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Reformed Neo Conservatives

GOP.com has a new group - Reformend Neo Conservatives. Don't know if you can relate or not, but join if you can, or want to support.

Here is the link:

Here is the 'about':

We are a group of former strong advocates of interventionist foreign policy, Nafta style free traders, preemptive warriors, silent (or sometimes loud) supporters of The Patriot Act and The Dept. of Homeland Security. We used to feel safe at the prospect of more government to solve problems from security to education, but have learned that more government has only meant more government and far less freedom and security. We have come to learn that Left and Right are simply distractions to divide. We realize that we must CHANGE and live within our means or our economic freedom will perish. We acknowledge that without economic freedom there is no freedom. We have come to realize that while we may differ on individual issues, on the lone issue of LIBERTY, we are firmly on one accord....and the issues of liberty....of personal freedom....of sovereignty of the Individual States and of the United States of America, these issues are the highest issues of all.

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I would say, even if you don't feel the same--

It would be a good group tp join to do some educating!

Thanks E

I agree. And it lets people know that 'hey, it's ok to have been wrong, and it's ok to change our minds - lots of people are in the same boat'. For whatever reason - many people find security in #'s.

Please join, even if just for support.

For anyone who doesn't

For anyone who doesn't already realize it, the NeoCon movement is every bit as dangerous and un-American is the Liberal agenda. In reality, they are two heads of the same coin, working together to destroy our freedoms.

While the Liberals concentrate on disarming the American people and attacking any acknowledgment of God, the NeoCons undermine the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. And here's the clincher: they work together to pass this legislation. Every law attacking the Second Amendment has been accomplished with the help of the GOP. And the Patriot Act, and the Department of Homeland Terrorism were passed with the help of the Democrats.

The Democrat and Republican parties are using a pincers assault on our freedoms. Both have contempt for our Constitution, and contempt for us. We need to stop playing their game. Every two or four years, we get to "throw the rascals out", only to replace them with similar criminals from the "other" party. The globalists own both horses - they control both parties.

Maybe it's their promise

to have something for everyone. :)


I'm not on GOP.com as I vacillate between wanting to be involved in the GOP as a change agent and fleeing in disgust from anything tainted by association with the Republican party.

However, I find it interesting that under the "Groups" link, in the "Most Popular Groups" sidebar, 4 of the top 5 are freedom-oriented and the Republican Liberty Caucus is #10.

Top 5:
1. Ron Paul Republicans
2. Back to Goldwater Republicans
3. Constitutionalist Republicans
4. Young Republican Network
5. Laissez faire Republicans

I've been

trying the 'change agent' thing. What has amazed and scared me the most is the # of people who think that its the Gov job and duty to legislate morality.

Call me

suspicious, but this one person set up numerous Republican groups. His/her user name is rnc-admin. All these groups were set up on one day. I hope this link works:


O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

what a creative user name!

I think maybe only admin's can create groups. I was on a forum and responded to a guy who said he was an ex neocon buy saying 'me too - we should start a group'. He responded with 'I applied, think I'll get approved?'... A day later it was up and going.



Sounds like

a great group to create on Facebook too.

I love that!

How perfect! What another creative way to interface and engage more of the "unintentional" neoconservatives that haven't been enlighted yet. These are the kinds of efforts that continue to spread the liberty message.

Yeah - I thought so too.

Sometimes people pick a side and follow it and stop questioning their own beliefs. Then they get stuck defending things they actually don't agree with bc they don't want to admit they are wrong. People are more likely to change their mind if their are others waiting to say 'hey, we screwed up too'.