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New Meet-up Group: GOOOH

This edited message was received in my inbox from a local C4L member:

I was listening to Sue Henry on WILK (NE Pennsylvania) this morning, and someone (forget his name) called in talking about a website, goooh.com, which stands for Get Out Of Our House. The mission, according to their website, is "a NON-PARITSAN plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans just like you."

For further information:


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This one has been going on for awhile


Good to see the idea speading
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I like


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Too long huh?




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This is such an interesting concept.

One of its strengths would be it's dynamic structure, designed to reflect changing views or goals. It doesn't impose a rigid,limited set of parameters; the one concern I had is the idea of excluding large groups called "extremists" or lawyers or wealthy folk. But the built-in feedback mechanism of the proposed idea may overcome any weakness.

I'd like to see this develop. There are so many good ideas in it; just the education of people to realize they can empower themselves is huge.


for a great idea!

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