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August 11-- Proposed day of fasting and prayer?

Many of you probably know about Benjamin Franklin proposing a day of fasting and prayer in 1748. He said:

"It is the duty of mankind on all suitable occasions to acknowledge their dependence on the Divine Being...[that] Almighty God would mercifully interpose and still the rage of war among the nations...[and that] He would take this province under His protection, confound the designs and defeat the attempts of its enemies, and unite our hearts and strengthen our hands in every undertaking that may be for the public good, and for our defense and security in this time of danger."

I realize that not everyone who supports Ron Paul is religious, but I would invite those of you who are interested/willing to join me in a day of fasting and prayer. Let's begin a fast for Ron Paul (and our nation) starting after dinner on August 10, and continuing for 24 hours until the evening of August 11. Pass word along to anyone you feel might be interested in participating! Thanks!

Go Ron!

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Fasting and Prayer

I fully agree with you that this is powerful and needs to be undertaken by the faithful. I would only suggest that anyone wanting to join this that has never fasted before: You might want to go slowly at first and work up to longer. Fast a meal or two. The most important part is that when you give up that meal, you spend the time in prayer. Just not eating and going about our business as usual will only get us weight loss not Liberty gain.
Do what you can and always leave the results to God. RON PAUL in God's hands not mine.
Blessings and much aloha

Dr. Paul 2008