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Granny Warriors

I know things got a little sketchy towards the end but does anyone know what happened to this group that did so much in the beginning of the revolution?

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Go Granny's

here is another link

I hope they are

successful and I believe they will be and it will be a model
community for the rest of the country to aspire too.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

they are busy building a freedom

community they call "Freedom Ranch" somewhere in East Texas. I recently got on their yahoo group to follow what was going on. You can only see the exact location and more detailed info (I'm guessing) if you actually buy a lot. They seem to be making quite a bit of progress. They've got power (electric), a well being put in, a road being built and a community building going up currently.

I get quite a creepy vibe from that update

They tossed someone out because of "gossip".
Then go on to say that it was in no way racism..

Same reason they dumped support of Ron Paul. Paul didn't think "just like them".

No TV that's fine..As long as every single person has a choice to "TV or not TV".
Already badmouthing the use of cellphones..Those will go next.

They still have internet. I'll bet it's already screened. and once the entire community is built. Internet will be strictly controlled, or gone.

I hope people really know what kind of "utopia" they are getting themselves into.

Anyone know if there will be churches?

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.


I called them a while back... last year? Got a bad "vibe" and never looked back.

Love them, wish them all the success in the world.

Will be interested to see what works and doesn't in their community.

I know

she has said there will be no pot smokin hippies allowed lol and some other rules that don't sound all that liberty minded. Love em to peices but don't think I would want to live under their opinion of right and wrong. And not I'm not a pot head. But I do think if someone wants to smoke one at there home they should have that right. Especially in a place like that as long as they are not bothering the neighbors. I don't like the sound of following rules that Grannys decide are right. I get her emails and some of the things I've read sound like it could be a little more 'Do as the Grannies say' than I would like. But hey I would not even want to live in a subdivision. That's just me.

count me out..

Im not a hippie but I am a pot smoker. I get enough judgement from the retard alcoholic cops, judges and lawyers.

I dont smoke often. I dont condone the abuse of any drug, including booze. But I want to be able to smoke a little pot sometimes if I choose without fear of imprisonment. I dont give it to kids, do it around kids. Just after a long work week or tough day its nice to get a buzz, the munchies and giggle a little bit.

I met Linda? at RP birthday. Seemed like a nice enough lady to me. This reminds me of the communes of the 60's!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Thats funny!

No pot smokin' hippies.
Can't tell if that stereotypes hippies, or pot smokers.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

I'm not sure

she said hippies.

no, from the few weeks of emails I've read

it has been made very clear that religion is each person's own business and if they choose to attend church, those are available in nearby communities. I didn't reread this to see if it sounded creepy, but from the emails I've been receiving on the yahoo group, it doesn't seem creepy to me. I guess I'd have to be there in person and see what it "feels" like before I could make a real judgement. I like their concept and I hope it turns out great for them. I do see a great potential for problems with having "community property" (pastures, gardens, etc.) There are always people that work hard and people that don't. However, if they are successful, I wouldn't rule out moving to the same county, but probably not on the same property. I wouldn't mind having a "campsite" though, if I had an extra $1,000. From what I understand Ron Paul's longtime partner in his practice is part of this group.

Yeah, it's the communal lifestyle that always has problems

Maybe they'll be able to deal with it somehow.
It depends on the total number of renters, and how like minded they are.
I know it's a limited membership, so there's an obvious limit on size.

I guess I'm too private of a person to live in a semi-communal environment.
That's just how I am. Some days I like to be lazy, other days, I work my butt off.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

jump 2 conclusions much?

: the dude who got tossed out was liar and a power tripping manipulator. no racism, he is a white dude.

they didnt dump support of Ron Paul. Do you dump on the grannys because they dont think just like you?

you can watch the tv if you want, jeez

cellphone SERVICE is spotty, but no rules, oh jeeez dude....

internet isnt screened, oh my gawd double jeez dude you are - just, jeez where are you coming from?

people know what kind of utopia... jeez again, what a dumb thing to say...

And no churches!

woo hoo!

I said it was just a "vibe".

Not dumping on anyone.
And yes, I did some research and saw the "no churches" thing mentioned.
I hope that this group of "like minded" individuals, works out for all that join.
I'm sure it's a very diverse group that represents people of all races, creeds, and colors.

Here is the part of the update that brought up racism, it wasn't me, it was just part of the update:

Some folks will not be able to stop their old habits and will also find it is not acceptable here. Some will blame it on racism, not able to accept that some people just don't like them not having anything to do with race, religion or education.. just simply some people will not like each other and that is just a fact to learn to live with.

It seemed curious that was included in the update. Maybe you can clear it up.

The price for the small lot rentals seems to have gone up from 500 to 1000 dollars. It's hard to tell, I just happened to see two different prices.

Did you get a small lot, or a larger rental?

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

i get a vibe from you

some resentment perhaps? seems like you are more familiar with the project than you are letting on.

woo hoo!

