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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing at the Continental Congress

Christian-Edward here with PyraBang Media: (FYI - running now on 40hrs+4sleep+16hrs -> personal best.)

Btw: HUGE kuduos and a pair of brass balls of INDEPENDENCE award goes to dailypaul for allowing me to vent this out on here. Thanks guys! I was really expecting this post to get taken down after everything else that happened. It takes guts to challenge members of your "own party" as I consider you guys my party if no other... that's basically what I did. Out of principle alone - was not a hard decision however it's as simple as 2+2 for me. Just asking questions. No free passes.

Two things to report:

1) There MAY BE (< edit - I'm trying to understand WHY I had to leave! Because guys... the "official story" makes NO DAMN SENSE!!!) hidden elite at the continental congress.
2) Freeman-on-the-land is for real.

I was covering the event for the independent press. I was getting great footage and many of the delegates were thoughtful and also said I asked very good questions.

So I'm standing in the bar area having a beer with a few delagates and from my experience with the freeman process I brought up the fact that since the delegates were chosen by paper ballot and the voters were UNREGISTERED - they had actually elected a de-jure government that had clear lawful authority OVER the de-facto "government" that claims to have authority and carries the guns.

So then more and more people are starting to agree with me and then a security guy comes up to me and wants to talk to me. He says that he's been getting some "complaints" about me and that I have to leave.

So now I step into full freeman mode. I want to know my accuser, I want to know what I've been accused of and what statute or act they are claiming has given them authority over me. I get nothing but non answers. Now I came down on a whim on saturday night. I had conversations with three separate individuals and during the conversation I had mentioned sleeping on their floor. Now I have the right to ask someone anything I want and they have a right to refuse right? So regardless of the moral value - it's not a law and they do not have authority.

Especially when this is 24 hours later and I have already secured a hotel down the street for sat sun and monday nights. So then I'm just done with this so I say I'm free to go right not being detained? Obviously they can't say anything about that.

So then I'm on my way out to the car and the cops show up. First comes angry cop. Angry cop is very upset with me. I've never met angry cop before and have never had verbal exchange with him but I can tell he's definitely angry. With him is quiet cop as backup just in case the People they THINK is a slave get's a little rowdy.

So angry cop says to me. "Let me see some identification" I say to him "Is there a law that says I must have identification?" He says I must have a license to drive. I say "If I can get a license for that is that not by definition a lawful act?" He has nothing to say to that he says so you're driving without a license? I say I'm not driving I'm traveling... and as far as I know I have a right to travel is that correct? So we go back and fourth they're calling their supervisor because they don't know what to do with me.

Angry cop says to me "Look don't make this any harder than it has to be" I say to him "For you or for me?" lol - So then he says you MUST give me your date of birth and last name (which he needs for the contract and my consent to be beat up by him) I told him look... I'm not looking to contract with you and you're welcome to arrest me but it will be under protest and duress, I will not consent to anything, I'll be very difficult, it will be a very long night and you will pay my fee schedule at $5,000 per hour. As it is since you've told me I'm being "detained" my fee schedule is activated at $500 per hour point as I have stated I wish to go and you've detained me without contract. Since there is no contract and you are forcing me to be here I get to determine the terms of the contract.

So I'm there for about a half hour and the supervisor guy shows up. Now the group of wolves in sheep's clothing are all around the supervisor. He never says anything to me. I'm not getting out of my car in fact I'm in it with the doors locked. I say "Why is all of those people able to talk to him and I'm not, am I going to be able to speak with him? Quiet cop is not answering me of course so while I'm waiting I start educating quiet cop on the process of being a freeman - my revoking my consent to be governed by corporations etc etc... then finally angry cop comes back over... a little less angry and says. "You are not to step foot on this property again or you will be arrested!" I say do have some documentation, and accuser, some charges or anything that proves that I'm not allowed to be here? Finally supervisor cop comes over (still not a word to me previous) and says. "Look, you played your little game not go on get out of here or you're going to be arrested." So I didn't feel like messing with them anymore and I just drove away - freeman-on-the-land - Sovereign.

I am the People - I am LAW.

Here's my estimation of the event: I have put in a call to Bob Shultz who knew I was there and consented to my being there by his acquiescence. The same Bob Shultz I might add rolled his eyes when I began, and because of the eyeroll abruptly stopped my information about the freeman process when I was there.

