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The Building Blocks of Freedom - A Poem

Michael G. Franklin writes: I wrote this poem the day after Thanksgiving in Groton, CT while visiting my son and his wife. Please use it with my blessing.

The Building Blocks of Freedom
by Michael G. Franklin

To the land of our forefathers we came to see
What they used to build the Home of the Free.
New London, New Haven, New York and the rest
Gave us a hint of what they did best
To give us a home
Where all can come.

From the Lady in the Harbor to Bunker Hill
We found tributes to their Iron Will.
And we found their materials were not stone and wood
But more permanent ones for the common good.
Liberty, Justice and God-given rights
Were the things on which they set their sights.

Since their vision was rare in modern history
They gave us a pattern to this miracle and mystery.
It shows the spirit of man, if given some space,
Can be the cornerstone of a marvelous place.
We have learned so much from those in the past
That we can't forget what they built to last.

The World Trade Center was only a structure
Where flesh and blood came to practice our culture.
The banner flying at the ground we call zero
Gives proof to this day that we still have our heroes.
As we gazed at that stark hole in the ground
We realized what we had found.

To each one us is given the spark
To light a fire in our hearts to quell the dark
And so our common hope can be the measure
Of what we wish all the world would treasure

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