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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing at the Continental Congress

Christian-Edward here with PyraBang Media: (FYI - running now on 40hrs+4sleep+16hrs -> personal best.)

Btw: HUGE kuduos and a pair of brass balls of INDEPENDENCE award goes to dailypaul for allowing me to vent this out on here. Thanks guys! I was really expecting this post to get taken down after everything else that happened. It takes guts to challenge members of your "own party" as I consider you guys my party if no other... that's basically what I did. Out of principle alone - was not a hard decision however it's as simple as 2+2 for me. Just asking questions. No free passes.

Two things to report:

1) There MAY BE (< edit - I'm trying to understand WHY I had to leave! Because guys... the "official story" makes NO DAMN SENSE!!!) hidden elite at the continental congress.
2) Freeman-on-the-land is for real.

I was covering the event for the independent press. I was getting great footage and many of the delegates were thoughtful and also said I asked very good questions.

So I'm standing in the bar area having a beer with a few delagates and from my experience with the freeman process I brought up the fact that since the delegates were chosen by paper ballot and the voters were UNREGISTERED - they had actually elected a de-jure government that had clear lawful authority OVER the de-facto "government" that claims to have authority and carries the guns.

So then more and more people are starting to agree with me and then a security guy comes up to me and wants to talk to me. He says that he's been getting some "complaints" about me and that I have to leave.

So now I step into full freeman mode. I want to know my accuser, I want to know what I've been accused of and what statute or act they are claiming has given them authority over me. I get nothing but non answers. Now I came down on a whim on saturday night. I had conversations with three separate individuals and during the conversation I had mentioned sleeping on their floor. Now I have the right to ask someone anything I want and they have a right to refuse right? So regardless of the moral value - it's not a law and they do not have authority.

Especially when this is 24 hours later and I have already secured a hotel down the street for sat sun and monday nights. So then I'm just done with this so I say I'm free to go right not being detained? Obviously they can't say anything about that.

So then I'm on my way out to the car and the cops show up. First comes angry cop. Angry cop is very upset with me. I've never met angry cop before and have never had verbal exchange with him but I can tell he's definitely angry. With him is quiet cop as backup just in case the People they THINK is a slave get's a little rowdy.

So angry cop says to me. "Let me see some identification" I say to him "Is there a law that says I must have identification?" He says I must have a license to drive. I say "If I can get a license for that is that not by definition a lawful act?" He has nothing to say to that he says so you're driving without a license? I say I'm not driving I'm traveling... and as far as I know I have a right to travel is that correct? So we go back and fourth they're calling their supervisor because they don't know what to do with me.

Angry cop says to me "Look don't make this any harder than it has to be" I say to him "For you or for me?" lol - So then he says you MUST give me your date of birth and last name (which he needs for the contract and my consent to be beat up by him) I told him look... I'm not looking to contract with you and you're welcome to arrest me but it will be under protest and duress, I will not consent to anything, I'll be very difficult, it will be a very long night and you will pay my fee schedule at $5,000 per hour. As it is since you've told me I'm being "detained" my fee schedule is activated at $500 per hour point as I have stated I wish to go and you've detained me without contract. Since there is no contract and you are forcing me to be here I get to determine the terms of the contract.

So I'm there for about a half hour and the supervisor guy shows up. Now the group of wolves in sheep's clothing are all around the supervisor. He never says anything to me. I'm not getting out of my car in fact I'm in it with the doors locked. I say "Why is all of those people able to talk to him and I'm not, am I going to be able to speak with him? Quiet cop is not answering me of course so while I'm waiting I start educating quiet cop on the process of being a freeman - my revoking my consent to be governed by corporations etc etc... then finally angry cop comes back over... a little less angry and says. "You are not to step foot on this property again or you will be arrested!" I say do have some documentation, and accuser, some charges or anything that proves that I'm not allowed to be here? Finally supervisor cop comes over (still not a word to me previous) and says. "Look, you played your little game not go on get out of here or you're going to be arrested." So I didn't feel like messing with them anymore and I just drove away - freeman-on-the-land - Sovereign.

I am the People - I am LAW.

Here's my estimation of the event: I have put in a call to Bob Shultz who knew I was there and consented to my being there by his acquiescence. The same Bob Shultz I might add rolled his eyes when I began, and because of the eyeroll abruptly stopped my information about the freeman process when I was there.

If I do not get a call back from Bob Shultz or anyone allowing me back into the event to independently cover the decisions the delegates are making in the name of the People, I am declaring the entire opperation a scam to do two things.

1) Waste people's time instead of doing what they should be doing which is taking over the sheriff's offices. We should scrap everything we're doing trying to make this broken "government" work. We need to tear off everything after the 10th amendment and burn it with extreme prejudice.

2) Money. Pure and simple. Greed and Money.

This event has made close to a half a million dollars. The delegates are paying their own way. A brunch is $35.

Where did the half a million dollars go to Bob Shultz, Micheal Badnarik, Gary Franchi and others... and why do you not want independent (uncontrolled) press asking questions? I thought that the purpose of your event was to redress our grievances. Well there's mine.