If I do not get a call back from Bob Shultz or anyone allowing me back into the event to independently cover the decisions the delegates are making in the name of the People, I am declaring the entire opperation a scam to do two things.

1) Waste people's time instead of doing what they should be doing which is taking over the sheriff's offices. We should scrap everything we're doing trying to make this broken "government" work. We need to tear off everything after the 10th amendment and burn it with extreme prejudice.

2) Money. Pure and simple. Greed and Money.

This event has made close to a half a million dollars. The delegates are paying their own way. A brunch is $35.

Where did the half a million dollars go to Bob Shultz, Micheal Badnarik, Gary Franchi and others... and why do you not want independent (uncontrolled) press asking questions? I thought that the purpose of your event was to redress our grievances. Well there's mine.

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Respectfully request to observe/interview/report as a press

reporter. This will help CC2009 publicity. Pay for all meals/lodging. Send dp copies of your daily reports about CC2009 (not personal reports) from November 11-21, 2009.

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth." L. Gardner

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth." L. Gardner

Ok, this guy is a goof

This isn't even someone at the CC2009, this must be a lingering wonketeer just causing some ruckus.

"why do I work so hard for the People when I get so much CHIT from them?"

Uh, being a first time blogger claiming to be a reporter doesn't constitute doing anything for "the people"

"the people" think you're whiney, poorly written and full of BS. The people have spoken

You Don't Speak for Me!!!

I have known this "first time blogger" for quite some time, but YOU I don't know...I'd rather have him (whom I trust) speak for me, assuming I couldn't speak for myself, than YOU!

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

Wow. Peace dude. Gotta start

Wow. Peace dude. Gotta start somewhere try to maybe give me some motivation.

Also please note:

I usually pick things up pretty quick... didn't know how to do that stuff either.

You own pyrabang?


Furlough, don't be an ass....

...nothing this guy said wasn't in line with the Constitution pertaining to the cops and demanding his accuser and injured party. Perhaps you guys ought to start researching and learning how to properly assert your rights.


That bit about mentioning your cost for detainment without contract...how do you enforce that? Did you make it public record with the county clerk?

That would be me. I was

That would be me. I was swinging a hammer two years ago. Still fighting for justice too just part time.

I guess whoever this person is he is doing a great job getting

DPers distracted from watching the live Continental Congress 2009. He is a fraud.

I second that

"He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." (Luke 22:36)

Freedom is NOT free!

A declaration? I have an

A declaration? Are YOU my accuser?

PROPOSED CONTRACT not valid yet: A little freemen project maybe. Will date it when complete. (I'm not kidding I'm going to see if I can collect $1,000 cash as an experiment... online!).

Notice of Intent, Understanding and Claim of Right to Contract with my Accuser:

It is my understanding that I am not a fraud. Therefore a claim of fraud against me if I am not a fraud would be harmful to me.

Therefore, I claim that you have made a claim that I am a fraud and,

I claim that I am not a fraud and,

I claim you have 14 (fourteen) days to gather evidence, witnesses, agents, employees, police, sheriffs, DAs, video and/or audio to the effect of supporting or denying your claim and,

I claim that you have the right to revoke this contract within the same alloted time and save all "penalties" but one - your sincere apology and honest evaluation of the evidence presented in your case and,

I claim the People of this thread are violent cross sections of my peers, however I will except the body as my peers in fact and,

I claim that I am the defendant and you are the plaintiff and,

I claim the right to pay you on demand a $1,000 reward for proving that I am in fact a fraud by said jury of said peers in the alloted time and,

I claim the right to demand payment of a $1,000 reward from you to me for failing to prove your case in the said alloted time (speedy public trial).

Whereas I, Christian-Edward, Son of Vincent, House of Piccolo do claim right of Sovereign to contract freely and without recourse with my fellow man and,

Whereas, I am a freeman-on-the-land and my word is my bond, however in cases of fraudulent claim a word has no weight, I am harmed and I must seek due recourse or fail my family line.

Whereas to have liberty, one must be free from harm from others.

Give me liberty or give me Death!

[No Notary Required - Electronically Signed]
The Being

Sadly, I agree

He did at least admit that there was a "wolf in sheep's clothing at the CC2009." Apparently, he meant himself.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

sorry you feel that way.

sorry you feel that way. Blessings to you as well.

Can you prove you are a reporter ?

If so show us some articles you've published ?
(provide links)


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Corporate rights?

What, freedom of the press is just for corporate shills?

