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Need advice on engagement ring/investment.

I'm looking to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend and I'd like some advice on what might be the best investment. I've been doing some research but there seems to be some conflicting information in the articles I've read. I've heard that platinum is the best, but I've also heard good things about gold and white gold.

I'm also not completely sold on the diamond idea (and neither is she) because of what goes on in the diamond trading business. So if anyone also has some advice on alternative gems that have value, durability and beauty, I'd love some direction in this area.

Thank you in advance~!

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I asked a very similar

I asked a very similar question here a month ago which you might find useful. The discussion for that is at http://www.dailypaul.com/node/111221 I already had bought the engagement ring, so my question was more just about buying another nice ring to have around for her to enjoy as opposed to having a hunk of silver in the safe. The idea was that we would sell the ring if we ever needed to (not her engagement ring, but the second ring). Anyhow, I didn't buy it largely due to the advice I received.

Regarding the engagement ring, I bought my fiance a white gold set without the stone and had a local jeweler put in a CZ for us. My fiance actually picked it all out and was very happy with it. When I proposed it was quite spontaneous and I didn't have a ring at that point.

We both were aware of the issues regarding the diamond industry (watch the movie Blood Diamond) which is one of the reasons we did not purchase a real diamond. In the future we might buy a real diamond, but one created in a lab rather than from the ground. There are two companies that I know of which create these flawless diamonds: Apollo and Gemesis. The Discovery Channel aired a show about one of these companies and how they create the diamonds, under intense pressure and heat.

Is part of the reason you ask about the ring as an investment *just in case* TSHTF in a major way? I believe it's totally reasonable to consider this at least partly. If the worst was to happen in the US, it would be very good knowing that you have something small of great value that could make all the difference.



50% of marriages end in divorce. Buy her the proposal ring from Premier Designs and tell her after 7 years you'll get the real thing. The ring is beautiful I have it it costs $75.00. Nobody would ever know it wasn't real. If she's a good woman she will have no issue. If all she cares about his your money, she'll have a fit. make her put her time in...


Ahhh Love

An engagement ring never crossed my mind. I don't know if it did his or not. I have a simple white gold wedding band that cost 25 dollars (26 years ago.) Love was all we needed. In these economic times are silly symbols really needed? Love will have to be stronger than any prop to survive the things ahead. Save your money and hold on to each other. Diamond rings and engagement rings are just another way to get your money. Should love be cheapened by using it as a marketing scheme? Don't take the bait. Hopefully she is not materialistic. If she is she will be hard to live with in the near future. Use the money for something more practical that will help the marraige get off to a good start. Stock a pantry,get a freezer, gether an AR 15, something to prepare for the future

Hold on! An investment? Shouldn't an engagement ring be something you plan on keeping? Not cashing in later? Run girl Run! What are you thinking ?

I don't have any advice on what kind of ring

but, considering the divorce rate, you might look for one that is available cheap. My sister is selling hers on ebay


Forget the ring as an investment. The marriage is the important investment. It can be either the best investment you ever make or the worst. Make sure your bride-to-be is frugal and knows what is really valuable in life. A spouse who spends extravagantly will break you.

As for the ring, forget diamonds as an investment. They suck. If you MUST buy a diamond and you care about the cost/value buy a used one.


I was once engaged. My fiance and I went ring shopping. I tried to steer her away from diamonds and towards the colored stones that I happen to like better - rubies, emeralds, and saphires. She took it as some kind of insult. We ended up breaking off the engagement! I kid you not! Turned out to be better for everyone that way. So colored stones saved me.

edit: this was supposed to be in response to a post below

Make your own

Take some courses at the local college or museum, in secret
learn how to build a mould, and cast a metal that looks cool
it is a lot of fun and not that difficult.
I bet she would love it a lot more if you made a cool custom ring and it will be a lot cheaper than if you bought it.

www.Umake.it - The online resource for the Hand Made Society

Doesn't matter really

My wife would've accepted a plastic one (NOW I find out).
Wound up getting hers at a local jewler, but it wasn't pricy or large by any means. Silver... can't even remember if it's diamond or cz or what... but I know it's the style she wanted. Think it was a small diamond.

Brought her sisters and mom in to give a story to trick her. Was waiting for her at the restaurant and she still had no clue till I went down on her there in front of everyone.

I think, at least for my case, the INTENT and emotion behind the symbol is more important than the symblo.

She'd probably have been happy if we just made our rings weekly out of grass from the front lawn.

The Wedding bands we got from... ugh hate to say it... Walmart. Cheapos. She likes hers, I threw mine and never found it (swatting a wasp).

So make sure it fits...

Do not buy it as an investment

Buy it as a promise of your love.

engagement ring

Hi cfugs81, coming from a jeweler and a gemologist "don't buy a diamond". I have about 10,000 carats of fine diamond in my store but only about 10 carats of fine non heat treated sapphire. Sapphire has a hardness of 9 vs diamond at 10 so you do need to have it repolished every decade or so. Sapphire also comes in ever color you can imagine. You will need to go to a custom jeweler to find this though. Almost all of the good looking sapphire that you see at the mall is man-made.

Don't drive yourself nuts. Men tend to turn this simple task into an Indiana Jones quest.

I have started to call family and friends. I am asking them to donate $25 for my Christmas gift. If we can all do this we will raise a bunch more money.