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I have no cut and I have

I have no cut and I have nothing to do with the CC in any way other than supporting any peaceful effort to make effective change for our country. It seems especially in your OP that if you are media you would be able to put together better sentences that are possible to comprehend.

LOL, shoot the messenger is exactly what you did to my comment.

People here are sharp as a tack and we actually look for facts not gossip, isn't that what a reporter is supposed to do? Calling for people to call the Sherriff and the AG without any facts at all. Where is your video of this so called confrontation? You surely have audio do you not?


I don't hire debunkers. Or

I don't hire debunkers. Or ignorant people. You're either one of the two. Sorry but my elite radar is on full blast right now. Don't even try to start discrediting me I'll roll right over you.


Broke folk who can't afford their own hotel rooms don't usually do much hiring.

Eric Hoffer

I think you have been 'debunked'.

You are being called on the carpet for wasting our time.

you'll roll over nothing

I am debunking nothing, just checking to see if maybe your story wasn't accurate. Considering how you responded, it sounds like I am right, again. People that are not lying usually don't get so defensive, they especially don't make idle threats.

lol - and people that can't

lol - and people that can't handle the message shoot the messenger ;-)

Can't handle?

or see right through?

who are you?

and no matter what I think of the CC2009 I am glad they are distancing themselves from someone who advocates

"taking over the sheriff's offices. We should scrap everything we're doing trying to make this broken "government" work. We need to tear off everything after the 10th amendment and burn it with extreme prejudice."

wow. wow. wow. again, who are you?

I'm the People Mr. Debunker.

I'm the People Mr. Debunker. (Assumed you were not ignorant) - and basically you're calling me a liar. "Are you sure it happened this way?" Not sure what me answering that question is going to prove if you don't believe a fellow soul the first time he tells you something.

Oh... btw I'm the People armed to the teeth just in case you want to shut me up. Bring friends (if you have any). Not to mention I own a Claim of Right to make you a stain in my driveway regardless of what statutory law says.

If you'd like to test my assumptions please do. I'm confident of them.

I think you are a paid shill sent to disrupt and waste time if

you can. You do not sound or act like a bona fide journalist. Your writing sucks and your mentality is mendacious. Go away!


threatening violence on the internet means you're a punk. All talk

That's the precise purpose

That's the precise purpose of a Claim of Right - to make sure it stays all talk... and yes I try to always remain "all talk" and non-violent.

I'm not threatening violence

I'm not threatening violence I'm informing you of my claim of right as is my noble duty - so you understand what you're getting involved in when you try to silence me.

No "conspiracy theory" required - my success as a freeman-on-the-land is going to drain at least a few million from some international banker's account just for my own strawman. Then there's the thousands of others who have watching me go through this truth process and then have this success, but I'm not your slave bro - so eat it!

Do you think if I'm prepared to take on the entire justice department, police stations, prisons etc etc etc... that I'm the least bit afraid of one guy typing alone on a keyboard who has no friends?

DISCLAIMER - Please do not just read this thread and think you can be freeman-on-the-land - there's 1001 different ways the "government" uses to get you back into contract so if you have a big mouth like me you MUST learn a TON about the LAW before you even step in freeman land .... PLEASE!


yes, you'll make billions from your strawman. please come back and make fun of me when you do. Hell, I'll even be the dunk tank guy at the festival you can throw with all of your millions.

Also, when you get your billions, you can hire me to shill for you, just like the government does now. My allegience goes to the highest bidder. Clearly, when your diabolical plan to get your billions back from the treasury comes to fruition, I will be waiting to become your internet servant.

"My allegience goes to the

"My allegience goes to the highest bidder." <--- truth comes out. I don't care about billions. Just more zeros... those that know me know that about me. I turn down an extra $6,000 per month because I won't allow ad-supported media.

Ask around however I'm sure you're not really looking for the truth here... quite the contrary you're looking to veil it.

You are either a lawyer, banker, insurance sales, or you work for a corporate fiction in some way shape or form which makes you just someone who is protecting your allegiance.

Or you have money in the fraudulent bond market.

Making up numbers

nobody wants to pay you $6,000 for anything annually, let alone per month.

What is your website? Who do you write for. You are making claims, and even if I was a lawyer, banker, ditch digger or have money in the bond market, I would still say you were an idiot.

I'm close

I'm close to offering that to him for shutting up. I can't hear his voice through the text, but it's like this high bitched (I mean pitched) emergency broadcast system test in my ear when I read it.

Eric Hoffer

States Attorney General IL -

States Attorney General IL - (312) 814-3000
DuPage County Sheriff - 630.407.2000

Please call these folks and tell them (including below) that they are participating in a "Conspiracy to censor the press from a public event"

i don't understand freeman on the land--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

it sounds good; it feels right--

but I'm not accustomed to it.

I've learned to be cautious when I talk to anyone.

It seems to me that you are probably just being too open and honest for people who don't know how to handle open and honest people other than to get rid of them.