Mark Gailey –[Liberty Felix]-

Mark Gailey –[Liberty Felix]-
(libertyfelix @ windstream.net)
http://www.libertyfelix.net - constructing

Learn to protect yourself from lawyers,
_with or without ‘em_

First time - virgin

First time - virgin reporter. Gotta start somewhere. God knows we need more of us.


Stop saying that Continental Congress 2009 is a government; that's ridiculous and it's going to discredit the whole process. It's not a government and it doesn't claim to be a government. It's an assembly of citizens who are petitioning the government for redress of grievances.

By the way, you are not 'law.' You can't just do whatever you want, whenever you want. Your individual sovereignty doesn't mean that you have absolute sovereignty in all matters.

Asking to sleep in someone's hotel room without paying the hotel for services rendered is a form of theft, and even if there's no statute that could be cited against it, you're still asking people to violate the rights of the hotel owners. Also, you can't just demand that police pay you in order to arrest you.

My view of this meeting is that it is more a joke than anything.

The only people in government that are going to pay attention to what this group says is the investigative organizations like the FBI or other parts of Homeland Security. The elected ones don't give a rats ass what those who oppose them want. They are only interested in those who make political contributions and political deals.

Those in power only remain in power at the pleasure of the people. Currently most people (those who vote for Republican rulers or Democratic rulers) support those in power, alternatively swinging more support toward one and then the another politician which make up these Parties.

No freedom loving group is going to take over either of these Parties because freedom is not really that popular; government promises and handouts are.

Nothing will change except for the worse until the revolution point is reached, and that point is reached when, for a plurality, the pain of going along with the current system of plunder and control exceeds the pain of revolution. Those who are at the core of that plurality may or may not be the same people who are attending this "meeting".

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Njon - I understand what

Njon - I understand what you're saying however I was bringing up the topic with a couple of folks. You're right - because they are delegates and not reps... however. How de-jure is the one we have in de-facto power now?

So yeah u just added more to that thought process - however the thought process was rudely interupted by me being accosted by security for saying three words "On your floor?" to someone 24 hours previous. (3 people out of maybe dunno 100?) Ahhh man gotta watch just about everything you say to everyone now huh?

Scary - it's like you almost have to walk around with duct tape on your mouth or you get arrested. Then we got some folks HERE at RON PAUL CENTRAL backing up these cops who are harrasing me for saying those three words to one guy because it's obvious nobody else complained - there (needs to be a plurality of a problem for it to really be a problem) so perhaps she only really had that one complaint. I offered up the fact that I had discussed it with three people - just being honest.

If there's one complaint - it's just a complaint. My big mouth is more than likely where the other two complaints came from... which is probably why they couldn't provide it in writing.

Is there anyone else who would now - being online (oh I know I'm offering up this for mad fraud by shills <--- I don't blame ANYONE for throwing around this word lately... no way you can figure out who to trust in this climate - they got us all running scared man. If you're listening and you ARE a shill -> You got us FOR NOW but we're gonna GET YOU - > eventually!

Peace Love and Abundance to all - even those who would seek to destroy me. I'm done getting sucked into the stuff here... I'm a sucker for that - anyone who knows me I'm ready to jump on you if you look at me wrong lol... Sorry for all my bad typing and grammar. I will check my posts more carefully before submitting <--- omg i pressed that!! Sorry to all. Reboot.

Please research the

Please research the freeman-on-the-land process thoroughly. You are making assumptions based on a severe lack of knowledge. I can demand they pay me for operating under protest and duress without clear lawful authority. I have Claim of Right which is cured and says so. Ask any freeman - I will collect my fee schedule.

I'm not their property.

No you can't

You will never collect a fee schedule from anyone. You have never done this, and you never will.

A 3 year old would have a better chance getting a fee schedule from a cop.

Pyrabang hosts blogs, you are not a reporter, reporters have integrity and media credentials. By your definition, everyone is a journalist. Anyone can go anywhere because they post a blog on the internet, it's freedom of the press. YAY we're all in the press

YAY we're all in the press

Yay! Exactamundo!

With all do respect, we can therefore put you in the category of the "official story" believers then. Because "it's all a bunch of bs" is in fact the official story... is it not?

