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Video: Ron Paul Interview from IOWA

Ron Paul campaigns for Sorenson in state race, draws hundreds

Paul headlined a fundraiser for Kent Sorenson's campaign for state senate, drawing crowds of local conservatives and state GOP leaders.
By Rebekah Maxwell
Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Iowa contender for state senate brought out the big guns to kickstart his campaign: the endorsement of nationally recognized conservative, Ron Paul.

Paul attracted an estimated 300 people to Des Moines, Saturday for a fundraising event for State Representative Kent Sorenson, who looks to oust State Senator Staci Appel, a democrat in District 37.

The message of less government and more local control resounded throughout Paul's speech:

"We've got everything backwards right now: the government makes the assumption it owns us. No, we own the government, and it's time to limit the government, not the people," Paul said.

Paul described Sorenson as a "citizen politician", commending the State Representive's statement that "congress is not the goal" for his career, but rather the means to bring about a conservative revolution in favor of the common man.

While talk of taxes and limiting federal control ruled the day, Paul also mentioned his pro-life stance, saying "it's the government's job to stand against the callous disregard of human life. We must protect the unborn".

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