Christian sense... Was Jesus a pimp or whore if he supported a prostitute? Of course not. I just think there's a difference here that is being over-looked.


And Palin is NOT hitched to McCain and his platform.

Um...she was his running mate.

That was pretty hitched.

and Ron Paul

was once an infant. Look what time did for him!