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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing at the Continental Congress

Christian-Edward here with PyraBang Media: (FYI - running now on 40hrs+4sleep+16hrs -> personal best.)

Btw: HUGE kuduos and a pair of brass balls of INDEPENDENCE award goes to dailypaul for allowing me to vent this out on here. Thanks guys! I was really expecting this post to get taken down after everything else that happened. It takes guts to challenge members of your "own party" as I consider you guys my party if no other... that's basically what I did. Out of principle alone - was not a hard decision however it's as simple as 2+2 for me. Just asking questions. No free passes.

Two things to report:

1) There MAY BE (< edit - I'm trying to understand WHY I had to leave! Because guys... the "official story" makes NO DAMN SENSE!!!) hidden elite at the continental congress.
2) Freeman-on-the-land is for real.

I was covering the event for the independent press. I was getting great footage and many of the delegates were thoughtful and also said I asked very good questions.

So I'm standing in the bar area having a beer with a few delagates and from my experience with the freeman process I brought up the fact that since the delegates were chosen by paper ballot and the voters were UNREGISTERED - they had actually elected a de-jure government that had clear lawful authority OVER the de-facto "government" that claims to have authority and carries the guns.

So then more and more people are starting to agree with me and then a security guy comes up to me and wants to talk to me. He says that he's been getting some "complaints" about me and that I have to leave.

So now I step into full freeman mode. I want to know my accuser, I want to know what I've been accused of and what statute or act they are claiming has given them authority over me. I get nothing but non answers. Now I came down on a whim on saturday night. I had conversations with three separate individuals and during the conversation I had mentioned sleeping on their floor. Now I have the right to ask someone anything I want and they have a right to refuse right? So regardless of the moral value - it's not a law and they do not have authority.

Especially when this is 24 hours later and I have already secured a hotel down the street for sat sun and monday nights. So then I'm just done with this so I say I'm free to go right not being detained? Obviously they can't say anything about that.

So then I'm on my way out to the car and the cops show up. First comes angry cop. Angry cop is very upset with me. I've never met angry cop before and have never had verbal exchange with him but I can tell he's definitely angry. With him is quiet cop as backup just in case the People they THINK is a slave get's a little rowdy.

So angry cop says to me. "Let me see some identification" I say to him "Is there a law that says I must have identification?" He says I must have a license to drive. I say "If I can get a license for that is that not by definition a lawful act?" He has nothing to say to that he says so you're driving without a license? I say I'm not driving I'm traveling... and as far as I know I have a right to travel is that correct? So we go back and fourth they're calling their supervisor because they don't know what to do with me.

Angry cop says to me "Look don't make this any harder than it has to be" I say to him "For you or for me?" lol - So then he says you MUST give me your date of birth and last name (which he needs for the contract and my consent to be beat up by him) I told him look... I'm not looking to contract with you and you're welcome to arrest me but it will be under protest and duress, I will not consent to anything, I'll be very difficult, it will be a very long night and you will pay my fee schedule at $5,000 per hour. As it is since you've told me I'm being "detained" my fee schedule is activated at $500 per hour point as I have stated I wish to go and you've detained me without contract. Since there is no contract and you are forcing me to be here I get to determine the terms of the contract.

So I'm there for about a half hour and the supervisor guy shows up. Now the group of wolves in sheep's clothing are all around the supervisor. He never says anything to me. I'm not getting out of my car in fact I'm in it with the doors locked. I say "Why is all of those people able to talk to him and I'm not, am I going to be able to speak with him? Quiet cop is not answering me of course so while I'm waiting I start educating quiet cop on the process of being a freeman - my revoking my consent to be governed by corporations etc etc... then finally angry cop comes back over... a little less angry and says. "You are not to step foot on this property again or you will be arrested!" I say do have some documentation, and accuser, some charges or anything that proves that I'm not allowed to be here? Finally supervisor cop comes over (still not a word to me previous) and says. "Look, you played your little game not go on get out of here or you're going to be arrested." So I didn't feel like messing with them anymore and I just drove away - freeman-on-the-land - Sovereign.

I am the People - I am LAW.

Here's my estimation of the event: I have put in a call to Bob Shultz who knew I was there and consented to my being there by his acquiescence. The same Bob Shultz I might add rolled his eyes when I began, and because of the eyeroll abruptly stopped my information about the freeman process when I was there.

If I do not get a call back from Bob Shultz or anyone allowing me back into the event to independently cover the decisions the delegates are making in the name of the People, I am declaring the entire opperation a scam to do two things.