I was once engaged. My fiance and I went ring shopping. I tried to steer her away from diamonds and towards the colored stones that I happen to like better - rubies, emeralds, and saphires. She took it as some kind of insult. We ended up breaking off the engagement! I kid you not! Turned out to be better for everyone that way. So colored stones saved me.

Good Luck on your engagement.. show her these

One store, Old Gold, http://www.oldgoldjewelry.com/collection/collection.html has a few very interesting ideas.. the Memory ring, records your life from the time you put it on... and the classic molded bands are molds made by Portuguese jewelers when Calofornia was under control of the Missions, the 18th century. The bands are thin and can be stacked, for furture eternity or anniversary rings. Of course they make bands for men.

Another store is Walmart.. Walmart is the largest Jewelry retailer in the world. They have a new line, which is sure to become an heirloom just because it's a first, where WalMart traces the ore and every step of production of where the metals came, all bases on sustainability...

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Don't do it!!!

Poor guy... Another free man bites the dust.

I'll keep a thought for you.

just a thought

Have you checked out craigslist?
Watch for the phonies, there are some listed that have the actual
appraisal-people are selling everything...just trying to help them out.

Look into star sapphires or star rubies

I have sported a star sapphire for 30 years now, and LOVE it. I get lots of comments on it, it has been on my hand every day (although I do remove it to go diving) and it has never been damaged.

Stones have mythologies, too, I don;'t believe the stories, but the stories can be fun. Star sapphires are supposed to protect one when traveling on the water. We are whitewater enthusiasts, so we liked that.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

An engagement ring is not an investment.

Get her what she wants. She's going to be looking at it every day for the rest of her life.

As far as diamonds go, there are "conflict free" stones: http://www.conflictfreediamonds.org/

Durability should be your first choice. She's going to be cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. with it on. With that in mind, it will need to be a diamond, sapphire, or ruby.

To be honest, after all these years of being married, a nice band would have sufficed.

Economic times are tough

Go to one of those little dispensers that take a quarter, and get one of those little plastic rings. Propose, tell her times are tough, and she'll say 'yes'. After all, it's the thought that counts. Diamonds may last forever, but plastic can bend.



If you don't buy into the DeBeers thing, I understand.

But here's the low-down:

Diamonds greater than 1 carat are actually rare. Diamonds less than 1 carat are actually junk. When people say that diamonds are actually plentiful, they're talking about the > 1ct diamonds.

If you do buy a diamond,never-under any circumstance- buy diamonds less than 1 ct.

Send me a message if you want more advice.


Argyle pink diamonds are seldom over one carat

and are the rarest and finest in the world.

Your "low-down" is poor, pingish.

I'd rather have a flawless quarter than a full VS2.

I recommend going vintage.

I got got my little bunny rabbit a nice, big, classy art-deco piece. I think there is a fare amount of romance that comes with a historical relic from the past. Her friends will clamour and you can get it for a fraction of what the new crap that's out there goes for. Let's face it, marriage is a billion dollar industry in this country, and there is no sense in falling for the hype of that racket. If you want to spend thousands of dollars, spring for an expensive honeymoon, or start a "baby fund," don't piss that kinda money away on a tiny piece of jewellery that can get lost or stolen. Plus, if you go for something old and used, none of your hard-earned dough will be spent on hacking off the hands of child diamond mine workers. Just make sure that she isn't allergic to white gold. There is allot of nickel in that and if she has sensitive skin, she'll rash up. Good luck.

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another option if you want to do some digging

Is track down one of the companies that cut and polish raw diamonds in India that has resale rights on some of the merchandise.

My friend is a broker of every high-end asset imaginable (I.e. if you want it he fill find it anywhere on earth) in Toronto, and he got me in touch with one of the companies over there. However, had I not had his introduction they probably would have refused to do business with me.

But the end result is that I got 3 beautiful round cut diamonds, one 1.7 CT and two .77 carats that I had my local jeweler set in a white gold band. I got the stones for a SONG compared to appraisal and retail.

Appraisal / Insured value: $22,000
Retail - probably $15,000 or more

Total Cost:

$3500 for center stone
$400 x 2 for side stones
$550 to set in the band.

Total = $4850 or just over 20% of appraisal value!

Just dig around for the opportunities - I would suspect in the current market prices are even better - I bought mine back in 2003.

Good luck and future congrats in order :)


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Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.

if you are planning on suprising her

get advise from her mom or sister (or some other lady that she is really close too) on what she likes

If her ring is already

set in stone then you might like to get a band that is a combination of gold, silver and platinum braided precious metals. The metal color combination could be quite attractive and very unusual.

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Buy her a 1.3 carrot CZ with a Platinum band. About $400 for an awesome one. Then don't tell her it is CZ. If she checks...then you know she is a Gold Digger......And when you get a Divorce.....you saved a fortune when she says...." I am Keeping the RING" LOL

I just got

a $7000 ring with receipts off of Craigslist for $1100.00 The deals are out their...Do not buy from a store. Let somebody else take the "Depreciation" hit.
1.2 ct Princess cut with platinum band VS1


that is one hell of a deal. What was the asking price?

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They wanted

$2000. Go on Craigslist and always lowball them. I just got a $100,000 Hummer for $26,000. A $15,000 boat for $3500. I don't care if I get hung up on a lot...LOL

Buy her a gun

Teach her to shoot.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

.....Learn to run! "Our

.....Learn to run!

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