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Rand Paul reaches out to Sarah Palin.

In a recent Q and A with the Wall Street Journal Rand Paul talks about how most things should be local or state issues, the Iraq war, both his Tea Party, and Ron Paul bases, and currency debasement by the Federal Government.

Most interesting I think though is that he's reaching out to Sarah Palin.
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But the word "overtures" implies more than that.

It defines as "proposal, offer", which seems to suggest something beyond the simple reaching out and asking for support.

As I said elsewhere, I'd really like some clarification on that...and the Afghanistan thing.

I Welcome Palin's Support

Rand Paul is in it to win it, not appeal to the Losertarians' every little fringe whim.

There is a reason he's polling 35% and it's NOT because he's talking about marijuana legalization and withdrawing from the world.

Why are you here?

Can't you disguise your DHS badge a little, so it's not so obvious?

You come here making fun of Ron Paul and expect us not to notice?

Spare me

I didn't make fun of Ron Paul at all.

Why are YOU here? This is the supporter section for Rand Paul. Not the section for you to bash.

Screw losing this race to satisfy some fringe mental masturbation. We have a candidate who is now slightly leading in a major statewide primary, and some of y'all can do nothing more than demand he sink his entire campaign by saying things to please you that would be poison to his campaign.

Rand Paul should continue with his winning course. He's doing a great job and needs to keep it up.

"Losertarians" who want to legalize marijuana

and withdraw from the world...you're NOT talking about Ron Paul, though? When he was a Libertarian Presidential candidate and has been working hard for drug legalization and having no foreign alliances?

Who on earth WERE you alluding to then, chump?

Drug legalization is not a fringe topic. If drugs were legalized it would cripple the CIA, because they are the largest drug-running organization in the world; it would also end the slavery for millions of people incarcerated on non-violent drug charges. These are important issues.

If you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything.

"Who on earth WERE you alluding to then, chump?"

You, and the rest of the hardcore Losertarian party types who wouldn't know a winning election if it slapped you upside the head.

Anyone who thinks drug legalization and "crippling the CIA" is a winning issue in a closed GOP primary in Kentucky is truly living in the land of Oz. Thank God you're not Rand Paul's campaign manager.

I never said these issues should make up Rand's platform

I never said I am a Libertarian. In fact, I am not.

YOU are the one who dreamed up this idea that some imaginary DP people were pushing Rand to make drug legalization, isolationism, and libertarianism his battle cries.

There's something vicious in your language..."smack upside the head"...is that physically abusive phrase on your mind because that's what you DHS agents have to do to people sometimes?


That's just a phrase. You remind me of those people here back in 2007 that used to talk about how HucksArmy.com features a tank and thus promotes war and violence.

All I want is for Rand Paul to win. I think a Sarah Palin endorsement of him helps Paul more than it hurts. I also think her endorsing Trey Grayson hurts Paul more than it helps. If I recall correctly too, it isn't just her cult followers one has to worry about; it's money too. Supposedly Doug Hoffman raised over $160,000 within hours of her endorsement of him spontaneously. That kind of cash from people outside our group and the new donors would also help.

I think it's worth getting if it's possible.

Huck's people WERE largely pro-violence

because his constituents tended to be Neocon warmongers. Doesn't it matter to you that innocent people are dying in these wars? Tanks ARE being used against people abroad...over a million Iraqis have died, and that's just Iraq. It's real. And for the most part, Huck's people wanted that.

Why do you want Rand to win, specifically?

You're right, Pseudonym.

Why doesn't the drug connection to the war in Afghanistan get more attention here?

I don't know

As far as I can tell, it is one of the main reasons our troops are there.

Rand had 35%...

...without Palin.

Thanks, Jiminy

Good point.

No it's not

35% is not a winning percentile.

Who's to say it would grow with Palin?

He may gain some Palin people by making "overtures" to her, but he may lose some people by doing that.

