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AGH! The agony of defeat - I can't do facebook

I try, I tried myspace too. On myspace, a lot of former coworkers "friended" me and then never spoke to me... They speak to the air, or the wires, or something, but it is weird and I did not like it.
I tried facebook, thought I could use it for political connections. Again, people do not talk to each other, they get on there and say "Look at me, look what I am doing." OK, I am REALLY proud of some of these folks, even envious of a few of them - wish I had the talent, the time, the money...

But they are not talking to me like they are my FRIENDS and words mean something to me and I wind up with hurt feelings.
How do you all do it? Am I just too old, can't learn this trick?

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know what you mean

Isn't it funny, in this age of easy, instant communication, that so little communication actually takes place...

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