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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing at the Continental Congress

Christian-Edward here with PyraBang Media: (FYI - running now on 40hrs+4sleep+16hrs -> personal best.)

Btw: HUGE kuduos and a pair of brass balls of INDEPENDENCE award goes to dailypaul for allowing me to vent this out on here. Thanks guys! I was really expecting this post to get taken down after everything else that happened. It takes guts to challenge members of your "own party" as I consider you guys my party if no other... that's basically what I did. Out of principle alone - was not a hard decision however it's as simple as 2+2 for me. Just asking questions. No free passes.

Two things to report:

1) There MAY BE (< edit - I'm trying to understand WHY I had to leave! Because guys... the "official story" makes NO DAMN SENSE!!!) hidden elite at the continental congress.
2) Freeman-on-the-land is for real.

I was covering the event for the independent press. I was getting great footage and many of the delegates were thoughtful and also said I asked very good questions.

So I'm standing in the bar area having a beer with a few delagates and from my experience with the freeman process I brought up the fact that since the delegates were chosen by paper ballot and the voters were UNREGISTERED - they had actually elected a de-jure government that had clear lawful authority OVER the de-facto "government" that claims to have authority and carries the guns.

So then more and more people are starting to agree with me and then a security guy comes up to me and wants to talk to me. He says that he's been getting some "complaints" about me and that I have to leave.

So now I step into full freeman mode. I want to know my accuser, I want to know what I've been accused of and what statute or act they are claiming has given them authority over me. I get nothing but non answers. Now I came down on a whim on saturday night. I had conversations with three separate individuals and during the conversation I had mentioned sleeping on their floor. Now I have the right to ask someone anything I want and they have a right to refuse right? So regardless of the moral value - it's not a law and they do not have authority.

Especially when this is 24 hours later and I have already secured a hotel down the street for sat sun and monday nights. So then I'm just done with this so I say I'm free to go right not being detained? Obviously they can't say anything about that.

So then I'm on my way out to the car and the cops show up. First comes angry cop. Angry cop is very upset with me. I've never met angry cop before and have never had verbal exchange with him but I can tell he's definitely angry. With him is quiet cop as backup just in case the People they THINK is a slave get's a little rowdy.

So angry cop says to me. "Let me see some identification" I say to him "Is there a law that says I must have identification?" He says I must have a license to drive. I say "If I can get a license for that is that not by definition a lawful act?" He has nothing to say to that he says so you're driving without a license? I say I'm not driving I'm traveling... and as far as I know I have a right to travel is that correct? So we go back and fourth they're calling their supervisor because they don't know what to do with me.

Angry cop says to me "Look don't make this any harder than it has to be" I say to him "For you or for me?" lol - So then he says you MUST give me your date of birth and last name (which he needs for the contract and my consent to be beat up by him) I told him look... I'm not looking to contract with you and you're welcome to arrest me but it will be under protest and duress, I will not consent to anything, I'll be very difficult, it will be a very long night and you will pay my fee schedule at $5,000 per hour. As it is since you've told me I'm being "detained" my fee schedule is activated at $500 per hour point as I have stated I wish to go and you've detained me without contract. Since there is no contract and you are forcing me to be here I get to determine the terms of the contract.

So I'm there for about a half hour and the supervisor guy shows up. Now the group of wolves in sheep's clothing are all around the supervisor. He never says anything to me. I'm not getting out of my car in fact I'm in it with the doors locked. I say "Why is all of those people able to talk to him and I'm not, am I going to be able to speak with him? Quiet cop is not answering me of course so while I'm waiting I start educating quiet cop on the process of being a freeman - my revoking my consent to be governed by corporations etc etc... then finally angry cop comes back over... a little less angry and says. "You are not to step foot on this property again or you will be arrested!" I say do have some documentation, and accuser, some charges or anything that proves that I'm not allowed to be here? Finally supervisor cop comes over (still not a word to me previous) and says. "Look, you played your little game not go on get out of here or you're going to be arrested." So I didn't feel like messing with them anymore and I just drove away - freeman-on-the-land - Sovereign.