1) Waste people's time instead of doing what they should be doing which is taking over the sheriff's offices. We should scrap everything we're doing trying to make this broken "government" work. We need to tear off everything after the 10th amendment and burn it with extreme prejudice.

2) Money. Pure and simple. Greed and Money.

This event has made close to a half a million dollars. The delegates are paying their own way. A brunch is $35.

Where did the half a million dollars go to Bob Shultz, Micheal Badnarik, Gary Franchi and others... and why do you not want independent (uncontrolled) press asking questions? I thought that the purpose of your event was to redress our grievances. Well there's mine.

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Sorry if you missed it, but was hoping you could answer my question re: the detainment fee.


It is always interesting to see those among us, contradicting Constitutional law when it suits their agenda. I've witnessed it on numerous occasions on this site concerning civil liberties. I would hope that the CC2009 and its organizers would have respect for the first amendment as it is often cited when they are shut out by the media and their government but by the same token they do have the right to eject you from private premises. However, I can't imagine how refusing to present an ID would undermine their process. Some people simply would like to have their cake and eat it too.

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Do you not understand the way PRIVATE property works? If I tell you to where a pink hat to come on my private property, you must do so or leave. Got it?


Not you again. Who is paying you to disrupt the people's

process? This Continental Congress represents Americans who understand the Constitution, our Rights, our sovereignty.

Maybe 70% of the population don't even know their rights, have not even read the Constitution and Declaration. So naturally this Continental Congress is not even going to appeal to most people BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT INVALID!!!

This Continental Congress DOES represent those of us who are awake and conscious of our Rights and rule of law.

Only those who understand just what is being signed away on December 7th at the Copenhagen Summit have a sense of anxiety about this, the rest are blissfully ignorant. This Copenhagen Treaty will abolish all our rights and laws designed to protect those rights.

How dare you disrupt something that is so extremely necessary especially at the 11th hour 59th minute and 58th second! How dare you!!!!

The only greedy one is you!!

I have complete confidence that these folks will be the first to be transparent with any of the financial costs. None were 'paid' all were there on their own dime.

You sir will get your just desserts!





Go Girl! You are so right

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Christian give it a rest

Christian give it a rest man. This is not true and he knows it.

Everyone keep in mind...

..the guy posting this thinks he's the President of the united states of America for 100 days.. His words, not mine.


This is such a lie

Dont believe this crap!

support me and spread the word! Http://www.VoteBrianFrank.com

Freedom is NOT free!

Mr. B.S. got his $300,000+

It was a Scam. The "delegates" even had to pay their own expenses. I use the word "delegates" lightly, because if you asked 1000 people "on the street" in your state what they thought of what their "delegates" did at the CC2009. 999+ of them would look at you like you were some kook and tell you that they certainly were not representing THEM!

Oh please! Ask a thousand

Oh please! Ask a thousand people on the street and they can't even tell you who the vice president is. Duh!

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Again, I will defend to the

Again, I will defend to the death your right to tell your story, but I'm sorry, I don't believe a word of it. Already two delegates that were at the Congress have posted here with the truth of what happened inside the Conference Center. You basically gave them a very hard time when asked for ID. All of the delegates fighting for your rights affirmed their identity. This is no longer 1774 where the country is so small that everyone already knew everyone else. Did you ever think they may have asked you to identify yourself to keep those that wanted to interfere with their work out? They had problems as it was with people who somehow got on the inside and swapped out false documents for the real ones. That is part of the reason so much of it was done on an overhead. The true documents were saved to computers, thank God. Caution today, with the government trying to watch our every move, can only be a good thing.

As to the truth of your story with the cops, I have no idea.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

"...a scam to do two things"

1) Waste people's time.

2) Money.

I've felt that way from the beginning. I pretty much ignore what they're doing and I won't be donating to them.

Time and money can be invested to achieve what one desires, and when I invest I prefer to do so as wisely as possible.

I Think It's Great

Just knowing that there are others who are going through some of the same things I did now and that there are people who can fix this government in the way I envisioned years ago, I feel like God has given us all the same vision. And what we're doing now has no other option but to succeed. It was sanctioned by God and given to us as a task that we all have to do.

Those who stay on this course without redirecting will be walking right into the pit of hell. We have a way to correct the wrongs and if we fail we will never have another chance. The time is NOW. We have to fight and be willing to sacrifice our lives if necessary.

Rebecca Beasley

Fighting back against the injustice of children's services in
Paducah, Kentucky.among other injustices there.

You're insane man..

The issue was that you REFUSED to show any type of identification which is required to get into the congress as an observer or as press. Just like any other assembly, we have rules.

You're facts are all over the map. Badnarik isn't part of WTP Foundation, which put this together, neither is Franchi.