NO, not invloved at all

I seem to remember bits and pieces of it being mentioned before.
But today is the first time I've ever looked into it. I had no idea this is where the Granny warriors have settled.

I just went over to the Freedomphoenix site, and read some of the updates. And Googled a bit. That's all. Anyone could do it. It just sparked my curiosity today.

All I've gathered is that It's a large piece of property, with one owner.
I don't know if it's a single owner, or an investor group.
And the owner(s) lease lots to members, who pay a one time fee.
Each member is expected to pitch-in, to turn the property into a nicer place, that can eventually be self sustaining.
The lack of ownership is what bothers me, seems that the landlords could change the rules, or sell the property out from under the settlers, whenever they felt like it.

They would have all kinds of improvements done to the property, with no obligation to the people that did the work. Or maybe that's built into the lease agreement.

Let's say, I moved there. I build a small home, make it self sustaining, with solar, wind, and other improvements. Now I want to move. Can i sell my share at a profit?
I pay 5500 for an acre, make the improvements..Can I sell my lease for 50,000?

I'm just curious about the whole setup. Like who makes the rules, and are they voted on..Stuff like that.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Krusty (Linda) or (Mac)

ya seem to know a lot too. Can you PLEASE answer the questions Thundercloud asked? How is the owner/ rental agreement worked out? You did give us that link after all.

can you read?

If you could read and comprehend what you have seen you would have the answers to all the questions already... but................................. the leases are for a flat 99 years. If anyone outlives that they will own the place outright. and yes you can sell your lease and also leave it to your heirs. The land is in a land trust and cannot be snatched away from the people living there.

Just try reading instead of jumping up and making statements which only make you look very stupid and phony. What did these women do to you anyway? Did you lose any money with them? Did they take away something you wanted? or are you just jealous that they did what they have done and you still can't ruin their reputations?

I am going to pray for you tonight, you really need a heavenly hand on your head to help you become a good person and maybe even find a friend. Well prayer is great but I don't know if it would or could do that.

Pretty harsh

I was the one asking most of the questions.
I'm a question asker. From the day I learned to talk.
My first word was "Dada?"

I hope the community works out.

People don't trust anyone anymore.
Your answer to that is to form a community of similar individuals, that trust each other.

But it should also clue you in to why people are curious, and perhaps skeptical.

Again, I consider this a legit topic, just like any other topic on DP.
It should be ok to discuss it.

After reading a little more on the subject, I can understand the defensive posture.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

I think you're addressing the wrong person.

Thundercloud was asking, and your village idiot jumped in and made some general smart ask remarks because he asked.

you assume much

your methods show yourself to be a hateful person.

woo hoo!

Just a vibe?

Actually the lot rentals did go up but so did the quality and price of the property they bought. They now have over 500 acres of prime land in East Texas. One thing about the Grannys though... even though some only paid the $500 lease they still have their lease in tact with no extra payment. Dang that sounds like a communist plot doesn't it?

I never said anything about communists

You're over defending.
I said Communal lifestyle, which is correct, I think.
I consider this no different that talking about any other topic.
A group of people have decided to set up a community of like minded individuals.
One entity owns the whole shebang, and rents lots of various sizes to others. I'm pretty sure that's correct too. One owner, many renters.
I'm sure this could work out.
But I also hope that this is a viable topic to discuss on DP, after all, this is a "model community".

Another thing I was wondering.
What happens to the renters, if the owners decide to sell the land?
What kind of protection is built in for therm?

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Granny's are always quick on attack.....

but slow with the answers. They would NEVER come back on any forum and answer any questions. Just hawk their wares.

New Disease

Sandra I think you have contracted the new disease that is going all over the country..... Cornea Rectitis: that is when your eyeballs are too close to your butt and you have a crappy outlook on life.

Hope you find a cure for it soon...

Linda, you reregistered to stalk us?

Someone had a question and you had to take the low road again, and again, and again.

Who is stalking Who

looks like to me it is you doing the stalking... good work, you are great at what you do best which is to stir up crap and tell lies... don't you know it only makes you look like a jerk when you continually make up crap and spread it around. People are not as stupid as you think. I think most of this group ( as I have) figured out you are a infiltrator just trying to keep people on edge and not doing anything that would make a difference in our regaining our freedoms and getting back to the Constitution as Ron advises. Perhaps you need a cleansing enema, clean out all the meanness and hatred and especially the jealousy you show so plainly.

I haven't seen the Grannys attacking you until you start on them which is every time someone mentions their name on here...

Ok, enough. Between your eyball/butt talk and now enemas...

...and the other stuff that was deleted, you're making me sick.

I don't care what happened between you and Sandra and grannies and I don't want to know. But your disgusting posts aren't helping you.

Maybe get some fresh air, eh?

wow sandra the stalker

you are the one who is quick on attack. Any mention of granny on DP and you right there telling lies.

woo hoo!