I am the People - I am LAW.

Here's my estimation of the event: I have put in a call to Bob Shultz who knew I was there and consented to my being there by his acquiescence. The same Bob Shultz I might add rolled his eyes when I began, and because of the eyeroll abruptly stopped my information about the freeman process when I was there.

If I do not get a call back from Bob Shultz or anyone allowing me back into the event to independently cover the decisions the delegates are making in the name of the People, I am declaring the entire opperation a scam to do two things.

1) Waste people's time instead of doing what they should be doing which is taking over the sheriff's offices. We should scrap everything we're doing trying to make this broken "government" work. We need to tear off everything after the 10th amendment and burn it with extreme prejudice.

2) Money. Pure and simple. Greed and Money.

This event has made close to a half a million dollars. The delegates are paying their own way. A brunch is $35.

Where did the half a million dollars go to Bob Shultz, Micheal Badnarik, Gary Franchi and others... and why do you not want independent (uncontrolled) press asking questions? I thought that the purpose of your event was to redress our grievances. Well there's mine.

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It sounds to me like you

It sounds to me like you should have stuck to reporting what happened at the event.
A good reporter collects information on what other people say, they don't go to an event to tell the people there what they believe.
Ron Paul would have rolled his eyes too.

I did stick to that. You'll

I did stick to that. You'll see the footage.

Great story

queue the video.
Stick it on youtube, let's hear it and see it.
Put some of the great footage you got of your questions.
And of the events that occurred later, where the newsworthy stuff happened.
Then post it here. Should be some great stuff.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Youtube! I DO know how to do

Youtube! I DO know how to do that... complete brain fart...

okay still awake btw...lemee see what I can do.

I think you are behaving like a whiney troublemaker who has

nothing better to do then infiltrate a wonderful peoples congress.

Its people like yourself with disingenuous intentions that we don't need during this very delicate process.

If you are being paid $500 per hour you must be a shill. Real journalists are practically not paid at all if ever.

I am glad that the police dealt with you in a timely manner before you disrupted a very important work that we the people desperately need done!

The people that issued

The people that issued complaints against you were most likely the staff. I worked in the hospitality industry for many, many years. You were behaving exactly like the prime example of the kind of customer that you don't want hanging around your establishment. Asking if you can sleep on the floor of the other patrons' rooms makes you, to the staff, no different than a bum hanging outside the front door begging for money. It is their job to ask you to leave.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

see below - i wasn't chasing

see below - i wasn't chasing people around begging for a place to stay. I'm sure they'll twist it up that way. I'm down the street in a hotel that I got for three days.

you were


Freedom is NOT free!

I wasn't trying to imply

I wasn't trying to imply that you were, and am sorry if it seemed that way. The staff routinely listens to customers. Its not only human nature but also a way of making sure that you don't get fights, people aren't getting too tipsy and annoying others etc. Its really just part of the job to pay attention to what's going on in the room. You were most likely overheard by one or more of the employees and they went straight to the security or supervisor. It happens all the time in a setting like that honestly. Its all part of the job.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Are you sure

this happened the way you said it did?

They just let you go after telling them you are travelling and not driving and won't provide them with a license? I am highly skeptical of this story. As far as you wanting to sleep on the floor of a hotel, I would have you booted out as well, no big bad wolf in wolves clothing theories needed.

Also, are you sure you are a writer? I am having trouble reading a lot of the sentences in this article, maybe it was late or maybe you had a beer of 5, but you should hire an editor. I am available.

Yes, I'm sure anyway...

That's what happens when freemen on the land stand up for their rights.

Why is Franchi begging for press coverage if this is the kind of treatment they can expect?