Out of curiosity, how many

Out of curiosity, how many hours of research would you say you have put into this freeman-on-the-land project yourself? Have you actually viewed all of the evidence? What about the all the stuff that was kept away from the commission? What about the fact that there was not one architect or engineer consulted? Don't you understand that the federal reserve is NOT federal... the federal reserve is no more federal than federal EXPRESS!!! Because it's quite obvious that if someone was going to take away you're money machine and unlimited supply of money... if you were a bad guy you'd probably want to kill him [JFK EXEC order 11110] Look at that building... can you tell me that fire caused that [pick of building 7] how can you believe the official story!!!

Hear what I'm sayin brother?

Free - Your - Mind - Allow all the information in first - reserve judgement... use the force - a jedi you will be. Beware anger, fear, hate... the dark side are they... knowledge, skill, agility - these are the skills of a Jedi.

I'm asking

Lets see the documentation of grievances with monies rendered.

Your odds of collecting are zero, zilch, and nada. The cops were most likely called because you started this crap with security at the hotel, where you were trying to collect a free ride as opposed to paying the fees for sleeping there. Violating all sorts of terms of service by most likely trying to get one of the guests to let you sleep there then telling them it's no big deal because they're "freemen."

I'm assuming at some point security got a bit afraid of you being a raving lunatic and called the cops so they don't get sued for forcibly tossing your ass out.

You can demand till you're blue in the face and they'll tell you to take a walk. You can be detained under reasonable suspicion for 24 hours in my cities without issue. Sure you can be a pain in the ass and cost them a lot of money, but your only guarantee is that their laziness might save you from a night in the slammer.

I have Claim of Right which is cured and says so.

Is that like My Leather Coat which has also been cured?

You're nuts, in the wrong, and just acting like an ass to get attention. Get a clue.

Eric Hoffer

trying really hard to get my

trying really hard to get my energies into the anger, fear and hate zone... I feel ya... not comin there brother - love to ya.

If it's all about money for u...

As it seems to be in your post... I would say go thru this process from an "I'm going to get money from everyone" angle. I'm actually not looking at it that way. I'm more along the thought of "just leave me alone or I'll sue your ass."

Thankfully enough of the true gladiators have paved the way so that in fact just the threat of me bringing law in this case was enough.

In the end that's all I'm looking for. However I have made some promises to some people (about suing them). However again.. see I don't do it in a "court of law" sir... I don't actually step onto their court at all.

Not when I'm the plaintiff.

Okay I'm just not even caring who reads anything into this but it's this simple for me. From here on and for quite some time now.

Go the right direction. -> Who cares if you don't know the destination yet... or what it looks like. Just get there.

Hey look!

It's a complete failure to address anything in my post! Seems to be a trend.

Planning to sue on a basketball "court" instead? Maybe visit Wonderland and have your case heard by the Queen of Hearts? Take a hike.

You're the one talking about getting monetary compensation. "Pics or it didn't happen."

Thankfully enough of the true gladiators have paved the way so that in fact just the threat of me bringing law in this case was enough.

False, they probably just didn't want to spend all the money prosecuting you for trespassing because it'd be expensive for the hotel to hire a lawyer to press charges, not to mention your inevitable insanity plea getting the case tossed out.

I too, am waiting for the day when you have your very own, "Don't taze me bro!!" video.

Eric Hoffer

Eric, god...

...watching you argue with ronpaulchat is like watching a 3-year old try to make sense of what a 50-year old is trying to explain.

You sue via a notary public through the honor-dishonor process, which is dealt entirely through certified mail with the notary public as a third-party witness. This results in the notary public issuing a declaratory judgement, which you file with the county clerk to make public record, and then bring into the courthouse for a summary judgement. I'm in the middle of teaching a notary public the notary protest so that I can put this into effect against the NY DMV as proof that I don't need licensure to exercise my fundamental right to travel.

In your defense, ronpaulchat's not doing a great job of dumbing down what he's saying to get you interested enough in actually researching it. Check out the following:

- Tim Turner and Winston Shrout's stuff (I highly recommend attending a seminar)

- MoneyOnAccount.com

- CommercialRedemption.com

- A4V.pdf (just google it)

- Commercial Liens: A Most Potent Weapon

Tons more, but that's plenty enough for now.


I was going to spend some time justifying myself, but I'm going to point out one thing:

"I'm in the middle of teaching a notary public the notary protest so that I can put this into effect against the NY DMV as proof that I don't need licensure to exercise my fundamental right to travel."

I'll just type good luck here while I laugh my ass off.

Good luck.

Eric Hoffer

Stop making points

we don't like rational thinking in this thread.

Me, Myself and I type we or

Me, Myself and I type we or some other kind?