The people who support Rand seem to do so because they don't want more of the same, or more establishment, which Palin represents despite the media portrayal of her as some kind of outcast.


He has a lead within the MOE six months before the primary. That's not worth getting cocky about.

Do I care for Palin? Not really. But she is popular among republicans and conservatives, I imagine more so in a state like Kentucky. If her endorsement puts Rand Paul over the top over Trey Grayson; I say go for it.

For all who despise Palin

Go to http://www.dailypaul.com/node/114109 and help crush her in the poll vs. Ron Paul:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Criticism doesn't equal hate

Sarah Palin is mentally ill, her memoir is a work of imaginative fiction and I'm not certain she knows the difference between reality and her own storytelling. I don't hate her, I just recognize that she is completely unsuitable for leadership.

Good outreach

Never underestimate our ability to influence through association.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

you know what???

You may have a good point...that's something to think about and be hopeful for...

Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”
– Patrick Henry, speech to the Virginia Convention

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." - Eric Schmidt

I say slam him.....

with calls and emails denouncing his most recent comments and withdraw our support until he comes to his senses....he must not have been paying attention to exactly why his father got the support that he did....or he is just pandering to the pro-war Kentuckians for what reason I don't know...he better straighten up and fly right or he will feel unheard of backlash from us.....to add to that I got friends over in Afghanistan and Iraq risking life and limb and I just cannot support ANY candidate that supports in any way these 2 criminal occupations....

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." - Eric Schmidt

More like the other way around

"he must not have been paying attention to exactly why his father got the support that he did"

Actually, he was paying attention. He saw the 6% nationally and the 6.79% in Kentucky Ron Paul got in 2008 and made a decision that this race is about winning, not educating.

We need to win to advance our cause. Palin is popular among the GOP base. The primary is the focus now.

The argument about the general election makes no sense either. The democratic nominee will have the Obama anchor around his neck and in Kentucky, between Palin and Obama, Palin wins.

Again, I ask

that you be a little more subtle about the fact that you work for the government and are a COINTELPRO agent of some sort.

I agree.

... Is he pulling their leg on Afghanistan? Or trying to distance himself from Ron? (Why?)

reedr3v's picture

I think the Obama-supportive media

want Palin to get the Republican nomination SO badly they're giving her lots of air time. Oprah, the whole crew, because they've already proved what a paper doll pushover she is.
They destroyed her with Saturday Night Live and other snarky easy shots last go-round. This time it would be even easier, now that they've hung out every item of her personal laundry they can dig up, plus her vacuous political record, her apparently free-floating political views.

Palin is the ultimate lemming-test for the Republicans.

Very smart analysis.


What if Sarah had a very popular TV show,

would you support Rand appearing as a guest on it or would you insist the host be 100% constitutionalist before Rand appears as a guest?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

That's a dumb question, we

That's a dumb question, we already have examples of both Pauls going on shows where their views are going to be a "stretch" for the primary audience.

And if it's anyone BUT Sarah, I'd say it's a no brainer.

Sarah just needs to disappear.

But she's an opportunist. She'll see how far she can stretch her 15 minutes.

Good News

This means that he isn't afraid to look for support from popular republicans. This will attract many stay homes.

If you think this is bad, imagine losing to Greyson

Not good news to me.

And what are you getting at about "stay homes"? You think women who stay at home are generally stupid and like Sarah Palin? Not the ones I know.

Also if you read the WSJ article, maybe you'll spot some more weird stuff: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2009/11/12/qa-with-rand-paul-s...

As I said on another thread. In the article Rand says:

"Paul: I support a declaration of war in Afghanistan. We have to now determine what our mission is. It’s become somewhat murky. "

Why support it then?

Also, I know it wasn't his intention to incriminate and distance himself from his father over the earmarks, but it's a sensitive issue, and Rand could have either refrained from mentioning it altogether or explained better how the funds SHOULD be all earmarked so that the funding of the bill doesn't default to the President.