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Just Come Home

“Just come home.”

That was the response of Dr. Ron Paul when he was asked at Sunday’s presidential debate in Iowa as to what his strategy would be for ending the war in Iraq. Simple, to the point and correct. Just like Dr. Paul’s strategies on so many more of the important issues of the day. While the rest of the candidates go out of their way to find complex solutions to our nation’s problems, Dr. Paul looks for solutions which go to the fundamental basis of the American way of life, the United States Constitution. In fact, they are solutions that go to the basis of common sense. When you are doing something that is causing you more harm than good, stop what you are doing. It really does not take a brain surgeon, or a flight surgeon for that matter, to figure that out. As has been shown throughout history, the more complex that a supposed solution to a problem is, the more likely it is that the solution will result in unintended consequences which are worse than the original problem.

But I see another meaning to the phrase “just come home”.

We need as a nation to “just come home” to our traditional values. The values that some like to call conservative but others like to call liberal.

Ronald Reagan, the great hero of so many who call themselves conservative today, credited such classical liberal thinkers as Ludwig von Mises and Freidrich Hayek as great influences on his political philosophy. When Reagan remarked that he didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left him, he meant that the party had left behind classical or laissez faire liberalism and moved to the interventionist liberalism of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.

In my mind interventionist liberalism is an oxymoron. After all, how can interventionist liberalism be based in liberty at all if you are trying to impose your ideas on others by means of coercion? And it is this interventionist liberalism that is the basis of what is now called neo-conservatism. Whether it is intervening abroad to force a type of government on another sovereign nation or intervening at home to force moral values on a segment of the population, this type of behavior is not based in liberty and freedom. It is certainly more akin to fascism or communism, both types of totalitarianism. Many good Americans have been fooled into thinking that neo-conservatism is just a ‘new conservatism’. They think it has its roots in traditional American values of freedom when that is clearly not the case.

But in an age of soundbites, scare tactics and mass media manipulation many people have been frightened into wanting to trade their liberties for what they believe to be security. So it is up to those who have not surrendered to fear to convince these people to “just come home”. To come home to the traditional conservative values that grew out of classical liberalism, that grew out of liberty. Values that include respect for civil liberties and personal responsibility at home and minding our own business aboard.

Today we have a presidential candidate who has consistently championed these values throughout his political career in Dr. Ron Paul. Let us stand beside Dr. Paul and convince our fellow Americans that it is time to “just come home”.

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Wish he went a little further

As I understand it,
Dr. Paul's strategy for the Middle east is two fold and more than "just leave" something he needs to clarify if he wants to eventually distinguish him self from the Democrat's position. The other end of it is to change foreign policy towards the middle east. After all, it makes no sense to leave the middle east w/o changing foreign policy. Just leave isn't the end all answer. Therefore I'm upset that he hasn't taken to explaining that leaving w/o a foreign policy change would be detrimental to this country and possibly lead to further attacks that will lead to another invasion somewhere down the road?

Needs more time

I've been watching and reading everything Ron Paul has said and I think most of us have done the same and have the benefit of getting the "whole picture" on his plans. A lot of people hear him say "just come home" and think there's no way to do that. It's impossible just to pack up things and come home. BUT if you have the chance to listen to all the interviews and speeches, you will realize by saying "just come home" he doesn't mean within the next 24 hours. He sites that you still need to get the military advisors (the ones you can trust) advice on how to pull them out as quickly and safely as possible. It's not a policy of wave goodbye and wish them luck. "sorry, we screwed up your country. thx. bye" But the plan is to initiate that withdrawal now rather than debating in a few months or years about what we should do. Just bring them home!

The point is Ron Paul needs more than a soundbite. I've been reading his Foreign Policy of Freedom book, which is a collection of his House speeches, and I was amazed that he was saying the same thing 20 years ago and correctly predicting the "blow back" from our foreign policy in the Middle East. Anyone that says Ron Paul is naive on foreign policy and doesn't understand what the effects of us leaving would be, needs to read this book.

Authoritarian vs. Libertarian

I can be an authoritarian, where I am the boss, or I can choose to work for an authoritarian, where they have central control. I can be an authoritarian parent, and make lots of rules for my children. I can follow doctor's orders.

But if I think I'm right to want to follow authority or impose authority on others, why, oh why, would I want voters, their elected representatives and government employees to decide who I must obey and who gets to decide what others must obey?

Libertarians in the political arena simply want to reserve the choice of authority for individuals. We don't trust our choice of leaders to voters, their elected representatives and government employees.

Whether the libertarian style of management or parenting (or religion!) is appropriate can be argued and debated, and probably varies by situation. But when it comes to the use of government coerscion, there's just no question we want a libertarian government: Freedom.


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The Merging

Thank you for your comments. Your thoughtful merging of that which is considered conservative with that which is considered more liberal displays what I believe is the great strength of Dr. Paul's message - its ability to draw support from all sections of the artificial divisions that we call our political parties.

Brendan Behan

I like the above; it's good.

It reminded me of something Brendan Behan once said, "Everybody should send themselves a telegram that says, 'Please come home. All is forgiven.'"

Michael Nystrom's picture

I had the same thought about

I had the same thought about "Just come home." Come home, America, to the place that you belong. We have strayed so far, and all the other Republicans want to take us even further - more spending, more control, more wars...

He's the man.

I just wish RP wasn't so painfully correct!

It's time to "Stop Dreaming."
I'm sure most of you are aware of Ron Paul's warnings of the miseries inevitable in the clutches of the FED.
(see, e.g., http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4kxTkhwR_Q).

Check out Cramer's more vivid elaboration: UNBELIEVABLE !

...and some good commentary here: