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Ft. Hood Terrorist Was Bush Homeland Security Advisor!!!

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Even when both sides spin it

They say Hasan is the shooter. It seems both sides are framing "Islam" as the shooter.

Webster Tarpley states Hasan was a false flag patsy

- that there were actually multiple shooters.
This is verified by the repeated first hand witnesses on the web, e-mail, telephone, twitter during the first four hours after the shooting - before the MSM 'official story' took hold at ABCBCNNBCBS.



very interesting. Will Faux cover this?

Henry Kissinger should head the investigative commission. NOT!

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"Hasan's name stands out

"Hasan's name stands out like a rapper at a Klan rally. It doesn't take a genius to believe that Hasan had friends in high places, and that, despite every imaginable reason to see he shouldn't even practice medicine, much less be in the American military or treat troops suffering from combat stress, he was placed among the most influential and powerful Americans."

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If you read the source document

you will see that there were numerous presenters, and about 300 attendees. The attendees included people from many government agencies as well as the media, academia, and the business community.

How many of these were CIA, or connected with another intelligence agency? I have no idea. The conference itself seems pretty pedestrian: one of their big conclusions is that the People should be empowered and informed about how to help themselves and their neighbors during a disaster. Mind blowing, eh?

Maybe Nidal Hasan was invited to attend this conference for a nefarious reason...and maybe not. I can see someone at Homeland Security saying, "Hey, let's invite the Muslim Arab guy I met over at Walter Reed for the Arab-Muslim-Military-Medical perspective. That will cover all our bases!"

I don't think this is a smoking gun.

Now what're they going to say about Hasan's motive?

So Hasan had intimate familiarity and access to the planners and leaders of the war(s) against Muslims. Instead of going on a killing spree against them the guy decides to kill the fellow soldiers/victims for which he's cared for as a psychiatrist. NO WAY! This is getting interesting. What's the motive? There isn't one. That's a problem.



"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain



If he was CIA counter

If he was CIA counter terrorism, it would help explain why he was in contact with terrorists, and why the FBI knew about it but didn't do anything about it. That's just speculation though.