In conclusion, quit making shit up.



Thanks Ryan

We all suspected it was something like that.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Wonderful story

but not true at all, except the story with the cop.

Freedom is NOT free!

Sorry but how can you

Sorry but how can you declare something true or not true by one report? Don't we do that enough as it is with the lame stream media?

Isn't that how most american go and vote based on the last TV commercial they saw? Who paid for that anyway? Follow the money.

I do hope other people don't just see your declaration that this is not true and assume therefore it's not without even reading it non-biased.

Besides I'm just a poor pauper with my cup out for $6 - getting demonized by... who my competitors in the online freedom movement market? How much are they pulling in... wonder if we could possibly also look at other suspects other than myself.


Maybe he knows because he is

Maybe he knows because he is there at the convention and watched it unfold? Grow up man! BTW you obviously suck as a reporter, although there is always barber college!


Thanks for the story

CC09 blah blah petition for grievances yeah right.The whole things a sham.Do you really think the gov. is gonna listen?
To all you putting this guy down..
What have you done if anything?Bunch of a••holes.
You all disgust me-you're ALL the same as the ones who poke fun and name call Ron Paul.
Hope you got your rocks off putting this guy down.
And what's funny is it's the same bunch of aholes as usual.You guys are a joke.Its too bad you guys are takin over this site.
I wish you the best and thanks for the story.
These people wouldn't know real freedom if it came up and bit them.
They're happy being slaves as you can tell.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

I know I'm gonna get my arse kicked for this but...

>>>You guys are a joke.Its too bad you guys are takin over this site.<<<

There's a new Sheriff in town!

Contender (maybe) for Rock County Sheriff - 2010!!!

And.... hayyyy man thanks for the life preserver give love get love back man... yeah I'm gay too so what...(no I'm not but gay chicken on here with unknowns would be a scary thing)

"I am the People - I am LAW"

LOL -- you are SO going to get tazed at some point.


Ron Paul Supporter Since 1997
"If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
Thomas Jefferson

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Don't taze me bro!

I do it for you man! (well mainly for my kids)

It will be interesting

to view both your footage As Well As the live Continental Congress 2009 footage. Folks should watch Both, not one or the other.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

I don't understand why my

I don't understand why my footage somehow takes away from anything they wanted to do there... do not understand at all the need to be stingy in any way with who they let in there with a camera to take candid shots with people... this was for them too they came a long way to be there... These folks are gonna treasure these vids... cuz someone came out of nowhere and spontaneously cool thought happens.

Don't understand either -

If there's nothing for them to hide, there's nothing to hide. Liberty-minded folks on here shoot & post videos all the time from tea parties, protests etc.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Justin-David: Sholtas <--- hope that's right.

South Dakota Delegate

Setup: We had talked for prob an hour about the strawman the night before. He was very interested... I'll bet this guy jumped on his laptop and surfed his brains out... that's why I laughed to start with... he like picked up and plugged it in pretty quick. (I say "for the record" so he slows down to make sure he gets his name right... legal or lawful etc... lol)

Without further adue: 15 minutes or a shining star on the horizon?

United Colonies of America - interesting thought. Peaceful change. Peaceful revolution. In fact that's the only R3VoLUTion that will work! (The other kind most of us won't make it through I fear...)

UPDATE: So far on this

UPDATE: So far on this thread I've seen multiple persons saying what I can't say. Can't say "On your floor?" Also consent - Bob knew I was there knew where I was from but he didn't have the guts to tell me to leave himself?

You guys are not seeing the forest through the trees here. You're defending the hotel for censoring the only independent press at that event. Everyone else was either part of the event or a monied interest in the event.

I'm being attacked for submitting my report. If I'm going to get attacked for submitting a completely unbiased report to the People I gotta ask myself... why do I work so hard for the People when I get so much CHIT from them? (I actually was having a good time there until this very strange stuff happened).

Defending the cops too for detaining me without charges and no accuser and no injured party. Did I just enter the twilight zone? Can the folks attacking me on the thread please specify WHICH constitution - if any - they are sworn to uphold (by personal oath of course unless you're in some kind of law related job).

As a freeman I'm sworn to uphold the first ten amendments. The original constitution of the republic for which we stand... remember? The one that no longer exists? Folks can we please try to get it back...? That's all I care about... I swear... pleaseeee stop attacking the messenger!

Why do you need $250K for a webcast. I would like to know I don't know about the rest of the People.

There was another independent press there

No, the Bible Nation Society also covered the event as separate media.

the Hotel kicked you out

you were on private property!

Freedom is NOT free!