I don't know about the 'sleeping on the floor' business--

of course, it's not illegal to ask someone if you can sleep on their floor, but it's not socially . . . "impressive"--

and in "awkward" situations or in situations where people are trying to find where they 'fit' those sorts of behaviors will send a red flag to conforming sorts of people?

I am not assuming that everyone on here is a Christian or even believes in God, but most religions have some sort of saying like what Jesus Christ said: (paraphrase) "be ye wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove"--

I have no doubt you were being harmless, but I'm not sure how wise it is to ask if you can sleep on a floor--

you may be seen as a social threat--

you may be wise as to real politics, etc.--

but in such settings most people want to be seen as "normal"--

just note how upset people on here get when someone brings up 9/11 truth or something else that isn't popular.

*We* want to be seen as "normal" and "nice", not as kooks or creeps--

so I would suggest that you be a little more socially cautious--

this is just sent to you from out in cyberspace by someone who realizes that manners DO count--

unfortunately, in a decaying society outward manners seem to matter more at times than inner goodness, but . . . that's a topic for another day--

in the meantime, be a little more cautious--

I am sorry you aren't there--

I do suppose that you need to earn an income, too; we all do--

so the $6/month thing . . .

well, I don't know about that either, but I'm sorry about all the angry policepeople out there; I think they all need to be sent to their rooms for a while--

to get over their own anger issues--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'm not sure why we would

I'm not sure why we would try to justify someone's intent who is accusing someone of doing something that is completely lawful... and legal. Distraction slightly from the issue?

I wonder what other excuses we can come up for people who censor the press? It had NOTHING to do with that seeing as I asked someone that question a FULL 24 HOURS before I was asked to leave over the phantom complaint which doesn't exist.

Why was I allowed to stay there for a full day after the "complaint"?

Pheasant Run Hotel -

Pheasant Run Hotel - 800-474-3272
St Charles PD - (630) 377-4435

No call from George Shultz, No call from the chief of police who was "in a meeting" when I called. So I'm sitting here not covering the event.

If you want independent media there asking questions please contact whoever you can and get me in there. The manager said she had "multiple complaints" I asked to see them - she said they were "private" - convenient huh?

If the complaints were filed 24 hours earlier than why was I not asked to leave when I did?

Good post. I am really

Good post. I am really interested in the freeman topic. Do you have a website or any other posts talking more about this?

A lot of the guys/gals at

A lot of the guys/gals at pyra have caught the freeman bug... so:

http://pyrabang.com/go/neo lots of info there obviously

Menard - Bad Azz Freeman w/attitude.

also Elizabeth-Mary: Croft - Great lady.

antiterrorist on youtube does some great stuff

Johnny Freeman ...

Thanks for this post

I know that there are good-hearted, well-meaning human beings involved with this endeavor. However, people do not always behave like human beings, especially when they are motivated by personal gain. My comment regarding the second of two reasons you cite for a possible scam: Maybe not so much the money as personal aggrandizement.


1) Waste people's time

In trying to see a useful outcome from this big event - court ruling, people taking elected office, people reclaiming rights - I simply haven't found a potential tangible useful outcome for the expenditure of time and money. While each attendee might be more useful to freedom & liberty by running for a local elected office such as water board or city council, we each have our own roles.
There are some bright people with knowledge who are attending, so I am keeping an open mind about the outcome. I expect there will be good networking opportunities and expression of ideas.

If the author of this thread was on private property and was asked to leave (as it appears had happened), then it would be time to respect their right to private property and leave. Next time, some press credentials approved by the organizers of the event would be useful.

"Next time, some press

"Next time, some press credentials approved by the organizers of the event would be useful." <--- this is useful so that only "approved" press is able to attend.

Private Property does not count if you are hosting a Public Event. You waive rights in that case and must produce and actual complaint and injured party to evict a member of the press.

Keep mind. Every corporation is for profit... and private --- in our "government" therefore any building at any time could be declared "private property" then at any time. Then all you get is CNN/FOX/MSNBC... and the biased views of the project organizers.

(Which leaves nothing but the biased views of the project organizers.)

Who raked in half a million dollars btw... I get chastised for $6 per month just to keep the network online!


Did you fill out their registration form for guest access?

in our "government" therefore any building at any time could be declared "private property" then at any time.
Where I am, the building for city council meetings is sometimes open and sometimes locked (at night). If someone would try to twist the word "public" into meaning they should be allowed to camp out there at night then they would be arrested (likely for trespass among other charges). It is our gov't property, but that doesn't mean it's free for whatever you want.
If someone shows up during a city council meeting and is disruptive, they will be ejected.

CC2009 was paid for by their organization and delegates. It's their party so they can make the rules. If you sponsor CC2010 then you can make the rules for your private party.

Register (from Black's Law)

Register (from Black's Law) - Sign ownership over to the registrar.
Apply - to beg
Submit - to bend to the will of another.

No I did not sign over ownership of anything.



No signed driver's license.
No signed credit card contract.
No signed mortgage.
No signed bank account.
No signed admission paperwork at the doctor's office.
No signed registration for CC2009.

Either you run the world and don't need to sign any forms, or you live in a very small world.