Mark Gailey –[Liberty Felix]-

Mark Gailey –[Liberty Felix]-
(libertyfelix @ windstream.net)
http://www.libertyfelix.net - constructing

Learn to protect yourself from lawyers,
_with or without ‘em_

“…a beer of 5…you should hire an editor.”

Ah, the irony; that’s right up there with, “Your an idiot” and “Get a brain morans!”

because numbers under ten

should be spelled out. Jackass, I am not claiming to be a professional writer, this OP is. I can be as devoid of grammar as I want and still tell him to get an editor. If a sentence doesn't make sense, who cares if the grammar is correct?

duh- spelling error, I screwed up on a word, whoops. Oh well, I am no professional writer, but he still needs an editor. And maybe I had a beer of 5, or 5 for 5 if 5 by 5 in 5

whatever. I am what I am

I actually never claimed to

I actually never claimed to be a professional writer either. Total amature in fact this was my first foray into the world of full fledged investigative journalism... you know the kind that DIED about 30 or so years ago?

Point to most of the problems in our country and I can tell you it's cuz the People don't know. That's because the media is censored but WHY am I telling YOU GUYS THIS?

Nevermind the naysayers

Everyone can learn something from you, you keep doing what you're doing.


You're full of personality, aren't ya?

many say

I'm just charming

It's ok

I still love you, even when you're at your most charming.

Sorry man


This poster had me a little angry.

Apology accepted

And I'm sorry for inserting myself in your conversation; I get a little preachy when I'm at work.

me too

When work isn't going well.


The conversation was like

The conversation was like this: Where are you staying? "On your floor?" Half kidding half serious. If he said yes I would have saved $80. Was not original plan - spur of the moment interjection into a conversation that then lasted another ten minutes.

If he was so weirded out by me I'm unsure of why he spent so much time talking to me.


So you petitioned a guest of the hotel if you could illegally sleep on their floor in violation of the contract they signed at the front desk, and then you bitched and moaned when they offered to toss you out of the hotel and on to your ass?

Man, you're just a huge advocate of property rights aren't you?

Eric Hoffer

If the hotel was at capacity

then they lost nothing. This is nothing more than what many of our organizations already engage in, to accommodate event participation. Many rooms are checked out with amendments to the inhabitant count such as hospitality rooms.

The problem here is that the event diminished some good and friendly press coverage because of some officiousness.

Mark Gailey –[Liberty Felix]-

Mark Gailey –[Liberty Felix]-
(libertyfelix @ windstream.net)
http://www.libertyfelix.net - constructing

Learn to protect yourself from lawyers,
_with or without ‘em_

Your point?

Just because a guy doesn't steal anything when he breaks into my house doesn't make it not breaking and entering. Not having a financial loss does not imply that the behavior is just or in line with a previous contract. If there's a clause, so be it, but judging from the hotel's response, I doubt it.

Besides, their hotel, if they want to toss him out because they don't like his hair color, so be it.

Eric Hoffer

You may have

freaked him out. A total stranger wanting to sleep on my hotel floor in my room. Yikes! It may have sounded very unprofessional to him.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Why did he talk to me for an

Why did he talk to me for an addition 10 minutes? Not to mention several conversations over the next 24 hours from that point? Until the phantom complaint about what I said to him 24 hours AGO gets me kicked out?

"Also, are you sure you are

"Also, are you sure you are a writer? I am having trouble reading a lot of the sentences in this article, maybe it was late or maybe you had a beer of 5, but you should hire an editor. I am available."

Agree with that statement 100% Seems this guy is the wolf he claims to be hunting.


I'm a thirty nine year old

I'm a thirty nine year old adult who can drink two beers and still remain composed. This is actually cool because it's kind of bringing the wolves out of hiding. - Again - shooting the messenger.

Must remove credibility! Make sure people don't believe him!

Just out of curiousity... what is your cut of the half a million bux?

Let's remember what's at stake here folks and also what's on the table.